Jerusalem – Activists Launch Boycott Against Kashrut Certification Products ‘Badatz’ In Battle Against Anti-IDF Incitement


    Jerusalem – A new initiative seeking to curb violence in the ultra-Orthodox sector against young people who choose to enlist in the IDF aims to impose a financial price on organizations that support and fund the campaign against the draft law by calling on the public to boycott them.

    In the campaign, launched Sunday by the Forum Against Incitement, the organization called on the public to boycott the Orthodox Council of Jerusalem (OCJ)—otherwise known in Israel as Badatz—which serves as the ultra-Orthodox community’s Kosher certification agency—by avoiding purchasing any food products bearing its certificate.

    In a video distributed by the new organization, an ultra-Orthodox man appears, standing nearly naked in front of the camera with the ambient sounds of a supermarket in the background.

    With every beep of a barcode scanner, an additional garment associated with Haredi attire adorns him. Eventually, as the beeps continues, more extreme and anti-Zionist props begin appearing. At first he is seen carrying a sign disparaging the IDF, then treading on an IDF uniform, and finally holding a smoldering and burnt Israeli flag.

    The Forum Against Incitement includes social activists and IDF reserve officers—secular, religious and ultra-Orthodox—who have been fighting in recent months to curb incitement against the IDF, among them Benjamin Ze’ev Tsabari, who organized a protest in march in Mea Shearim in support of Haredi soldiers, and Gadi Dimri, a member of the Bet Shemesh Zionist organization who fights attacks on IDF soldiers in his city.

    At a conference the organization plans to hold in Jerusalem this week, its members will present an “Incitement Report”, which has surveyed the activities of the OCJ and the radical Jerusalem Faction fringe group against IDF soldiers and the State of Israel over the past year, and will announce their next steps in the efforts to eradicate the phenomenon.

    Moshe Lorber, founder of Citizens for Lone Soldiers, who is also taking part in the initiative, outlined the group’s intentions and primary goals.

    “We decided to do something and to end the brutal activity of the two groups,” he said. “It is important for us to clarify that our claims are directed only at the OCJ and the Jerusalem Faction, and not at the entire Haredi community, most of whom are good citizens who contribute to the state. We also think that the activities of the two groups hurt the ultra-Orthodox.

    “In the coming months, we will work to stop the funding of these groups through the Badatz kashrut certification. There is no need to fund inflammatory groups that harm IDF soldiers and the State of Israel,” Lorber concluded.

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    1. the boycott will never work. people who want to be the ‘frummist’ will give preference to the products with the Eida hechsher irregardless to the price and quality of the product since they believe that the Eida product, like water or soap, etc is of higher kosher quality, when it is not always true.

      • But you don’t understand there is a vast population in Israel Frum and not so frum who would settle on other hechseirim in order to boycott the Eidah Chareidis me included.

      • The hecsher is on many products, and many people who don’t need it inadvertently buy it. In other words, often customers who don’t specifically use that hechser support it, just because it’s on the food they want. A boycott would hurt the rabbinic economy.

    2. lol! it wont work a dime. Bedatz produce is bought by the people supporting the anti drafting of yiddishe kinder to the treifene tzahal. While not condoning violence, it is abslutly not allowed for a yid to serve in the heretic IDF. We here in Brooklyn will support and buy Bedatz products. To all you idiots of the Zionist regime, the Bedatz does not approve violent behavior nor do they support it but unfortunatly theres no way out with the Zionist mamzerim. G d forbid our holy kids enter the IDF. Theyre lost forever. The Bedatz can handle a few boycotters. They neednt worry. Hashem is with them.

      • Just out of curiosity, then why is it muttar to accept funds from the Medinah? Why is it muttar to live in such a place? I do not disagree that there are tremendous nisyonos facing Bnei Torah in any armed forces. However, if we follow your approach, then who will be in the military? Who will protect Klal Yisroel from those who wish to destroy us (not counting our own who attack their own brothers and sisters in absolute violation of Halacha)?

        • Searching, you’ll never hear an answer about that from such a phony. In fact you’ll never hear ANYONE answer that question. This faker has never even been to E”Y let alone met a holy soldier from there. Let him eat kugel and kokosh cake on 13th avenue and ignore his stupidity. If he lived in Eretz Hakedosha he’d be one of the idiots stopping traffic.

        • 100% right! Not mutar to accept a dime from the Zionis regime. Unfortunately its virtually impossible for many but there r those who dont and they shldnt even respond to any draft from the govt and about protection? We never invited the Zionists there. We were very ok with the Palestinian rule and didnt ask for the Zionists cohorts to declare themselves as the savior of Jews. The Torah forbids it and its the terrible cause of antisemitism around the world. Its a lose/lose situation now so the only answer is to get the heck otta there.

      • This is about the most ignorant and foolish post I’ve seen in a while. The IDF is not responsible for anyone going off the Derech. If anything, it’s just an excuse given. Maybe the real problem is the Chinuch and brainwashing that goes on in some communities.

