Brooklyn, NY – Elderly Man Allegedly Roughed Up By BP Police; NYPD Launches Internal Investigation


    Councilman David Greenfield, Jack Meyer of Misaskim, visiting the man at Maimonides Hospital (Photo NYC councilman David Greenfield)Brooklyn, NY – A 71 year old Borough Park resident said that he was manhandled by police officers after a routine traffic stop that turned violent last night.

    The man was alone in his car on 53rd Street between 17th and 18th Avenues at about 8 PM when he was pulled over by police officers for using his cell phone while driving.

    According to the driver, two police officers positioned themselves on either side of the man’s car, with one asking for the driver’s license and registration and the other shining his flashlight through the passenger side window and into the vehicle.

    Repeated requests by the driver to ask the officer to stop shining the flashlight in his eyes so that he could locate the necessary paperwork were met with hostility.

    The driver said that the officers then pulled him out of his car, threw him onto the ground and handcuffed him. Due to construction at the 66th Precinct station house, the driver was taken to the 70th Precinct and issued a summons.

    After going home to change his clothing, the driver returned to the 70th Precinct to file a complaint but was told that the matter needed to be resolved with the 66th Precinct. Officers at the 66th Precinct reportedly told the driver that he was lucky he hadn’t been thrown in jail.

    Misaskim director Yanky Meyer who spoke with the driver last night at Maimonides Hospital where he was treated for bruises to his face and hand and said that an official complaint has been lodged with the NYPD.

    City Councilman David Greenfield also went down to Maimonides last night and said it was clear from speaking to the driver that English is not his first language. Greenfield said that he was extremely disturbed to hear how police officers allegedly treated a senior citizen.

    “The foundation of policing is ‘courtesy, professionalism and respect’ and it is difficult to see how that happened in this situation based on the information we have here,” Greenfield told VIN News. “When you see a 71 year old grandfather, your inclination should not be to drag him to the ground simply because he was fumbling for his paperwork.”

    An NYPD spokesperson said that they were aware that an individual had been brought in for “being highly uncooperative and combative” during a routine traffic stop in Borough Park but had no information at this time that indicated that the driver had been mistreated by police officers.

    Police said nearby security footage would be reviewed and witnesses to the incident would be questioned in order to corroborate the driver’s story.

    According to Meyer, relationships between the Jewish community and members of the 66 Precinct have deteriorated because of the ongoing NYPD fraud investigation involving members of the Jewish community.

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    1. That is no reason to manhandle a 71 year old gentleman! If it had been their grandfather there would be hell to pay! Excuse the language! Police officers think they own the road and can do anything they please without any backlash! It is about time we showed them different!

      • Well, in normal times like 2-3 years ago you had a point. Today the President of the USA told the police many times “Don’t be nice to them “Rough them up etc.” Welcome to Trumps USA. B”H the old gentleman is fine. It could have been r”l much worse.

        • You must be one of the few people who was able to get a job and pay for your own non govt handout health insurance under Barack insane Obama.

          Actually I will just guess that you are a typical Moocher, who mooches on the system every last penny you can get and you are afraid that President Trump will stop that.

          • “Moocer? Insurance?” What are you saying? The President instructed the Police to “Don’t be nice”: “Rough them up” etc. Are you agreeing with the President? Than don’t complain when the Police does it. The fish stinkt fin the Kop.

    2. What happened to the body cameras? Why does the patrol car not have cameras? The answer is the police unions are afraid of the cameras, because they are aware that some officers resort to violence for no reason. A 70 year old man in a family car asking that police officers should not shine a flashlight in his eyes is not a threat. This police officer should be fired immediately. Had this happened to a Black grandfather of 70 years old New York would already be burning. The civil rights of a jewish man is equally as important as a black man. I would like to thank Rabbi Yanky Mayer of Misaskim who spent countless hours in Maimonides to help this elderly gentleman.

    3. thanks Rechnitz, the quality of NYPD cops in general has declined since de bozoa came since he wants them to be diverse. yesterday cops were arrested for raping a handcuffed 18 year old in the car.

