Rockland County, NY – Democrats Hang On For Clean Sweep In Ramapo Race That Divided Jewish Community


    Michael specht and Yitzy ullmanRockland County, NY – A new chapter in the history of Ramapo is about to unfold, with newly elected Supervisor Michael Specht vowing to set things right in a town that has found itself in the media spotlight all too often in recent months.

    Specht, deputy attorney for the Town of Ramapo, beat former Preserve Ramapo member William Weber who headed the New Direction ticket that hoped to disassociate Town Hall from a past riddled with corruption, scandal and rampant overdevelopment.

    It was a clean sweep for the Democrats, with town board candidates David Wanounou and interim supervisor Yitzchok Ullman beating out newcomers Shani Bechhofer and Grant Valentine, and Frederic Brinn besting Robert Romanowski for the position of superintendent of highways.

    In his victory speech tonight Specht, who won 62.6 percent of the vote, thanked Ullman for stepping in as interim supervisor “reclaiming our credibility” and vowed to make the troubled town “a Ramapo that we’re all proud of.”

    Usually unified behind a single slate of candidates, Ramapo’s Jewish community found itself split, with some hoping Weber’s unlikely coalition with Valentine and Bechhofer, an Orthodox Jewish Monsey resident, would turn the tide on development in the town.

    Others found themselves distrustful of Weber’s past association with Preserve Ramapo and concerned about New Direction’s lack of written proposal’s for the town’s future as reported by The Journal News (

    Specht said that tonight’s win showed “that you can run a clean, positive campaign full of ideas and vision and a platform and win and not have to stoop to name calling and insults and finger pointing.”

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    1. Tack on another 10 or 15 minutes to get across town in the next few years.
      Now we just have to hope and pray they keep the current limit of 10 apartments where a single family once lived ( 4 legal, 2 basements, and 4 going in from the rear of each legal one = a grand total of 10)

    2. “not have to stoop to name calling and insults and finger pointing” says the man whose campaign RAMAPO UNITED FOR CHANGE, Po Box 213, Tallman NY 10983 appeared on a mailer that blatantly lied and said that Bill Weber agreed with Pete Bradley about banning the eruv. The disinformation tactics were disgusting. While the attempt to put up a nice website and a platform was fine, they should be ashamed of their campaign mailer, their robocalls and their fake facebook pages. They stoked the flames of anti-semitism to make sure that more orthodox would not consider rejecting the corruption of the past. How can you build a new reform town board based on that.


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