        I personally know of Baalei Teshuva who became Frum because of the IDF, including a Chusid living in Meah Shearim. During the last Gaza war, there was probably as many siyumim by soldiers as there were in any Yeshiva.

        Those “Zionist Mamzerim,” as you call them, have provided more funding to support Torah than anytime ever in history.

        The real problem is those protestor “mamzeirim” don’t want to register and get their automatic deferment as has always existed. The worst part, is they attack soldiers who risk their lives to protect them. Maybe they should live under the Arabs.

        As to the BADATZ Eidah Chareidis, maybe they shouldn’t price gouge their services, so their constituency, which is the poorest in the country, Arabs aside, would be forced to pay excessively for their products. It’s not just for increased supervision as some claim, they also charge a percentage of sales beyond their normal fees for many staples.

        • I know of people who went in shomer Shabbos and shomer negia into the tuma of the Zionist army and came out mechalel Shabbos and with a totally secular girlfriend that can pass for a Latina. they went off BECAUSE of the Zionist army.

        • Hi there. This is the most ignorant comment the world has ever seen. To start w the worst; Serving with both genders is like entering the lions den. So u claim the IDF made balei tshuvos? Good for them. It wasnt their intentions. Their absolute intention is to have our kids integrate while becoming ingrates. They dont need them. Theyre motive is to turn them into secular Zionists. Wake up! ur sleeping in a terrible blissful idiotic slumber. Oh vey!!!!

        • Hi there. This is the most ignorant comment the world has ever seen. To start w the worst; Serving with both genders is like entering the lions den. So u claim the IDF made balei tshuvos? Good for them. It wasnt their intentions. Their absolute intention is to have our kids integrate while becoming ingrates. They dont need them. Theyre motive is to turn them into secular Zionists. Wake up! ur sleeping in a terrible blissful idiotic slumber. Oh vey!!!!

          • Nonsense. Frum people can choose Chareidi exclusive units. If they choose otherwise, it’s their doing, not the IDF. Do you live in Israel that you think you know? There is no effort to take anyone away from Torah. If that ch’v happens, it’s on the person, not the IDF.

    3. Some of the previous commentators are naive or are being deceived by their own ulterior motives. In EY, this sort of reaction is rooted in a form of Jewish self hatred While in the rest of the world they call themselves anti-Zionists (= antisemites), in EY, they call themselves anti-chareidi (= anti frumkeit). Just look at the picture in this article. Goebbels, m”s, couldn’t have done better. The issue of these crazies that block streets and go to jail for their views is only a small basis for such hatred. Don’t take either of their sides!

      • Lol! What dont u use that Satmar can cry over? Hate to break it to u, many in the Satmar chasidus absolutely do not hold of this crazy shinanigans by the protestors. While Im not their spokesman, its Auerbach, the real Zionist thats the provocative one. The Eida only came to his hand cuz had no choice and boys literally cannot join the IDF. Theres no question about it but this whole fight has nothing to do w Zionism whatsoever.

    4. Such a boycott is totally wrong and will not work one iota. Most boycotts are not effective, just like the BDS against Israel is doing nothing to the Israel economy. the economy in Israel is growing and getting stronger all the time and the shekel is considered one of the strongest currency in the world for the last 2 years. We have enough haters from outside and do not need any internal adversaries. Whatever action the public is asked to take should be to bring us together and not divide us. these groups if left alone will eventually fizz out. be reacting to them strongly you will only strengthen them.

    5. this wont work, as the people buying badatz products don’t care for the medina nor for the army, not buying Satmar products is getting harder in NY nowadays as they have cornered the chicken market with their OVERPRICED KJ meat etc, anything Satmar touches triples in price, that is why they are rich but on paper are poor so they can get section 8.

    6. While i am against violence i say BRING IT ON!
      A few points:
      1. The Kashrut Certification of the Badatz has nothing to do with protests.
      2 The.Badatz is as strong of a certification as the OU.

      3.ANY food mfg who has the Badatz and will cave in to the boycotts removing the Badatz can forget to sell any products in Brooklyn,Monsey, Lakewood, Kiryas Joel etc etc. And we are taking here in the tens of millions of revenue.

      4. Satmar chasidim are sending MILLIONS of dollars each year to institutions
      Yeshiovos and girls schools who do not take money from the Medinah.

      4. We do not recognize the Torah forbidden state of Israel.

      And finally BRING IT ON the Nazi tactic of boycotting.

    7. Look pious and cause pandemonion. Sounds like a day at the fair…. too much time on their hands. Put yourself at risk like the Hesder young men and then come and talk to me.

    8. One more thing, do you blame the IDF for all the kids off the Derech in New York, Monsey, Lakewood, Baltimore, etc. Who do you blame that on? Just foolish excuses.

      There are many dozens of IDF soldiers where I live. Not one went off the Derech. They’re Chinuch is probably a whole lot better and they are stronger in their Yiddishkeit. They also serve as great ambassadors of a Torah lifestyle to other soldiers.


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