New York – Slap In The Face For NYC Mayor As Daily News Withholds Endorsement


    New York – In a scathing editorial that appeared in today’s Daily News (, the newspaper known for its liberal views came down hard on a fellow liberal, Mayor Bill de Blasio, with a blatant refusal to endorse his re-election campaign.

    The editorial noted that de Blasio’s first four years as mayor have not been without accomplishments. Crime rates in the city are at historic lows, universal pre-K has been a game changer for parents of small children and affordable housing supplies continue to grow.

    But the paper skewered de Blasio for his “sanctimonious governance,” including bad management, a dismissal of charter schools despite their proven track records, a city budget that has swelled by $10 billion resulting in increased taxes on the middle class and his willingness to accept sizeable donations in exchange for political favors, actions that far outweigh any accomplishments.

    The mayor was also taken to task for his dubious claims of vindication in a corruption scandal that devastated city government, a position the Daily News described as “galling.”

    The editorial noted that none of the mayoral candidates on this year’s ballot is worthy of running City Hall, faulting Nicole Malliotakis for a lackluster Assembly career and Bo Dietl as “a joke and not even a funny one.”

    Answering the implied request for an endorsement by the mayor, the editorial pulls no punches concluding, “But you, Mr. de Blasio, are the one who has already been granted the public trust and asks approval for an extension. Answer: no.”

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    1. So the daily news rejects a fellow liberal but the aguda loves him, tells you how far the aguda has fallen from the days of the true selfless rabbi sherer.

      • I wish it were true. Where is he irrelevant? Hes going to be reelected with a landslide. Our votes are irrelevant in sucha dirty liberal city as NY. A nobody should be able to win against this 7 foot shmuck.

    2. Maybe, like in the presidential election, the “incumbent” can still lose this one? We have to at least try. Vote Republican for mayor! Whether you’re conservative or liberal, there’s one thing we can agree on: politicians and diapers should be changed often.


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