New York – From Monsey To Brooklyn, Rubashkin Greeted By Thousands On Street In Joyous Celebrations


    Thousands welcome Rubashkin at his home in Monsey as he boards a bus going to Brooklyn. (Shimon Gifter/ York – Just hours after word broke that President Donald Trump had commuted his sentence, Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin received a hero’s welcome at his family home in the New Hempstead section of Monsey.

    Thousands took to the streets in Brooklyn and revelers packed Lubavitch world headquarters at 770 Eastern Parkway in Crown Heights, where cases of Smirnoff were rolled in to celebrate the good news, an unexpected gift from the White House that came in the final moments of Chanukah.

    But the level of joy in Monsey was off the charts as throngs of people packed the two block long South Gate Drive where the Rubashkin family has been living for the last several years in order to be the first to greet the 57 year old after his release from the federal penitentiary in Otisville.

    Police blocked off streets in all directions to accommodate the sudden influx of cars to the area, with some drivers abandoning their vehicles and walking because traffic had come to a complete standstill.

    Photographer Shimon Gifter was the first member of the media to speak with Rubashkin after his release in an exclusive VIN news interview that took place aboard a coach bus as he prepared to leave Monsey for a trip to Brooklyn to visit his parents in Borough Park, Lubavitch world headquarters at 770 Eastern Parkway and the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s Ohel in Queens.

    Free of Otisville and its orange prison garb and surrounded by family members including some grandchildren that he had never met, Rubashkin was dressed in a black jacket, pants and hat and a white shirt as he spoke about the importance of being “b’simcha” at all times.

    Asked what message he would like to send to President Trump, Rubashkin said that he prays for Trump every day.

    “G-d should bless him and the United States of America,” added Rubashkin.
    Thousands erupt in celebration in Crown Heights after learning of the news. (Shimon Gifter/
    Rubashkin said that it was just before 4:30 PM when events began to unfold.

    “I was eating seudas Zos Chanukah, that the Aybishter should make a nes and the Aybishter made a nes,” said Rubashkin. “They told me to leave the cell and they didn’t tell me anything. And they took me to a different building and that was when they told me that the president had assigned clemency.”

    Even guards at the prison were taken aback, according to Rubashkin.

    “The guards, some were very surprised,” said Rubashkin. “Others were very, very happy.

    “Thank G-d people like me and I never got into any trouble,” said Rubashkin before bursting into a smile and a heartfelt laugh.

    Rubashkin said that he feels that prayers and the unity displayed as members of every segment of the Jewish community worked together on his behalf played a role in his release.

    “It shows you what ahavas Yisroel can do, that’s what I’m thinking” said Rubashkin. “With ahavas yisroel, we all unite and we find that we are all brothers. We love each other. We ask Hashem, our father, to help us and he helps us.”

    New Hempstead resident Leah Aaron was one of several hundred people crowded onto South Gate Drive when Rubashkin arrived home. Rabbi Meshulem Nussen Spiegel of the nearby Beis Medrash Tefila L’Moshe was standing at the door of the Rubashkin home dressed in his spodek and his yom tov finery.

    “He made a booming Shehechiyanu and everyone said ‘amein’ and the crowd just started singing and dancing,” said Aaron.

    One of the younger Rubashkin children could be seen at an upstairs window looking out at the crowd while Mrs. Leah Rubashkin stood at the front door with her husband.

    “He spoke and said he never let go of the sefer Shaarei Bitachon,” said Aaron. “He always had it with him and when he got out he still managed to hold onto that sefer.”

    Aaron noted that while many who are released from a lengthy prison ordeal appear haggard and defeated, Rubashkin was beaming.

    “He had a glow and was talking to the people there,” said Aaron. “The emotions were incredible. You saw tears in people’s eyes, people just standing there taking it in. It was freezing but no one wanted to move.”

    Another bystander who spoke on condition of anonymity described the atmosphere as euphoric and noted that within just one week, President Trump performed two powerful actions to validate the Jewish people. A statement issued tonight by Agudath Israel of America echoed those sentiments, expressing appreciation to President Trump for today’s action.

    “The president deserves to be thanked and congratulated, not only by Mr. Rubashkin’s family and friends, but all who care about fairness and justice,” read the statement.

