Brooklyn, NY – Hitting The Airwaves, Hikind Resurrects Popular Radio Show


    Brooklyn, NY – After more than three years of radio silence, Assemblyman Dov Hikind is back on the air again, this time with two radio shows airing on Tuesday and Saturday nights.

    The Dov Hikind Show was extremely popular with listeners as the outspoken assemblyman tackled a wide range of issues. Never one to mince words or to shy away from controversial topics, Hikind donned his headphones and took to the microphone every Motzei Shabbos for well over a decade.

    Hikind said that he pulled the plug on the weekly show because of the time commitment involved.

    “For 15 years I didn’t have a Shabbos night,” Hikind told VIN News. “In all the years, there was possibly one show that had to be done privately and was taped in advance. Every other show that I ever did was live and each one required significant preparation time.”

    According to Hikind, the decision to discontinue the show was unrelated to allegations by Crains New York Business ( that prompted Governor Cuomo’s Moreland Commission to investigate the long time assemblyman.

    Hikind continued to broadcast weekly even as the investigation continued into reports that he failed to show income from the radio program on his financial disclosure statements. No charges were ever filed against the assemblyman by the commission which was ultimately disbanded by Governor Cuomo in March 2014.

    While the assemblyman’s Motzei Shabbos program won’t be starting until after Succos, he began broadcasting on Tuesday nights on September 19th with an hour long program airing at 7 PM on WSNR 620 AM.

    “It is one hour of non-stop talking, with no commercials and no guests yet,” said Hikind. “It is something I have never done before. It gives me an opportunity to talk about things I want to discus at length and I am enjoying it tremendously.”

    Hikind will be back in his old 11 PM Motzei Shabbos timeslot on WMCA 570 AM replacing Dovid Lichtenstein’s weekly Headlines program that analyzed current events from the perspective of Jewish law. The assemblyman admitted to being excited about his return to radio and is committed to doing the twice weekly programs for approximately a year before he decides on any long term commitments.

    “People still come up to me and tell me that they miss the show,” said Hikind. “I tackled topics that no one else talked about and sometimes there were repercussions but I never stopped. There is something very special about having time on the radio and I love doing it.”

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