West Bank – IN PHOTOS: Tens Of Thousands Spend Celebratory Shabbat Chayei Sarah In Hebron


    Jewish worshippers dance in Shuhada Street, which used to be a large Palestinian market, near the tomb of the Patriarch, or the Ibrahimi mosque, in the divided West Bank town of Hebron on November 10, 2017, during an annual pilgrimage organised by Israel's settler movement on the occasion of the Chayei Sarah (Life of Sarah) commemorations. / AFP PHOTO / HAZEM BADER    West Bank – Tens of Thousands of Jews spent Shabbat (Sabbath) in Hevron, commemorating the Torah reading this Sabbath which relates how the Patriarch Avraham bought Me’arat Hamachpela (the Cave of the Patriarchs) from Ephron the Hittite for 400 coins.

    The streets of Kiryat Arba and Hevron filled with tents and portable caravans, and over 3,000 Jews enjoyed Shabbat meals at a tent erected for the purpose by Chabad.

    Arutz-7 reported that Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel, Social Equality Minister Gila Gamliel, Environmental Protection Minister Zeev Elkin, Deputy Defense Minister Rabbi Eli Ben Dahan, Members of Knesset, rabbis, public figures, and guests from Israel and abroad all converged on the holy city. Uri Karzan, director of the Jewish community in Hebron, said the number of participants this year was at an “all-time high with an estimate of 35,000”.

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    1. The man in the front is the great tzadik REB Simcha Hochbaum ,formally from the L.E.S.who works tirelessly to promote hebron ,may he have a long life with nachas from his family.


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