Jerusalem – Blasting Open Orthodoxy, Rechnitz Says Embracing All Jews The Ticket To Ultimate Redemption (video)


    Los Angeles philanthropist Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz at the Mir yeshiva’s Simchas Beis Hashoeva in Jerusalem last week.Jerusalem – In a passionate hour long speech delivered at the Mir yeshiva’s Simchas Beis Hashoeva in Jerusalem last week, Los Angeles philanthropist Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz took aim at the Open Orthodoxy movement while simultaneously calling for love and acceptance of all Jews as the only way to bring Moshiach.

    Never one to mince words, Rechnitz has often taken on issues affecting the Jewish community, writing a lengthy article that appeared in Mishpacha magazine on the shidduch crisis and making headlines in 2016 when he spoke at a Lakewood dinner, blasting schools for an elitist mentality and refusing to accept local children that did not meet their unrealistically high standards as previously reported on VIN News (

    In his remarks Rechnitz noted that history has proven that trying to blend into society has only backfired for the Jewish people and that liberal tolerance will not bring an end to anti-Semitism.

    Calling Open Orthodoxy the most damaging religious problem facing the Jewish world, Rechnitz blasted the movement for presenting itself as Orthodox, while being nothing more than a rebranded version of Reform Judaism.

    “Going to shul doesn’t make you frum, just like standing in a garage doesn’t make you a car,” said the 46 year old nursing home magnate. “Call it whatever you want but this religion can be best described with the famous words of the president of the United States as ‘fake news.’ It’s all fake. There’s nothing Orthodox about them and the only thing that is ‘open’ are their businesses on Yom Kippur and Shabbos.”

    Yet despite his scathing words, Rechnitz was quick to note that while he believes that Open Orthodox should be “eradicated like a cancer,” those actions should be applied towards the movement itself and not those who practice it.

    Instead, Rechnitz called for warmly embracing every Jew with love as a means of ending baseless hatred, which he described as the stumbling back that is keeping Moshiach away in a time where inexplicable current events, including the election of Donald Trump as president, appear to be a clear indicator that the redemption is near.

    Rechnitz’s hour long address skillfully blended his thoughts on the Jewish world with a commentary on PETA, pro-Palestinian protests, his view that the Las Vegas massacre was meant as an anti-Trump protest and his incredulity that liberals placed a higher value on the life of Harambe the gorilla than that of a three year old child who inadvertently tumbled into the animal’s pen in the Cincinnati Zoo in May 2016.

    Announcing a commitment to giving every member of the yeshiva’s kollel an additional 100 NIS every month for at least the next two years, Rechnitz remarked that it is only the unprecedented Torah learning and chesed taking place today that has kept the Jewish community safe from mass persecution since World War II. Disrupting that equilibrium by forcing young men to leave the yeshivos where they learn to serve in the military would be a grave mistake, warned Rechnitz.

    “The main problem is that the chok giyus is taking soldiers from our army,” explained Rechnitz. “They are taking the chayalim who have made 70 years of history without the baggage that yidden were used to. Avreichim, bochurim, hold your head high. Hold your head very high. You have saved acheinu bnei yisroel and continue to save them for 70 years, halevay vayter. No matter what law is passed, we will never let anyone steal any of our foot soldiers. We can’t risk it; we are dealing with yiddishe blood.”

    Rechnitz noted that he is often asked why he supports those who dedicate their lives to learning Torah, a system that from a financial perspective cannot be sustained indefinitely.

    “I am not going be the one after 120 to brag to the Aybishter that I stopped being an enabler and, Baruch Hashem, I was able to cut the world’s learning in half,” said Rechnitz. “I’ll leave that to someone else.”

    In a VIN News exclusive interview addressing his speech, Rechnitz criticized media outlets who sensationalized his speech by incorrectly reporting that he had described those who practice Open Orthodoxy as “fake Jews.”

    “The words I used were ‘fake news’ not ‘fake Jews,’” Rechnitz told VIN News. “They tried to bring out that I think these people are fake Jews but that was not my point at all. I specifically said that what we need to be doing is to be cultivating them, approaching them not with hate, but with love. It is not us to throw stones at chayalim who are davening Mincha. It is not us to throw chairs over the mechitza. That is not us.”

