New York – 10 Month Sentence For Bloomingburg Developer In Voter Fraud Case


    FILE - Shalom Lamm talking with Chasidic residents in Bloomingburg yeshiva. Nov. 24, 2014 (Shimon Gifter/ York – It will be ten months in prison, a year of supervised released, 400 hours of community service and a $200,000 fine for Bloomingburg developer Shalom Lamm who pleaded guilty in June to conspiring to corrupt an election.

    As previously reported on VIN News (, Lamm, developer of Bloomingburg’s Chestnut Ridge townhouse project, could have faced up to five years in prison for conspiring to commit election fraud by filing false voter registrations.

    According to the Times Herald Record (, prosecutors said that in addition to placing household items such as toothbrushes in unused apartments to make them appear occupied, Lamm paid a Monsey rabbi approximately $30,000 a month to recruit students to pose as residents of the Orange County town and vote there, even though most had never even been to Bloomingburg.

    Defense lawyers argued that a virulent anti-Chasidic bias in Bloomingburg drove Lamm to make bad decisions that he now regrets.

    Lamm apologized for his actions today, saying that he is plagued by regret and wishes he had the ability to reverse his actions.

    “In 2014, my actions and the actions of others, attempting to interfere with the election in Bloomingburg – the good people of Bloomingburg deserve more than that,” said Lamm.

    A victim impact statement issued by the Town of Mamakating described Lamm and his fellow conspirators as far from innocent.

    “They are cold and calculating plunderers of our community,” read the statement.

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    1. Shloime got off easy considering how much plotting he and his co-conspirators did to try to ram thru his ‘community’ in a place that didn’t want him. And with good reason. He is responsible for giving frum Jews and all Jews a lousy reputation.

    2. The only anti-Semitism there was caused/triggered/inspired by his actions. He’ll spend 10 months (or less) in a human jail. But his punishment from Shamayim for massive chillul Hashem?

    3. Lamm is greedy, manipulative, and a liar. I was hoping he would get more time. He repeatedly called the people of the town anti-semites. I wonder which Monsey Rabbi was paid $30,000 a month to be part of the scheme. How did he show all that money on his tax forms-lol?

      • You were really hoping he would get more time? What kind of heart do you have? Why are you such a bad boy? Thank God you’re not a judge. It’s painful to read these comments from fellow yidden who don’t care for each other and hate other yidden with a passion. The chorbon bais hamikdosh happened because of “politically correct” people like you.


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