New York – Brooklyn Man Dragged To Death In Road Rage Incident


    Brooklyn, NY – A fender bender turned deadly last night with a 65 year old West Brighton man dragged to his death in front of his horrified wife.

    Police said that Gavriel Mardaknayevy, was a passenger in his wife’s car when it was involved in a minor collision with a white panel van at approximately 9 PM Thursday night in Brooklyn. When both cars stopped several blocks away at the intersection of 65th Street and 3rd Avenue,

    Mardaknayevy, got out of his wife’s car and went to confront the other driver. The van driver accelerated as Mardaknayevy walked in front of his vehicle, dragging him for two blocks.

    According to The Daily News (, witnesses said a quick thinking driver in a grey minivan cut off the van driver in order to stop him from driving any further.

    47 year old Sammy Parmar, owner of a nearby deli, said that he ran over to try to help the victim but it was clear that there was nothing that could be done to save the bloodied man.

    “I see that the guy is underneath the wheel,” said Parmar. “He was totally dead.”

    According to witnesses, the driver of the grey minivan grabbed the van driver and held him down screaming “What did you do?”

    Firefighters responded to the scene, lifting the van off of Mardaknayevy who was transported to Lutheran Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

    Police took the van driver into custody and the investigation is ongoing at this time. An NYPD spokesperson declined to identify the driver of the van and said that they could not say if he struck Mardaknayevy accidentally or deliberately.

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