    The idea that he will be misquoted by the media or criticized for speaking his mind is of no relevance to Rechnitz who said he feels that he has a personal obligation to give voice to issues that need to be addressed.

    “I don’t want to be the one going up after 120 and hearing ‘You were able to get an audience and you kept your mouth shut,’” said Rechnitz.

    Watch below Rechintz hour speech.

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    1. Whether he is right or wrong, who made him the spokesperson? I thought (assumed) the Lakewood Roshei Yeshiva got him to shut up last year after that winner speech.

    2. Once again, a suggestion is made contrary to halacha. Embracing all Jews, while it sounds like love and peace and nuclear disarmament, is actually negiah, which is a grave sin.

      • Wow! Do you really think the Torah brings hatred? That Rabbi Akiva amongst others like the holy Chofetz Chaim were over on averot? That you actually know more than they did? We are losing our children because of people like you & unfortunately there aren’t many tzadikim in our generation like the Chofetz Chaim & rabbi Akiva to set you imbeciles straight & save our children.

    3. He’s preaching to the choir. No one at the Mir is a fan of OO.

      Also, what’s with the following:

      “Rechnitz’s hour long address skillfully blended his thoughts on the Jewish world with a commentary on PETA, pro-Palestinian protests, his view that the Las Vegas massacre was meant as an anti-Trump protest and his incredulity that liberals placed a higher value on the life of Harambe the gorilla than that of a three year old child who inadvertently tumbled into the animal’s pen in the Cincinnati Zoo in May 2016.”

      Is he all there?

    4. Any form of trimming of Halacha is unacceptable. The labels are meaningless. It is impossible to claim that there is a movement of Judaism that is founded on the Torah, yet picks and chooses which mitzvos to keep.

      Just as we acknowledge that Torah has no compromises, we must also address ourselves, as individuals, in our own halacha adherence. We do not need to apply labels of movements to our standards to see when we have crossed the line. We just completed a cycle of Elul, Selichos, Rosh Hashana, Eseres yemai Teshuvah, Yom Kippur, and Hoshanah Rabah, when we are guided to examine our role as Yidden, as it relates to Torah observance and a connection to HKB”H. Are we honest with ourselves? If we are working class, are we following halacha with regards to honesty, appropriate protections from ono’ah, yichud, negiah, hasogas gevul, etc.? If we are in kollel, are we spending our time in limud haTorah? Do we daven with proper focus? Midos bein odom lachaveiro? Do we continue to engage in cheshbon hanefesh, as instructed by the Baalei Muusar? If we fulfill these obligations, that is wonderful Kiddush Hashem.

    5. If not, how are we better than the movements that set the criteria for shmiras Torah Umitzvos based on their self-centered desires and needs? The groups with names are easy to identify as compromising on Halacha. But do we do that, too?

    6. got a lot of respect for R’Rechnitz for putting his money where his mouth is.

      but this speech shows how distorted the orthodox community is. Being a light upon non-frum jews (let alone upon the nations) , and at the same time being elitist and inclusive ?

      • Did you consult with Daas Torah before you went on your last grocery shopping trip? What’s this Daas Torah fixation? I am all for bringing shailos to Daas Torah. I understand addressing controversial issues after seeking Torah guidance. But what was the question here? A movement that modifies halacha to comply with its own ideas is heretical. He called it out accurately. The movement is as treif as chazzer. You probably never saw anyone take a ham to a Rov to verify that it was ossur. Yet, the individuals who have become part of it are sick, not evil. He encourages embracing them (not literally hugging). Here is also 100% accurate. Must you distract the gedolim who you consider the purveyors of Daas Torah to bug them with these foolish questions with obvious answers? Rechnitz’s money leaves him above the level of the fear that we all have to speak openly about issues that are politically incorrect. Kol hakavod lo.

