Brooklyn, NY – Unofficial BOE Reports Call Yeger The Winner In 44th District Race For City Council


    Yeger soliciting a voter on the streets of Borough Park Nov. 7, 2017 (Eli Wohl/, NY – One of the most contentious election seasons in memory has finally come to a close with Kalman Yeger declaring victory in a bitter political rivalry that often turned ugly as members of the Jewish community took pot shots at each other.

    Unofficial Board of Elections results show Yeger holding a commanding lead over Yoni Hikind in the fight to become the next councilman representing the 44th District which includes Borough Park, Midwood, Kensington, Bensonhurst and parts of Sheepshead Bay.

    With close to 70 percent of the votes counted, Yeger received more than 8,500 votes with Hikind pulling just over 4,000 votes. School Choice candidate Heshy Tischler trailed behind with just under 500 votes.

    Taking to Twitter to congratulate his successor, City Councilman David Greenfield proclaimed that Yeger had won by a landslide, racking up wins in every neighborhood in the district.

    Politico New York ( ) described the rivalry between Yeger and Hikind as “the nastiest” City Council race of the season, noting it seemed to be more of a years-long battle between Assemblyman Dov Hikind and City Councilman David Greenfield than between the two candidates.

    While the level of personal attacks in the fight for Greenfield’s Council seat seemed to hit below the belt, even for hopeful elected officials, a well known political consultant told CBS News ( it is par for the course.

    “This is usual politics for that part of Brooklyn,” said Hank Sheinkopf. “Everybody attacks everybody because the stakes are really high – in this case, who’s going to be the political boss of that part of Brooklyn.”

    “Kalman Yeger’s election to the City Council will have a positive impact not only for the residents of the 44th district but for the entire Jewish community recognizing Kalman’s unique skill set to be an effective legislator and more importantly his ability to create close working relationships with his colleagues which is a pre-requisite to impact public policy as it effects the Jewish community” said Ezra Friedlander, CEO of The Friedlander Group.

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      • Not in your district, but I have to agree – nepotism is not what your community needs. One hot air balloon in local government is enough. Hatzlacha to Mr. Yeger.

    1. This was one of the nastiest, most vile campaigns that I’ve ever come across, and I am proud to say for the very first time, that I did NOT vote this year. An absolute embarrassment and a chillul Hashem through and through… FEH

    2. Voting for kalman yeger might be the biggest chet we have ever done in the history of klal yisroel, after his march in the toeva parade we just went to the bathroom on the torah.
      Shein anu azai panim lomar lifanecha shetzadikim anachnu, aval anachnu viavisanu chatanu.
      Al Chet ahechatanu bichilul hashem

    3. This election was about the political machine. As Yeger was the puppet, it simply portrayed for the world that individual choices would not matter. The endorsements of mosdos stated only one thing – we believe the machine will work, and that if we are known as supporters, we will benefit financially from this. Other mosdos supported other candidates, with the same idea, willing to risk going against the machine.

      What is most shocking is how low the Yeger campaign stooped to trounce Yoni Hikind. I would never believe that the negative campaign in the frum community could go so far. All the while, I received substantial campaign materials from both sides, and have not seen a single instance of Yoni going negative against Yeger.

      Meanwhile, I predict a rough ride for Yeger. His experience has nothing at all to do with City Council, and he will be forced into much that is out of his realm completely. I fear he will run away from politics sooner rather than later.

      The greatest fear I have is the association his father will have with city government through him. That is a toxic connection. I won’t specify anything here, but it can be discovered by word of mouth.

      • I personally know Kalman. He will do just fine in the city council. And he has already helped many in the past including me.

        His experience has a lot to do with city council as he worked for city councilmen.

        Kalman will be a true advocate for our cause

    4. Shlomo ben David wrote in Koheles: vehuelokim yevakesh es hanirdaf. so those people who were making trouble and tearing down the posters of “Yeger”. they caused him to win. as hashem was protecting him.


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