    A song written by Yossi Green in honor of Rubashkin and others in prison went viral. Green explained that he had written the song several months ago at the request of the Munkatcher Rov who asked him to use the words ‘motzi asirim u’fode anavim.’

    Green said that this was the 54th song he had written for the Munkatcher Rebbe who usually keeps the songs private.

    “Last night, for some reason, by the eighth lecht of Chanukah he pulled out this song and they sang it for hours,” said Green, who released the song publicly tonight, with the permission of the Munkatcher Rebbe, in honor of Rubashkin’s release.
    Thousands greet Rubashkin on the streets in Borough Park as he exits the Bus. (Eli Wohl/
    As hundreds gathered in Lakewood to sing and dance in celebration, thousands thronged to 15th Avenue and 55th Street to the brick home where Rubashkin went to greet his parents. It was a sea of black all around, with numerous police cruisers present to control the massive crowds who spilled into the streets and found spots on fire escapes and on porches in the hopes of catching a glimpse of the man whose release they had been praying for for years.

    After singing with the many well wishers, Rubashkin asked those gathered on the street to say “Shema Yisroel” with him before addressing the crowd in Yiddish, offering brachos and emphasizing ahavas yisroel as the key to bringing the ultimate redemption.
    Rubashkin greeting his grandkids in Monsey for the first time after being released from prison. (Shimon Gifter/
    Inside the house, it was an emotional moment as Rubashkin was reunited with his parents as a free man. There were joyous screams as he hugged and kissed his mother who was seated at a table surrounded by women, with onlookers bursting into spontaneous song, and another tearful exchange as Rubashkin embraced his father Aaron. Visitors jammed into every available square inch to share in the long-awaited moment, where Rubashkin recited Shema out loud for the second time.

    Despite the late hour, Rubashkin appeared energetic as he once again boarded the bus that had been hired for the night, traveling to 770 where he was met by thousands more jubilant and frenzied supporters.

    Live music and dancing echoed throughout Lubavitch world headquarters, as people did their best to get near a beaming Rubashkin, who was carried through the crowd on the shoulders of one man, shaking hands with the many individuals who came to wish him mazel tov.

    Rubashkin spoke enthusiastically in a mix of English and Yiddish, thanking President Trump for commuting his sentence, describing him as a messenger of G-d.

    After leaving 770, Rubashkin and his wife Leah made a pre-dawn visit to the Ohel of the Lubavitcher Rebbe in Cambria Heights, leaving kvittlach and davening at the Rebbe’s tzion.
    Solom Rubashkin at the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s Ohel in Queens, NY.

    Video below Credit: Shmuel and Dov Lenchevsky

    Photo below in Borough Park credit: Eli Wohl.
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    Photos below in Crown Heights credit:
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    1. I’m pleased that this travesty of a sentence is over however why are we treating him as a hero? He made a massive chillul hashem by perpetrating bank fraud. wouldn’t it be a bigger kiddush Hashem if he thanked the president and reminded the frum yidden to be honest in business? He was not innocent, just got an unfair sentence.

        • Watch the lashon hara, all you holier than thou frimme hidden, so quick to malign Jews while preaching your own “tzidkus,”and phony outrage at another’s “sin.” People in glass houses…

      • Wrong it was not a massive chilul hashem. Go study the laws of chillul hashem first.

        Second, its was a misdemeanor crime. He never ripped anyone off or scammed anyone. It was a stretch on the bank form to make revenue appear better. And guess what as long as the banks were getting paid (till the raid) the banks were happy about it too. The form was just a formality. The banks wanted the profits and its loans.

        A crime? Yes.But a massive chillul hashem for a small pety crime? No

        • No it was a chillul Hashem min Hatorah since I know many bnai torah that look at this and say just because certain rabbanim received donations from him or his family were they providing support and signing letters, would they be doing the same for some poor shnuk who davened in the back of the shull and had no money to donate?

          really minor crime to the tune of $35 million! I don’t know what you make for a living, but to me that is quite a chunk of change. It makes no difference if the banks were ok with it or not, it is against the law, dina dimalchusa dina does actually apply here! and like I said, he did deserve to sit but not for 27 years.

          • Silly again falling for the fake news trap. They blow it up. Of course he borrowed 35 million. The crime was not that he stole 35 million. he owuld have gotten most of that money anyhow. He simly misstated his income in that loan. And the banks were more than happy to provide those loans and flip it. Its just like the banks wanted to sell weak mortgages, bundle it up and flip it in the derivative markets. Banks love lending and flipping especially pre 2007 crisis.

