Jerusalem – Charedi Woman, 42, In Jerusalem Gives Birth To Her 20th Child


    FILE - Cribs for newborn babies are seen through an window at a nursery in Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Center in Jerusalem September 10, 2015. REUTERSJerusalem – A 42 year old Meah Shearim woman gave birth to her twentieth child yesterday, a record number even at Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Center which is accustomed to seeing patients with a double digit number of children.

    Professor Simcha Yagel, head of the hospital’s obstetrics and gynecology department said that he had not heard of any woman having given birth to that many children in recent years in Israel, reported Arutz Sheva (

    This was the 19th pregnancy for the unidentified woman, who delivered twins in her previous birth.

    Midwife Aliza Altmark said that the woman expressed surprise during the early stages of labor that things were proceeding slower than they had with her other children.

    “I explained to her that things can change with every birth and promised her that everything would be fine,” said Altmark who has been working as a midwife at Hadassah for approximately eight years.

    Things sped up as the labor progressed and Altmark said that it was an emotional moment when the woman first held the newborn in her arms.

    “It was clear that the was the same love and feeling that you have at every birth no matter how many children you already have at home,” said Altmark.

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    1. Maybe we should get the name and address to send donations to this family. I don’t think that this family of 22 ka”h earns 7 times what a normal family of 3. I am sure they can use the money.

      • Maybe this family should have a plan instead of shnoring. I hope their plan to marry off their 20 kids won’t be roamng around the shuls in the USA claiming they have a family of 20 kids and can’t make chasana. And I hope the parents buy a life insurance policy.

        Let me be clear almost no frum family has it worked out to the penny. We all need syita dishimao. But your plan can’t be solely that I’ll shnor. It needs to somewhat make sense.

        Its beautiful to have kids but not if your plan is to become a burden to society and shnor then don’t have the kids.

        • Well, we don’t know they are shnorrers, but I agree with your thoughts that it is not OUR responsibility to fund 20 kids.

          A friend of mine is one of 22. Their parents worked extremely hard & as far as I know, took care of everything without shnorrering (maybe they needed a gemach or two, but that gets paid back.)

          I wish them mazel tov & the strngth as well as the finances to raise them BTW… she is probably good for another 3 or 4.

        • Sorry but your comment is disgusting! First of all who says they are a burden to society maybe they do have a financial plan and second who are you to say how to live a jewish life? I find no backing in halacha anywhere in chazal or shulchan orech to your statement that you must do financial family planing before having kids. I think you need to apologize not just to this beautiful family that didn’t consult with you…but also to all your fellow jewish brethren that are not on your level of claimed wisdom. Remember that God is still in control and you are not!

          • There are makors in chazal for that. Listen to R Heschel shechter’s shurim on child planning.

            Again noone says you need that perfect plan. But if you know from the getgo that the only way to marry off your child will be via shnoring then don’t have them.

            Re this beautiful family once again, I am not accusing them of shnoring. I am responding to Meyer fund whoc claimed we should shnor for them.

        • When bibi netanyahoo comes to the states to schnor billions of dollars Please tell him he should have a plan and not roam around the USA. Let me be clear almost no country has it worked out to the penny. We all need syita dishimao. But his plan can’t be solely that I’ll shnor. It needs to somewhat make sense.

        • I am sure and chas v’sholom you should be the father of so many kids and they become ignorant archies. Thank goodness you have someone who is supporting you, it is sayata d’yishmaya.

        • Those children might cost society while they are growing up, but 20 children paying into social security and only two parents collecting, that is a gift to the country.

    2. וַתֹּאמַרְןָ הַמְיַלְּדֹת אֶל-פַּרְעֹה, כִּי לֹא כַנָּשִׁים הַמִּצְרִיֹּת הָעִבְרִיֹּת: כִּי-חָיוֹת הֵנָּה, בְּטֶרֶם תָּבוֹא אֲלֵהֶן הַמְיַלֶּדֶת וְיָלָדוּ.

    3. To #4- Prior to posting your unfounded and unsubstantiated allegations, you should check your facts first. You don’t even know the financial situation of this specific family; not all Hareidim are poor, or are schnorrers. There are some who are financially well off.

    4. The same Hashem who helps every single person to marry One child has the power to help for 20 children. Hashem gives for every one what they need and if its hashems wishes that the person should go collecting , its NOT for the collector to worry. Hashem wants us to give and help the poor. Yes not every mom is capaple mentally and physically to raise 20 kids but if a yiddishe mama takes it on herself we have the great Mitzveh of helping out.
      Lets not forget , we dont give OUR dollars we give Hasems money so let us all be happy and excited when your child screams out…Mommy there is a shnorer at the door.. tell your child with a smile , let him in and invite him in to the kitchen and offer him a hot tea or cold drink and give what you can afford.
      Every yiddishe child is another JEW on this world.

      • Let me rephrase my comment and I appoligize if it sounded to harsh.

        Once a collector is by your door and needs money we must give tzedaka with a smile. Its none of our business why or how that person became in need. And yes I totally agree if someone is at your door give them with welcoming smile money, and drink and warmth. Once its at your door its not the time to judge a fellow jew.

        And yes hashem provides our needs and ultimately its is money. We need ot have biitchon in him. But we need hashtadlus. We need some plan . And that plan shpuld not add up to 100%. The eibshter sneaks in a few dollars unexpectedly. I see that with my own parnasa.

        However, some hishtadlus or plan is needed. One’s plan should not be from the getgo that he will shnor. And if one chooses to have a large family they should have some basic elementary out line. Its called hashtadlus.

        Once again, I have no clue about this famliy’s financial straits. I “vinch” them , that they should be granted lots of more kids and parnsa beshfa gadol!!!!

    5. Why do they have to write such personal stories? – Tt only sets off all the comments pro and con the situation, which are nobody’s business anyhow. It’s just a lot of gossip which isn’t very nice to do.

    6. It’s a wow for me…. I pray that Hashem gives this woman good health, stamina, sweet children, koach, and I hope that everyone in the family helps with the work, both in the kitchen and at a job!!!! It should be noted that in the 1800s in the US, farmers wanted many children to help with the chores. Kain Yirbu


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