Kiryas Joel, NY – KJ Girl Dies In School Bus Accident


    Investigators on the scene of the accident (Tom Bushey/ Joel, NY – A 6 year old Kiryas Joel girl died this afternoon after being struck by a school bus in the village.

    Trooper Steven Nevel of the New York State Police said that the accident took place this morning at about 11:30 AM on Acres Road.

    The girl who has been identified as Leah Mezzi, had just gotten off the school bus and was crossing in front of the bus when the accident occurred. According to Kiryas Joel public safety director Moses Vitriol, the girl’s parents were away and she was staying with friends for the weekend.

    The driver, also a Kiryas Joel resident, stopped the bus immediately after striking the girl.

    Hatzolah, the New York State Police, the Kiryas Joel Safety Patrol and crews from the medical examiner’s office all rushed to the scene where the girl was pronounced dead.

    Vitriol thanked both the state police and the medical examiner’s office for working quickly so that burial could take place this afternoon in Kiryas Joel.

    “They really went out of their way to expedite matters and we appreciate their sensitivity for kavod hames and the community’s needs before Shabbos,” said Vitriol.

    Trooper Nevel said that the investigation is ongoing and that no information is available at this time about the driver of the bus.

    Investigators said there was a livery cab parked at the intersection and captured the incident on its dash camera. That footage will be used as a part of the investigation, According to WABCTV.

    Investigators on the scene of the accident (Tom Bushey/
    Investigators on the scene of the accident (Tom Bushey/
    Traffic backed up on Acres Rd near the accident (Tom Bushey/

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    1. This is article is not about a “KJ GIRL” it is a “JEWISH GIRL IN KJ”. She is one of ours and all of us feel the feel the family’s anguish. She happens to live inn KJ.

      • Since there is a dashboard tape which recorded the accident and has not yet been studied by the authorities, it would be more appropriate for you to refrain from comment rather than blithely assigning blame on the school bus driver. We don’t know the facts yet. This is a tragedy any way that you slice it. BD”E.

        • Indeed, let’s wait for the video. Article says she walked away from the bus, the driver stopped watching her, and then she reversed direction and walked in front of the bus. As an adult I always make sure to make eye contact with bus or truck drivers before stepping in front of them because I know they can’t always see me. This is a little girl child.


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