Brooklyn, NY – BP Adams Encourages Diversity And Youth As Applications Being Accepted For New Community Board Members


    BP counsel swearing in new community board members earlier this year.Brooklyn, NY – With the deadline for applications less than two months away, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams is encouraging Kings County residents of all ages and demographics to submit their names as possible candidates to represent their neighborhoods by serving as members of their local community boards.

    Adams made the announcement on Wednesday, urging residents as young as 18 to submit their applications online at, hoping to encourage a group of nominees that represents the borough’s many faces.

    “Community boards provide a public forum to help move our city forward, connect Brooklynites with the many resources and services available to them, as well as address neighborhood concerns at the hyperlocal level,” said Adams.

    Community boards were first established citywide in 1962 by the New York City Charter, with the number of boards per borough determined by population. With18 community boards serving its residents, Brooklyn has the largest number of community boards in the city. Members must be city residents and serve either one or two year staggered terms that begin on April 1st, with half the membership appointed by the borough president each year. The position is unpaid, with up to 50 percent of new nominations coming from members of the City Council and all appointments made by the borough president.

    Responsible for dealing with matters related to land use, community concerns and other local needs, community boards work hand in hand with government officials and are considered to be the most representative governing board in the city. In his announcement, Adams encouraged even political newbies to throw their hats into the ring.

    “I hope that this new application cycle will bring in a diverse applicant pool of community leaders, including people who haven’t engaged in civic life before, who will stand up and make their voices heard in every corner of the borough from Greenpoint to Gerritsen Beach, from Canarsie to Cypress Hills.”

    The current application deadline for nominees hoping to be appointed in 2018 is February 18th, but applications are available online throughout the year for seats that are available on a rolling basis. Hard copy applications are available by special request.

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    1. this guy who supports diversity is in weekly contact with Louis Farrakhan. Also if he supports diversity on community boards why did he remove Chaplain Goldstein off community board 9 IN Crown Heights. who served as its chair for 30 years ! Bec. he said he wanted more young and more people of color, I guess diversity is a 1 way street. Also hardly any litvaks left on community board 12 in BP. anyway community boards are a waste they have NO POWER, every decision they make can be ignored by de blaso’s developer appointed BSA.

      • funny I said the same thing the outgoing askan of a councilman who will be getting $400,000 fighting poverty like the previously jailed fighter of poverty in his new job, ONLY appointed Hasidim and Sefardim.


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