    7. Rav (mr) Rechnitz I do not know this man started to hear his name about five yrs ago, his heart and I guess his money is in the right place. I was happy with his speech on yeshivas being elitist given last year however that is still a major problem together with tuition/camp cost for thousands of familys and I don’t see any progress being made and I wonder if he is giving money to places that behave this way (if he would stop and get other major donors to stop supporting institutions that don’t help the families that need the help) so so far I know he says the right things and gives loads of money out but I don’t see any changes from our yeshivas…..i met an old friend about 3 weeks ago yes living in the boro park area who 3 children are in public school this year due to tuition cost, people dont get it these children will not be religious and I could only imagine how the parents spoke about the yeshiva at home in front of their children I bet they will not stay in the fold for to uch longer….bottom line we need real change oh and why is there money for students from ussr before our own are t aken care of

      • You’re very right, sadly those children MIGHT be lost to us, although you’d be surprised. However, our communities would rather give to those who don’t want to work (or do chesed, but that’s a different story) than to try & help our communities here. To be dan lkaf zchus, I hope it’s because they believe families like you stated can go on welfare. While I know that’s untrue, unfortunately not many understand some families make to much to do so & make to little to make it in our school system (especially).

    8. question, since when does being rich make you an expert on every matter that you need to be an expert on, for the moment that it will sound good During which you pontificate about something you know nothing about? I mean, isn’t being obscenely rich a blessing enough? Why do you always need to be the man?? Being rich Alone makes you the man…!

    9. Like the old proverb says: “With money in your pocket, you are wise, and you are handsome, and you sing well too.” I’m sure someone can say it in the original Yiddish better than I can.

      • You have an agenda. And you are probably a Hillary worshiper. You are quick to condemn, with zero regard for facts. “Twisting the Shoah”? “Hate of other Jews”? Where did you get this fiction from? You might have not liked his speech, and you are entitled to that opinion. But your baseless accusations are simply immoral. That’s a good reason why Hillary y”sh needs to stay away from politics. Dishonesty, murder, thievery, and lying don’t mix well with reality and morality. If you paid any attention, he was embracing to those in the OO community. It is their choice of lifestyle that he rightfully noted was incompatible with a Torah true life. What’s so terrible?

      • While i dont agree with his speech, since he didnt know facts on all the issues he spoke about, he is accepting of every Jew, simply for being Jewish. Yes, he’s anti O.O. & he has a right to that, he specifically states that it doesn’t mean he has sinas chinam like certain sects of chasidim.

        • “Love and acceptance of every Jew” This is an overused cliche. Everbody loves everybody until they reach their breaking point. The question is just is where and what that breaking point is. How many people love Neturei Karta Jews? How many people love Peleg protesters?

          • Having niturah karta in my family & being MO I’ve learnt to hate the actions of people & not the person. I’ve seen my uncle in pictures on VIN sitting in protest of the draft, but yet I support it knowing that the government is looking to put enlisters in places like yad ezra & yad Sarah & not just in the army. My uncle on the other hand loves me for being me & hates that I don’t shave my head, wear 100 denure stockings in the heat of an Israeli heat wave & more. The world needs to hate actions & not people & that’s what the Torah teaches.

            • Your sentiment is admirable but at some point people become defined by their actions and synonymous with their sins. It was David Hamelech who said ” The haters of Hashem I hate” he did not differentiate between hating acts and hating people. The concept of love the sinner and hate the sin was first espoused by Saint Augustine. (See also the Rav Yaakiv MiLissa the Nesivos in his Emes L’Yaakov on the gemara in Berachos 10a regarding Bruria’s advice to Rav Meir.)

    10. “I don’t want to be the one going up after 120 and hearing ‘You were able to get an audience and you kept your mouth shut,’” said Rechnitz.

      I think that after 120 they will ask him “Why didn’t you keep your mouth shut”

    11. Perhaps he should spend less time lecturing and judging the world about how they live, and more time operating his own business in an ethical and Kosher, “michubed” manner. Just search the internet to see the multiple legal investigations about those practices.

    12. “money doesn’t talk, it screams”

      when you are overly wealthy the big rabbis take back seats to let you ramble on.

      It is nice he is so generous with his gelt, but to speak so long? and on what? and to be published?


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