Jerusalem – Judge Orders Charedi Extremists To Pay NIS 650,000 For Harassing IDF Recruitment Officer


    Jerusalem – An Israeli judge awarded a significant financial settlement today to an IDF recruitment officer who claimed that he was harassed incessantly because of his efforts to recruit Charedim into the military.

    Yehuda Glickman won NIS 500,000 in damages from three defendants and another NIS 100,000 to cover his legal costs incurred after suing a group of four anti-draft extremists for abuse.

    As previously reported on VIN News (, Glickman was one of several high level recruitment officers who found themselves targeted by the Yerushalmi Faction, which released a booklet that publicized their names and contact information.

    As a result, Glickman and his wife found themselves receiving menacing phone calls and death threats. When a police investigation failed to yield any conclusive results, Glickman spent thousands of dollars to hire a private investigator who obtained recordings of four men scheming against him.

    Israeli news site Kikar HaShabat ( reported that the judge found that the booklet caused Glickman to become subject to harassment, causing him significant suffering.

    While the judge declined to award Glickman the NIS 2.4 million he asked for in his lawsuit, he ordered defendants Yona Merzbacah and Shlomo Fein to pay Glickman NIS 200,000 each, with a third defendant, Yechiel Blau, ordered to pay an additional NIS 100,000.

    In addition, all three are required to pay an additional NIS 150,000 to cover Glickman’s court costs and legal fees.

    Glickman will be required to pay NIS 15,625 in court costs for a fourth defendant who was acquitted of all charges.

    Glickman’s lawyer Shloime Weinberg hailed today’s ruling as a landmark decision that upheld the rights of Charedi soldiers.

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    1. 200,000 shekels is really not that much for a Peleg operative to pay since it will NOT come out of his pocket but out of the fund from those who support such evil.

      better would have been to put them in jail also for a good year.


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