Jerusalem – VIDEO: 162 Bnei Menashe, Members Of A Lost Tribe, Land In Israel


    New Bnei Menashe olim reuniting with family at Ben-Gurion Airport today.Jerusalem – “Operation Menashe 2017” reached an emotional climax this morning when 162 members of the “lost” tribe of Bnei Menashe finally arrived in Israel.

    A special welcoming ceremony featuring Minister of the Interior Aryeh Deri, Shavei Israel Founder and Chairman Michael Freund, and Deputy Minister of Finance Yitzhak Cohen, received the new olim.

    “I promise that we will make all of you feel at home. Our heart is big enough and has room for each of you. When a Jew meets a Jew, there is an immediate connection,” said Deri. “I promise you that the Interior Ministry, under my leadership, will do everything it can to help every Jew – wherever he is in the world – get the appropriate approvals so they can make aliyah to Israel.”

    The Bnei Menashe, who are descendants of the tribe of Menasseh, one of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel, will make their new homes in Tiberias, Israel. They came to Israel thanks to the Jerusalem-based nonprofit Shavei Israel, which has made the dream of aliyah possible for over 3,000 Bnei Menashe over the last 15 years and plans to bring more members of the community to Israel. Currently there are 7,000 Bnei Menashe awaiting their return to the Jewish homeland.

    “This is an exciting day for all of us,” said Freund. “After spending time at the Shavei Israel Absorption Center, the Bnei Menashe immigrants will settle in Tiberias, where they will begin to build their new lives here in the Jewish state. We will do everything we can to ensure that their integration into Israeli society goes as smoothly as possible. More than 2,700 years after their ancestors were exiled from the Land, the Bnei Menashe are at last returning home to Zion.”

    After the welcoming ceremony, the members of the Lost Tribe gathered at the airport for an emotional reunion with family members already living in Israel. One such reunion included the Lhouvum family. Janglhai Lhouvum, 77, one of the new olim, cried with joy after reuniting with her daughter, son and four grandchildren, whom she hadn’t seen since they made aliyah in 1997.

    Shavei Israel Founder and Chairman Michael Freund joined the new olim today at Ben-Gurion Airport.
    Tamir Baite was reunited with his mother Lamnu Baite, whom he hadn’t seen in seven years and who arrived in Israel today, at Ben-Gurion Airport.
    New Bnei Menashe olim reuniting with family at Ben-Gurion Airport today.

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    1. Is everybody nuts? How in the world do these people know which tribe they are from? Even we “orthodox” don’t Know What Tribe we are from! Btw if they are here then they are a found trinbe not a “lost” tribe. This is complete ahm horatzos.

      • What don’t you understand? They need cheap labour, since companies don’t want hire Arabs any more, Israelis don’t want to dirty labour, that’s what happened to the Russian’s, Yemenis, etc

        • Wow, what an ugly, cynical, and narrowminded comment from you altercocker. Every one of these Indian-Jews have maintained their love of Zion and HaShem despite all odds. All you have is a neshuma of hate. Maybe one day you’ll meet one of these folks and watch in awe.

      • Its called having a mesorah, Lirch. And BTW, many ‘Orthodox’ have a mesorah as to what tribe theyre from. Have you ever heard of a Kohen or Levi? And also, many jews, including many Rabbonim, have claimed descendancy from Dovid HaMelech. And in case you dont know, he was from Shevet Yehudah.

        • “Many orthodox rabonim etc”
          Which “orthodox” sect are these people from? Satmar? Lubavich? Stolin? The Mir? Talmudic or Rabbi Ovadia Yosef? Your comment seems to say that they have a yeechus breef signed by orthodox gedolim that these people who don’t keep any mitzvos or know even that there is such an entity as a Torah!? The only thing they do know is that there such a thing as “Israel”- meaning freedom to them, that’s all it is.

      • Yes, they all converted, in India.
        They are frum Jews.
        Frankly, I don’t think they are from Menashe, but it doesn’t really matter, since they are sincere and committed converts.

    2. to mr lirch
      instead of spewing your yeshivash lomdus and labeling every one an amhaaretz
      why dont you marvel at the nissim that we see everyday
      and the fullfillment of the nevuas of zecharia and yeshaya in our days
      focus on that

    3. Is there any way we could exchange these people for the Nuteri Karta.??? They look so happy to be in Israel and the NK would love nothing more then to get the Zionist off their backs.

    4. Such naive people there are here. I’ve been to Israel recently and have seen tons of these so-called Ethiopian “Jews” who are actually Christian and quite a few Ethiopian Christian institutions. Yes, there are some wonderful Ethiopian converts, but for that thousands of Chritians can’t consider themselves Jews and make a home in Israel. These is the same kind of situation. “Bnei Menashe” sure…

    5. To the naysayers, who can’t accept that these people were checked thoroughly by Rabbonim, if I were you, I’d think of it this way, doubt all you want, but they have the Zechus of living in Eretz Yisroel, while you don’t!


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