Jerusalem – In Photos: Hundreds Of Charedi Jews Protest Israeli Army Draft, Dozens Arrested


    ultra-Orthodox Jews block a main road during a protest against Israeli army conscription, in Jerusalem, Thursday, Oct. 19, 2017.(AP Photo/Ariel Schalit)Jerusalem – Israeli police arrested 120 people on Thursday during a demonstration by ultra-Orthodox Jews who blocked roads and set fires in protest at the forced military conscription of young men from their community.

    Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said about 2,000 people from a fringe group of ultra-Orthodox Jews protested in Jerusalem, where they blocked a central intersection and paralyzed the main entrance to the city for hours. Some protesters held signs reading “draft equals religious persecution” and others set trash bins on fire. Protests took place in other cities as well.

    The demonstrators oppose the recent arrest of a number of young men from within their community after they refused to be drafted into Israel’s compulsory military service.

    Rosenfeld said police would use “whatever means necessary” to break up the “illegal” demonstration.

    Many from Israel’s ultra-Orthodox community believe young men shouldn’t have to enlist in the military, saying they serve the nation through study and prayer. That position along with government-issued draft exemptions for many ultra-Orthodox have caused friction with Israel’s secular Jews, most of whom must enlist at 18 and demand the ultra-Orthodox do their share.
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    1. Good for nothing bums that don’t learn causing a big chillul hashem , they should all be put in jail , thrown out of the country, given big fines.a disgrace to jews . They are playing games for the ‘big GEDOLIM WHO SHOULD ALSO ROT IN JAIL TOGETHER WITH THEIR ZOMBI’ STUDENTS .

    2. It is time to get tough on these unruly frum thugs. This is NOT the way of the Torah.

      Once we had rabbis who were saints, but today it seems that we have rabbis who are very evil and only care for their own conceited view point and to hell with the rest of society.

      Put them all in jail, and that includes their teachers too!

    3. If they do not want to follow the laws of Israel they should not get the benefits. No more health insurance, no more tax breaks, no free Yeshiva, no food stamps. Nothing. These chillul hashemnicks blocked roads and put peoples lives in danger.

    4. Why aren’t these bochurim in yeshiva learning as they claim they do?!?
      People are forced to miss flights, doctors appointments, be late for work (a term they are completely unfamiliar with!), Taxi drivers and others that earn a living on the road are prevented from earning an honest living, not to mention ambulances and other emergency vehicles, and hospital staff that can’t get through, putting lives at risk. Throw their parents, roshei yeshiva ,and all the other scoundrels that encourage them in jail , and let drivers drive right through these useless leeching scum, and it’ll be over in less than 24 hours.

    5. Those terrible Tziyonim trying to Shmad all these Bachurim who are on the way to the Yeshiva and the busses refuse to take them.just because they want to learn Torah.
      These innocent Tzadikim are being hauled to jail instead and being Shmad by the Jailers.

    6. Theese mindless morons are blind to reality their rabbis are leading them down into an abyss, with no education no trade a means of making a living what in the world do theese spoiled talmidim think dont they see that their future in being hijacked by their own rabbis who only want to be worshiped like a g-d the rabbis want the younger generation to worship them so they can live out their grandios fantasies,youth is being wasted on the young here no future for theese brain washed youngeliet.

    7. Do they not know what happened to the Jews of Europe during WWII? No history education? Tzahal is the first line of defense. There ought to be a rule, if you want government money, you have to say the Tefilla for Tzahal.

    8. These alleged Yeshiva people are gazlonim of innocent people’s time and money, and possibly rotzchim, as today they delayed an ambulance on an emergency call.

      Bemakom kavod Shamayim, ein cholkim kovod larav. They need to be put in cherem.

    9. Does anyone know?? Do these arrested bums get 30 days in jail or is it a revolving door. If they get 30 days in jail (where they get striped search and put on a uniform) they arrest 100-200 at a time, it might put an end to this stupidity.
      Also, noticed many are laughing and enjoying themselves, it seems it is some kind amusement park to them, I guess it beats pressing the bench in Yeshivas.

    10. The real yeshiva bucher is the one who doesn’t go to demonstrations but sits and learn even bein hazmanim as torah is the important thing.Where were the ”gedolim” during the demonstration ?The generall has to be in the front of his army.When if an arab kills a yeshiva student R,L, they expect the army to protect them while the students scream natzies at them.and throw stones at them.

    11. Stop lambasting those Hareidim. In the USA, when there was a draft from 1940-1973, Yeshivah Students, Rabbis, and Chazzanim were not drafted. Therefore, why should it be any different in EY?

    12. I’m not condoning blocking off roads, but why is there only condemnation against the protestors? It’s the Israeli Supreme Court that’s to blame for causing this situation. The Rabbis will not let yeshiva students go to army. The IDF is not a place for frum people.

      • no one is sending them to the army anytime soon. All that the gov’t is requesting is that they register, every single one gets a p’tur, deferment. That’ s the reason Rav Shteinman insists that they do register.

      • HerNoor, blame the Army, Supreme Court etc. None of them are sitting on the floor as Ratzchim willing to kill people by blocking the sick an doctors to help fellow yiden.

    13. Guys, calm down nothing to worry about. Our sages have taught us
      “כל תורה שאין עמה מלאכה , סופה בטלה”
      and I hope that will happen quickly

    14. This has to stop, they should really give heavy punishment to the young bums demonstrating there are laws to follow , if my child while learning in yeshiva participated in demonstrations that would tell me he is in the wrong yeshiva and has a lot to learn…this is all fake news the true learners just register and go back to learn & to the rabbis and parents that allow this to go on will be in big trouble when they have to answer to the one above….agree with #1, 100%

    15. Why isn’t the”godol” aurbach sitting in jail by now?There’s something wrong with the yeshiva system if they can’t train the students how to cope with army service that’s required by their state.It seems that a blatt gemara is hardly enough education for a student to remain frum or believe in g-d. When i saw a film of a yeshiva student rebuking an elderly man for not displaying tzitz, shouting at him I was revolted to the extreme .This is the way of torah today?.Every day in the morning we say” leolam yehay adam” first be a mentch.-derech eretz cadmus le torah.these students need to have LOTS OF MUSSAR studied in class as they don’t act as yeshiva leite should .


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