New York – Three Sentenced In Plot To Kidnap, Torture And Murder Man Who Denied His Wife A ‘Get’


    New York – Three men accused of plotting to abduct and kill a Chasidic man who refused to give his wife a get were sentenced today in U.S. District Court in Manhattan.

    26 year old Shimen Liebowitz of Kiryas Joel, who pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit extortion, was sentenced to two years in jail. Liebowitz has already spent 14 months at the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center according to The Times Herald Record (

    It is unclear if Liebowitz’s time served will be applied to the sentence handed down today.

    56 year old Aharon Goldberg of Israel, Bnei Brak, who pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit kidnapping and murder for hire, was sentenced to three years in jail.

    34 year old Binyomin Gottlieb of Airmont, who pleaded guilty to concealing a felony, was sentenced to one year’s probation.

    Both Goldberg and Liebowitz were also sentenced to three years supervised release on top of their prison terms.

    As previously reported on VIN News ( the three men hired a private investigator to orchestrate a plot to kidnap and torture the recalcitrant husband, who had denied his wife a get for ten years, in an attempt to persuade him to free his wife from the marriage.

    Unbeknownst to the trio, the private investigator had apprised the FBI of the plot and was secretly recording their conversations which escalated into discussions of murdering the husband in order to end the marriage. None of the plans discussed by the men ever came to fruition.

    U.S. District Judge Sidney Stein did not accept the defense argument that the private investigator manipulated the three men into devising the murder scheme.

    “The defendants were involved in a terrifying plot to kidnap, and ultimately to kill, their intended victim,” said Acting U.S. Attorney Joon H. Kim. “Fortunately the person they hired to carry out their crime alerted the FBI and now the defendants have been held accountable for their crimes.”

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      • Since the name is public and you may have transgressed many aveiros of lashon hara, I have to ask you.. do you know the story? Do you know what his claims are?

          • I’m not sure why you are getting so excited. I’m asking if he knows the husbands side of the story. If he doesn’t then it is simple lashon hara to call a person a rasha

          • I know nothing about this case, but some years ago I know of a case where the wife “kidnapped” the children and would not allow the father to see them. Even then some bloggers demanded he give her a “get” without guarantees as to his rights with the children. (His demand was access to the children.)

          • Where the women makes it clear that she won’t allow the father to see the kids, when she makes it clear that she’s there to abuse and drag the man through the mud and manipulate the entire world around her “it is extremely crucial “NOT” to give the get.
            The get is basically the only tool the man has to make the manipulative women come to the table and work things out in a peaceful manner. I have never heard of a case where the man refuses to give a Get for absolutely no reason. Most sane men want out as quick as possible if the marriage can’t be fixed.
            Anyone that says there’s never a valid reason not to give a Get is simply clueless about this topic. There are times where NOT giving the Get is sadly the right thing.

      • They didnt. They had no intention to kill. This madman needed to be dealt with. Poir woman. Rasha merisha of a man. Theyre nice people that mayb went too far but had NO intention to kill mayb make him feel desperate and give a get. Hes a rasha merisha! By all accounts.

        • According to the article ….. The same story is covered on other news sites with more details. A cucial one being: there was talk of threatening him with death if he didn’t comply.

        • For all those horrified libs: the poskim record quite drastic measures being taken to secure a divorce – I should note that this was usually after a beis din had required a divorce. However, instances are recorded of recalcitrant husbands being dragged before a beis din in shackles, and the famous case of R Akiva Eiger telling a husband that there are two ways for a woman to be released from her marriage…. (not implying that RA”A threatened to physically kill him; just that if he refused, he would quickly meet a nasty end).
          Unfortunately the increase in law and order has severely compromised the power of beis din, and the lack of respect for marriage and divorce in the secular world has reduced a perfectly reasonable request to end a marriage to (very often) an opportunity for blackmail, all through the courts and using the police and social services.

          • That is incorrect. Forced get was only done in very rare instances and where the only reason the man held back the get was to spite his wife. However, the poskim do record, that even in a case where BD orders a get to be given, but the husband has some reasonable demands a get may not be forced until those demands are met. Forcing a get would then be invalid and the children mamzerim.

    1. Hard to understand and to except, how this wicked person Aaron Goldberg got away with 3 years, but no chouse, we need to accept this verdict.
      And hopefully other victims will come forward, and he’ll he’ll head for retrial.

    2. The fact doesn’t change. It’s a terrible problem that men could withhold to give aגט because of money or other little unexcusable demands and there’s no one who can say or do Anything about… It’s just a ridiculous big חילול השם that between ourselves Yidden everyone is sitting with their hands up and watching the sad theater.. The question of מה כח בית דין יפה That the גמרא is asking is so valid…
      Do not translate my words that I believe That threatening to kill people Etc is okay, it’s just extremely sad for those mothers and children….

      • Why should this issue be any different than any other dispute? She has something he has claims to and he has something she has claims to. That’s how every dispute ends up in court or BD. There is no reason for a husband to give a get regardless of what his claims are.

    3. Hardly anyone is interested in the husband’s side of the story. And would happily like to assist in teaching the ‘Rasha’ a lesson.. .And there are antisemites.who would always rule against the Jew. and are not interested in his side of the story…… In Israel the situation is even worse. and men are jailed and stripped of their passports . driving and professional licenses and more. to force a get.. This sanctions usually remain in effect. even after the get.. because of the exobirant spousal and child support they are ordered to pay. beyond their earning capacity.. This resulted in about 200 suicides among Jewish men. The Arabs of course. are excluded. from this barbaric treatment. obviously the judges are not interested to join them in their suicide venture…. And here too. the UN has an overwhelmingly automatic majority against Israel. and demands it give back land to the Palestinians. with complete disregard of security concerns. and effectively putting Israel on a suicide trail.

    4. Committing a crime is never ok. However, why would any man want to hold onto a marriage if his wife doesn’t want him? to me that is pure evil. if there are conditions, deal with it at din torah or court. most of these cases which drag on for years are based on the man holding the woman hostage. Btw, there are some men who are in the same boat. There is no excuse for it. Get divorced and move on!!

      • That’s your opinion and a person doesn’t become evil because they disagree with you. Almost every instance where there is a cry “aguna” the man has some serious and legitimate claims. Why should he give up his cards because the feminist fascists want him to do so. How is it different than any other dispute where each side holds on to whatever chips they have in hand. I don’t know the details in this case, but the overall notion that the man has to immediately give up a get is unfair.

    5. The issue isn’t if a husband has the right to refrain from giving a get, the issue is that a single person, could decide on his own that someone has to give a get, and would not stop by any ways and means from getting the job done, including murder r”l

    6. I heard from a respected man that the Tzibur at large must submit their protest to the law system for such light punishment for a would be murderer; it’s unreasonable to let such rotzchim roam our streets!


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