Washington – Trump ‘Very Hopeful’ On Potential Mideast Peace Deal


    People pass by Trump Tower while participating in the "Celebrate Israel" parade along 5th Ave. in New York City, U.S., June 4, 2017. REUTERS/Stephanie KeithWashington – President Donald Trump is expressing new hope in a potential peace deal between the Israelis and Palestinians.

    Trump said during a phone call with Jewish leaders Friday, ahead of the Jewish High Holy Days, that the Jewish new year “offers a new opportunity to seek peace.”

    He adds that he is “very hopeful that we will see significant progress before the end of the year” and says he believes a peace agreement is “something that actually could happen.”

    Trump is also expressing his “deep admiration for the Jewish people” and reaffirming his support for Israel. He’s also condemning “those who seek to incite anti-Semitism, or to spread any form of slander and hate.”

    Trump has said brokering peace in the Middle East would be “the ultimate deal.”

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    1. He’s just saying that. He knows he has no “peace” partner with the Palinazis. When they finally refuse to participate, he will blow them off, move the embassy, and transition to a one state solution.


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