New York, NY – NYPD Brass Praises Cop For Preventing Further Bloodshed In West Side Terror Spree


    Officer NashNew York, NY – An NYPD officer with a record of more than 50 arrests is being hailed as a hero tonight for putting an end to the terror attack that left eight people dead and another twelve injured.

    Officer Ryan Nash was one of several patrolmen from the NYPD’s 1st Precinct who responded to a 911 call placed at 2:35 PM reporting a 17 year old suicidal girl at Stuyvestant High School, located on Chambers Street.

    Shortly after arriving at the school, Nash raced over to West Street where Sayfullo Saipov had just crashed into a school bus, and was on scene when Saipov reportedly shouted “Allah Akhbar” as he jumped out of his rented truck holding two guns.

    When Saipov ignored calls to drop his weapons, Nash opened fire, hitting the 29 year old terrorist in the stomach.

    NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill credited the 28 year old Nash for putting a stop to Saipov’s murderous rampage at a Tuesday evening press conference.

    “I want to commend the response of our NYPD officer that was on post near the location who stopped the carnage moments before it began,” said O’Neill.

    Nash, a Medford native, was taken to Bellevue after complaining of ringing in his ears, according to CBS News (

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    1. to #1-Apparently this guy had no heart, so that was not possible
      to #2-in all due respect, #1 was speaking out. Many people feel the same way. This does not make one an idiot.

    2. ahem – the cop didn’t know it at the time – so he is aok with me.
      however, why is he a hero? the mamzer did NOT have a real gun on him, and he was already out of the truck – so what was the danger?

      • First of all he had 2 guns in his hands which turned out to be fake so he had to blow him away. I agree he is not a hero, he did what every person who carries a gun would do when someone points a gun at him you just dont question u blow him to pieces..

    3. is it only me, or is the hero title a bit overdone? it was a cop doing his job- he is trained for this scenario! i would like to know the identity of the man who is trying to chase him. now that’s a hero

      (witnesses have said a man in a green shirt was chasing him)


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