    4. It was only eleven years ago, in 2006, that the police in Borough Park (66th Precinct), manhandled 75 year old, Mr. Schick, the owner of Schick’s bakery, after he became involved in a verbal dispute with them, after he was double parked. They shoved him into a paddy wagon, after he was handcuffed, and stated “this is how we treat nig—s”. As a result, a civil disorder ensued, and lasted for two days. The cops responded with heavy handed tactics, and sent in their goons from other precincts. Yidden, if you are stopped by the cops, right or wrong, be polite and cooperative; do not get into a dispute with them, as they are just looking for an excuse to assault Jews. I remember years ago, when I was out of town, and was leaving a parking lot, the idiotic cops also shined a flashlight in my eyes to attract my attention, when I was leaving the area. It can be very unpleasant. However, the motorist in this case should have not provoked the cops, as it could have ended far worse. Also, cell phones should not be used when driving.

      • This isn’t about Jews. It’s a general problem in the entire USA. The US is a police culture. As a result the police resort very quickly to very aggressive tactics as soon as they feel direspected in any way.

      • Why do you believe that the elderly gentleman was using a cell phone while driving/ Do you think it is a far stretch to believe that a policeman who acts with such brutality could lie about the entire incident as to why he stopped the motorist?

      • um…I think you forgot to mention that we should store a basin with warm water in the trunk of our car, so that they can soak their feet while they write out a ticket.

        police officers are notoriously corrupt, power hungry, arrogant, condescending, racist and anti semitc to boot. the officers should be named and we should demand they resign. we can’t let these dirt bags rough us up without consequences. we are too meek. LET’S DEMAND JUSTICE!

    5. Make sure whoever we vote for supports every single officer having bodycams.
      They protect honest officers from unfounded accusations and they protect civilians from corrupt and law breaker officers.
      Look at horrible story of what 2 officers did recently to 18 year old girl.
      30k plus officers. Most probably good. Some not.
      Just like banks, stores etc have cameras every police car and officer needs same. They need to be recorded when doing their job.

    6. I was stopped twice at this same intersection by the same cop. The 53rd St, and 18th Ave corner is a notorious cop hide-out – usually the same two officers. I was told by an attorney that works for a local traffic law firm that every call he gets pertaining to this Boro Park corner – the clients are usually very distraught. Without getting into police bashing – we should demand fair treatment, not predatory violent behavior!

      All I can say is: “Uncourteous”, “Unprofessional”, and “No Respect”!

      • This won’t help because they never do anything.

        I filled a complaint on a officer that pulled his gun in me and when I filed a complaint he begged me not to do it and he will make sure to tell the judge he made a mistake. But as usual he lied to me and I filled a complaint later on and nothing happened.

    7. The police officers of the 66precinct are very not nice . I my self have experienced a incident similar to this person. After they pulled me And gave me a ticket he pulled me again and just laughed at me and left. They are rude!! The only ones that have anything from them is the people who are connected with them. Shame on them!!!

    8. Its about time that every car owner should have a Dash Camera installed in his car.
      I was stopped on 19th Ave and 50th street for failure to wear seat belts and passing a Stop Sign. I was explaining the officer that he is wrong that i did Stop and wore my belts. Of course he wrote me 2 tickets. I went to court with the replay of the camera and the judge dismissed both tickets and he spoke to the officer which i did not hear the conversation.

    9. This is the after pain we boro parkers have to suffer because of the greed of thise individuals who caused this turn over in our 66 pct.
      Lets hope that with time the new officers and captains they will make changes towards the officers who get the most complaints from the community.
      The KEY here is that every person who feels mistreated should report to the Internal affairs and the more complaints we file the better chance we have for action from the superiors is NYPD dept.
      Captains, Sergeants ,and Lieutenants want a Good fair precient reputation and they usually do not tolerate Bad officers, so the only way they get make it better if they know about it. So Complaining to the right officials will make it a better NYPD

      • NOBODY cares about you, starting from the mayor unless you have money, he only comes to Boro Park to mooch money from the likes of the corrupt Rechnitz, Reichberg and Goldenberg. A complaint goes to CCRB which only cares about certain minority groups getting stop and frisked. The Cops in the shtetl worked for the czar and made the pogroms here they work for the money hungry de bozo.

    10. I still remember how the pigs from 66 shot and killed gideon busch..he was armed with a small screw driver…things have not improved with these hooligans in uniform. they have it very ez in our safe neighborhood of bp…let them get transferred to bed stuy…


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