Borough Park, NY – BP Traffic Stop Victim Calls Police “Hot Blooded, Brutal And Aggressive”


    Image grab from video taken by a passrby shows the victim on the floor being arrestedBorough Park, NY – 12 hours after he returned home from Maimonides Hospital after being treated for injuries sustained after reportedly being roughed up by police, a Borough Park resident slammed the NYPD officers involved for their aggressive behavior.

    The 71 year old victim who spoke exclusively to VIN News on condition of anonymity said that he was just happy to be alive after the Sunday night traffic stop gone awry.

    As previously reported on VIN News (, the elderly driver said that he was yanked out of his car by a male police officer who repeatedly demanded his license and registration was before he thrown him on the floor and handcuffed.

    According to the driver, multiple requests to have a female officer stop shining a light in his eyes so that he would be able to access the papers were ignored, leading to behavior that he described as “brutality.”

    The driver, who is originally from Israel but has been in New York for 10 years, said that he was traumatized by the way he was treated during the traffic stop.

    “He started pulling me out of the car and she came around to help him and I understood that they were going to put me against the car and bind me,” said the driver. “But they pulled me away from the car and they started shlepping me and I understood that they were going to put me on the floor.

    There was a big puddle on the floor and they banged my head on the ground and put me on the floor in the water and they started to bind me.”

    The driver said that he was crying and screaming that he had problems with his arms because of a previous accident but that the officers ignored his pleas.

    A 22 second video posted by City Councilman David Greenfield shows the driver on the wet pavement screaming for mercy as the two officers restrain him while securing him in handcuffs.

    “The police officer, the lady, she was laughing at me,” said the driver. “Police they are sometimes brutal people, hot blooded and arrogant. They know that everything goes according to their will and it goes to their head.”

    Once released from police custody, the driver went home and decided to file a complaint after seeing the bruises on his face and arms.

    “I go to the 66 Precinct and I complain and I say ‘look what they do to me,’ and they give me a phone number to call,” said the driver. “”My face was all red and knocked down and no one cared about it or asked if they should call a doctor. They didn’t care. They just said ‘go bye bye.’”

    While doctors at Maimonides Hospital confirmed that the man had sustained no broken bones or severe injuries, he said that in addition to having bruises on his face and arm, he is still having difficulty moving his arm. Thinking back over the incident, which is currently the subject of an police internal investigation, the driver said it is clear that the decided to file a complaint needs to better train its officers.

    “They are not educated, the police,” said the driver. “They don’t know how to behave. They need to know that we don’t have weapons and we are not putting them in danger. They nearly killed me and I hope that this brutality does not happen to anyone else. The NYPD has to know what kind of people they put on the police.”

    Last night’s incident echoed a clash that took place 11 years ago between officers of the 66th Precinct and another septuagenarian, 75 year old Arthur Schick, during a routine traffic stop as reported by the New York Times ( That episode led to a massive Chasidic protest in Borough Park that had rioters setting bonfires, assaulting a pair of police officers and damaging two police cars. Only three people were arrested in the protest that involved hundreds of demonstrators, a response that then-Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly described as appropriate.

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    1. Poor man.
      This great country who have THE best trained police officers is giving too many rights to the police. Hardly ever you will find police punished when they harm civilians. The best answer we will get “they followed their protocols”. Which is true.
      The protocols are crazy.
      A lesson for all of us when we see in the news police officers doing harm to black people we should not be happy or laughing about it.
      We frum Jews want to believe that we are liked. But we are not like at all.

    2. In spite of what happened in 2006 in Borough Park, when Bloomberg was running for reelection in 2009, he was warmly welcomed in Borough Park, by community leaders. Every other Jewish politician in NYC condemned the brutality and heavy handed tactics of the NYPD’s response to what occurred in Borough Park, but not Bloomberg. Hence, he should never have been welcomed in Borough Park, as he had previously condemned what he called “the Black Hats”. Also, the same boot licking organizations gave Commissioner Kelly several awards when he retired. The latter awards were ridiculous, and Kelly was not deserving of them.

    3. While I condemn the heavy handed tactics of the NYPD, this motorist should not have been using his cell phone while driving. Also, he should never have gotten into a confrontation with the cops, over the flashlight. If cops sense the slightest amount of disrespect, (even if none is intended), they will retaliate, and become violent. They should not be given an opportunity to do so. Mr. Schick learned that lesson in 2006, when he started arguing with the cops, after he was double parked. There is no need for these nickel and dime traffic infractions to escalate. Also, it should be noted that some of the minority cops have a bug up their nose towards religious Jews, and will look for any excuse to become violent. A few years, there was a cop on Kings Highway and E. 16th St., who harassed a frum Jew for allegedly jaywalking. The cop threatened to arrest him, if he didn’t sign the ticket on Shabbos. He forced that motorist to sign the ticket. Eventually, that idiotic cop was transferred to another precinct. The cops keep transferring bad apples around, instead of dealing with the problems. Jews, watch yourselves when dealing with the NYPD!!

    4. Our community politicians are approving all these crimes against us they mean themself they don’t mean us at all when it comes to elections they’re here a whole year they’re like a beer and middle of the winter

    5. Those fat overweight donut eaters should be fired on the spot. Since when has NYC become a police state where cops can abuse the local taxpayers at will?! Now of course our heimishe elected officials will bend over backwards to defend the holier than thou NYPD. They did it when Gideon Bush was executed in cold blood right on the streets of Boro Park! This love-fest our local politicians have with these ticket givers are corrupt thru and thru! I wonder what they have in their closet.

      • You have to separate the weight and the donut-eating from the violence and the abuse. Obesity is a medical issue. Abuse and violence are not acceptable. But donuts are a food that people in a free country are allowed to eat, whether they are part of the police force or not.

    6. The cop, making a legal stop, asks you for something, do it.

      How do “they” know that just because you appear to be frum that you are not wearing a disguise or have a weapon, even if legal, despite that.

      Do not escalate – they will escalate more.

    7. Most cops are terrific and go out of their way to help people and keep people safe.

      But – ever since King Bloomberg made the police become his personal tax collectors – NYPD cops became so arrogant and started treating regular people that did slightest infraction like speaking on the phone etc, into garbage.

      The NYPD today are so arrogant and rude – it is definitely rotten at the top – and proper training is not being given


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