Boca Raton, FL – Florida Muslim Group Cries Foul Over Gov. Funding To Benefit Jewish Schools


    Governor Rick Scott visited Katz Hillel Day School of Boca Raton to announce his proposal for $1 million in security funding for Jewish Day Schools in his 2018-2019 recommended budget. (Gov. Office)Boca Raton, FL – A Muslim group is protesting state aid being given to Jewish schools in Florida, accusing the state’s governor of kowtowing to the Jewish community.

    Governor Rick Scott unveiled Monday a proposal in the state budget that would allocate $1 million dollars to finance video cameras, bulletproof glass, alarm systems and other safety measures to benefit thousands of Jewish day school students.

    The funding comes on the heels of several threats made last year against Jewish institutions in the Sunshine State, including one last February that had students evacuating the David Posnack Jewish Day School in Broward County in the middle of the school day.

    The Miami Herald ( reported that Wilfedo Ruiz, communications director for the Council on American-Islamic Relations Florida, applauded the governor for providing aid to a targeted community, but said that Scott was neglecting the state’s Islamic community, which has also been the target of hate crimes.

    “We question the capacity of our governor to offer protection to all his citizens when he caters only to the Jewish community,” said Ruiz.

    Both Ruiz and the ACLU raised similar concerns last year when Scott allocated $654,000 in funding for improved security measures at Jewish schools.

    It is unclear whether the soon to be released full 2017-2018 budget will include additional security funding to benefit other religious groups.

    Asked to comment on the matter, Lauren Schenone, a spokesperson for the governor’s office said only, “the governor thinks that every child in Florida should be able to learn in a safe environment.”
    Governor Rick Scott visited Katz Hillel Day School of Boca Raton

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    1. These muslims should be very happy that they aren’t called upon to foot the million dollar bill for additional security at Jewish schools in Florida, after all it’s their brethren who are the reason for all this required additional security not only in Florida but around the globe, in fact !!!

    2. CAIR (Council American Islamic Relations) has been an uncharged co-conspirator in terrorism and anti-Semitism and ACLU will join any Muslim anti-Jewish activity.

    3. The bomb threats to Jewish schools and shuls came from Israel, remember?

      Here in FL, mosques and Islamic schools share real estate with synagogues and Jewish schools.

      We all need protection, unfortunately from the anti Semitism and Islamophobia that has recently been unleased.

      This week, Richard Spencer is coming to FL and our State Gov’t is spending $500k to protect him.

      Hopefully there will also be special funding to protect us this Shabbos when we are out walking in the streets after he speaks.

    4. Taxpayer money ought not to be diverted to religious schools. However, if we want to increase security at schools, it seems that both Jews and Muslims are hated minorities.

    5. To #10- In Saudi Arabia, where you live, the Saudi government uses taxpayer money to protect religious schools from extremists. Therefore, since you are of the opinion that this should not be done, why don’t you express your enlightened opposition there, as you do on this site?


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