Far Rockaway, NY – NYC Rabbi Gets Prison For Misappropriating Funds


    FILE - Rabbi Samuel Hiller at his arrest Far Rockaway, NY – A New York City rabbi has been sentenced to prison for misappropriating funds that were marked for disabled preschoolers.

    Hiller was assistant director of the now-defunct Island Child Development Center located in Far Rockaway on Cornaga Avenue. It provided services to Jewish communities in Far Rockaway, Queens, and Brooklyn’s Williamsburg and Borough Park neighborhoods.

    The funds were misappropriated to cover educational expenses of another institution, now no longer run by the defendant. The defendant was charged with first degree grand larceny, NY PL 155.42. The sentence was limited to between one to three years due to the fact that Hiller derived no benefit from the vast majority of the funds.

    State prison is mandatory for anyone convicted under PL 155.42. The statute has a maximum sentence of eight and one third to twenty five years behind bars. Predicate felons, those with felony records within the past ten years, face a minimum of four and one half to nine and a maximum of twelve and one half to twenty five years in state prison.

    Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown and state Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli made the sentencing announcement on Tuesday that Hiller will be sentenced to between one to three years.

    Restitution is part of Hiller’s plea agreement.

    Three co-defendants also pleaded guilty for their involvement, which occurred between 2005 and 2012.

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      • Leave it to the EIBISHTER to take care of him, he doesn’t need your support, just look after yourself and your family, before the long arms of justice pursuits you

    1. Please slow down and read the article more carefully. There is no indication that this defendant personally benefited, rather that moneys were diverted from one school to another. He has been a pillar of the community for 30 years or more, and we are sorry to see him suffer for these mistakes.

    2. To #7- Can you read? The article originally stated that the defendant used some funds to remodel his home, and to buy jewelry, as well as pay for a wedding. For some reason, that portion of the article was conveniently deleted, after it initially appeared.

      • No. That part of the article referred to the other defendants. As for the camps mentioned, they were part of the school. Not proper, but not jewelry and wedding costs for Rabbi HIller.

    3. Who needs enemies if yiddn can stoop so low? Mind boggling!!! To beg prison for a fellow Jew? For money? Betcha u all once had run ins w the law and were more successful not to b caught. We shld go about our business and not share hostile comments on anyone. Gross!

    4. I’m saddened each time I read of one of our own committing a crime, whether they are caught, convicted or evaded punishment. There is no defense for the gravity of chillul Hashem in the next world.

    5. Sadly I helped him start the program He came to my office begging for help I asked my staff to help him with all the paperwork,After he started the program many of his staff came to me to complain of his total disrespect of the laws and was abusive to all including me who helped him. As a result of his corruption thousands of our children are being denied essential special ed services This so called Rabbi Hiller has a special place in hell

    6. Whichever way you slice it, it is theft. But stealing from a population that needs so much has to be at the bottom of the barrel. I don’t care where he siphoned the money to, look who he harmed. He deserves jail.

    7. I knew Rabbi Hiller many years ago. He is not a dishonest person. He is, however incredibly stupid. He could have believed that the school he transferred money to also qualified for the funding for the learning disabled, and therefore he could have thought it is permissible. Some might think that this defense of him is preposterous, but I know him. He is truly an idiot, not a thief.

      Leaders of other minorities on the other hand, get a pass on their indiscretions. Al Sharpton, for example was never charged with extortion, although he blatantly blackmails companies into giving him money by threatening to foment racial tensions among their employees. He sells what he calls “racial discrimination insurance”. If a person of Italian descent offers “protection”, to a shopkeeper he will surely go to jail, but not Al Sharpton.

      Hillary Clinton gets a free pass for charging her personal expenses to her Foundation. In the United States we have the illusion of justice, but we don’t have justice; we have politics.

    8. Rabbi Hiller is an exceptionally warm and caring person. He went above and beyond the call of duty to care for his students and their families. I am extremely grateful for the sincere concern that he showed to all of my children, even those that were not his students. I was amazed by how he could remember so many students’ names! He made my kids feel loved. He always showed me genuine respect and courtesy, although my family and I are no-names. Please be careful of your criticisms, folks. It’s unfair.


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