Jerusalem – Leading Rosh Yeshiva Slams Protesting Yerushalmi Faction as “Not-Human”


    Israeli border policemen remove an ultra-Orthodox Jewish protester during a demonstration against the detention of members of their community who failed to report to a military recruiting office, in Jerusalem October 26, 2017. REUTERS/Ammar AwadJerusalem – Charedi extremists who have continued a sea of protests against the Israeli draft found themselves the target of harsh words by one of Israel’s most prominent roshei yeshiva, who described demonstrators as being “non-human.”

    Israeli news site B’Chadrei Charedim ( posted a video where Rabbi Baruch Dov Povarski, rosh yeshiva of the Ponovezh Yeshiva in Bnei Brak, was addressing a large audience Yeshiva Ohr Yisroel in Petach Tikva on Wednesday night when he made his remarks about the radical Yerushalmi Faction.

    “It is up to us to know our values,” said Rabbi Povarski. “We are b’nei Torah, who toil in Torah, that are privileged to be immersed in Torah and to know that those who are outside are not human. It is up to us to pray to G-d that we will have the privilege to continue clinging to his emissaries who give over the words of the Torah.”

    As previously reported on VIN News (, the Yerushalmi Faction formed in 2012 after the death of Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv. When Rabbi Shmuel Auerbach failed in an attempt to prevent Rabbi Aharon Leib Shteinman from becoming Rav Elyashiv’s heir apparent as the head of the non-Chasidic Charedi community and spiritual leader of the Degel Hatorah party, he and his followers broke off into the Yerushalmi Faction, whose confrontational public demonstrations give voice to its virulent stance that refuses to recognize the Israeli military in any way.

    After the arrest of two members of the Yerushalmi Faction on charges of draft dodging earlier in October, members of the group took to the streets in Jerusalem, Bnei Brak, Beit Shemesh and Tzefas last Thursday in a self-proclaimed “Day of Rage,” blocking roadways and snarling traffic for hours. Approximately 120 demonstrators were arrested in the protests.

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    1. On the ramps of Birkenau only SS was waiting screaming links , rechts and the way to the gas chamber. 1 million Jewish children were murdered. These fat yeshiva boys demonstrate against whatever you criticize the IDF nevertheless they will defend Yidden even if it means their life. In Auschwtiz there was nobody.

      • We greatly appreciate the security provided by the IDF, and we appreciate the dedication of the soldiers… frum and not frum. We are willing to fight against Israel’s enemies if you hand over the entire IDF to us… the planes, tanks, submarines, nukes… everything. We will run the defense according to halacha.

        But we will not take orders from kofrim against halacha. Many of the top brass in the IDF are kofrim, but they get their orders from the defense minister who has been at times a kofer. But ultimately the IDF is ruled by the Israeli Supreme Court, which is totally kofrim.

        • “The IDF is ruled by the Supreme Court” Correct. Everything In Israel is ruled by the SC. Including Yeshivas,Rebbes, Ros Yeshivas etc. You have 3 choices. Accept it. Go to jail. Leave the Country. Just a reminder . The SC is ruled by Hashem

      • 1) the figure is closer to 1 1/2 million
        2) Just before the Entebbe raid was launched, Yoni Netanyahu Hyd, head of Sayeret Matkal, the unit that carried out the attack, gathered his men and reminded them that their job is to protect Jews in danger worldwide. Like his brother, Binyamin Netanyahu, Yoni was far from being frum. The brave men and women of the IDF and security branches are there to protect everyone — including Neturei Karta, etc — against vicious murderers who wish to complete what Hitler yimach shmo tried to do.

        • U are so wrong! Theyre here to protect their nationalistic agenda. They cldnt give a dam about a Jew. Its “their ” homeland. A Jew has NO homeland till Madhiachs day. jusasim is a religion not a

          • “A Jew has No homeland till Moshiach day” Judaism is a religion not” You are so right on both. Question to you. Based on your Hashkofe (some might disagree) you are forbidden to live in Israel and take money from the Zionist. It’s called stealing. You are allowed to move to Venezuela, Bolivia etc where some of the Anti Zionist sect had recently run (They lasted about 3 months there) The entire Govt are Goyim. Taking the money from them (Or giving the if you pay taxes) is much better than from the “Kofrim” What i think is you are plain lucky that Bibi needs the Chareidim in the coalition, otherwise you would be treated like the Palestinian Stone throwesr. You can behave like the rest of the Israeli Citizens excepting the Law or you can behave like the Palis and don’t be surprised if they will soon treat you like one of them.

            • Just to educate u on one; . Those people are not an anti Zionist sect. Theyre a. Ult led by a crazed man that WAS initially also a anti Zionist. The sect is anti Tirsh as they r a cult that cut off ties w every human of the outside world. Don’t confuse normal anti Zionists Torah Jews w that crazy cult.

        • U are so wrong! Theyre here to protect their nationalistic agenda. They cldnt give a dam about a Jew. Its “their ” homeland. A Jew has NO homeland till Mashiachs day.
          Judaism is a religion not a race as the Zionists claim it is. And we dont have an army cuz we are not a State. We are liyal to the state that houses us in galus.
          Serving in the IDF is a sin of epic proportions. On the ither hand, Protesting like animals wont solve a thing. They nd to come up with a better more sensible plan of protesting this terrible decree. Its a chilil Hashem.

    2. Fake news. Look at the title of this article, and then read the actual words of the Rav. He never mentioned the Yerushalmi faction, nor did he criticize blocking roads in protest of the draft.

    3. Not enough. Leading rosh yeshivas should allow those over 26 to go to work since they do not need to fight in the army if you are over 26. Enabling pupils to work will solve this crisis. The army thing is an excuse. Abi nisht arbitin.

    4. That ”godol”who is promoting these demonstrations isn’t doing it leshem shomayim only leshem” ich” that he is the worlds biggest holy man and can mobilize thousands of zombies that listen to his commands

    5. Nowhere does the Rav mention the yerushalmi faction. In fact, he appears to be dehumanizing everybody who isn’t b’nei torah.

      Where is your journalistic integrity VIN??

      • I thought it was only me! The “not human” label seems to be applied to the secular Israelis. Where does Rabbi Pivsrdky mention Rabbi Auerbach or the breakaway faction?

    6. My wife is elderly (75) and a bit feeble. She had a doctor’s apt in Geula on thursday. The bus took her only part of the way and she had to walk much further than she though and coming back was impossible to find a cab so he had to do much walking which was very hard on her until she could get transportation back.

      She lost several hours, cost money to get a cab and could not function (no dinner) when she returned.

      I think the rabbis are evil people and the bochrim and stupid to believe in such evil rabbis.
      These evil rabbis should listen to the majority opinion and let the boys get their deferments simply and without causing problems.


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