            Very different from walking in a bank and robbing 35 million.

            Its not a 35 million dollar crime altough that’s the numbers

            • tell that to the stockholders of the bank when the bank did lose the 35 mill, additionally dina dimalchusa dina does apply, a felony when detected will be charged. what is wrong with following the law?

            • Tell that to the stockholders of the bank when banks did loose billions from inflated mortgage loans. Same thing. It was a risk and the bank was happy with that risk. And frankely the event that occurred which resulted in default was completely unexpected. Rubashkin paid those bills monthly till the feds ruined him.Its not nearly as risky as mortgage loans.

              Nothing wrong with following the law. But a man can still be a saint and a tazadik even if he slips and violates a dina dmchulsa. That’s not like he violated one of the 3 ikkurim of judasim.

      • It was a very svache bank fraud. Even the banks had no interest in prosecuting him, since all he did was fail to disclose the immigration raid. And he continued making payments on the “bank fraud” until the gov’t shut him down. So if you took out a loan under false pretenses and paid it back, and then they put you in jail for bank fraud, would that be reasonable? I don’t think so.

        • His Bank Fraud was by no means “svache.”

          Rubashkin was convicted of over 80 counts of substantial criminal conduct, including bank fraud, mail & wire fraud and money laundering. The immigration charges against him were dismissed, and he never went to trial on them.

          I am truly glad to see him released, but would have been more pleased if he expressed just a little mea culpa. The 27 year sentence was too severe, but also consistent with a growing trend to stop giving a slap on the wrist to white-collar criminals. He is by no stretch the only white collar criminal in the last decade to receive a 20 year plus sentence for financial crimes.

          As one who works for law enforcement, I do have a bias. But even discounting that bias, don’t we as Jews support law enforcement, and the punishment of criminals?

          Or…if the convicted criminal is a well known Yid, is our position to minimalize or dismiss the crime, and to treat the criminal as we would a Rebbe or Refusnik liberated from a Russian gulag?

          In my work, on multiple occasions I have seen communities dance in the streets when “one of theirs” is released…even Mafioso bosses.

          Are we no different?

          • 80 counts? Bogus. Its abfek news tactic. Its one crime where the prosecutors can twist 80 different laws to make you violate 80 counts. No I do not believe on all these fake prosecutes and the law as if its toras moshe Its very easy to dig up 80 statuses and it sounds astounding. But its not. If they wanna get you they will. As yossie gestetner often said the law for years was used to discriminate against jews. I am not saying that these laws were enacted to discriminate against jews. But its very easy to manipulate the law to a prosecutors advantage.

            .”He is by no stretch the only white collar criminal in the last decade to receive a 20 year plus sentence for financial crimes.”

            Its all dependes what the white crime was. But who says that growing trend is correct and just? The growing trend of mass incarceration for low level drug crimes are unjust as well. (yes I disagree with Sessions)

            “and the punishment of criminals?”
            No we do not support punishing criminals. Generally we are a nation of mercy. Our beis din rarely punished criminals. There is one excpetion. If those criminals are murderous terrorist thugs or are part of a murder state or religion. Then no mercy.

            • Don’t you strongly believe in those work in law enforcement and its experts? So let me provide some copy and paste from the washington post whom you cherish s dearly.

              “But his punishment was draconian, some argued, especially for a first-time, nonviolent offender. Though Rubashkin was cleared of child labor violations and immigration charges against him were dropped, a federal judge sentenced him to 27 years in prison, longer than some defendants receive for murder. For the middle-aged father of 10, it amounted to a de facto life term.”

              On top of that, an array of lawmakers, law enforcement officials and legal experts claimed his case had been tainted by egregious misconduct by prosecutors. His supporters included five former attorneys general, among them Michael Mukasey, who headed the Justice Department when Rubashkin was charged. As Rubashkin idled in a New York correctional facility, calls mounted for his sentence to be commuted.

              Those were experts in the field of law enforcement.

            • Few people question the draconian nature of his sentence…though many do not acknowledge that his was not unique. And there remain some questions of undue judicial influence in the initial immigration raids.

              Those issues go to the sentence, and to procedural technicalities which have been litigated. They are akin to a motion to quash evidence because of an alleged 4th Amendment search issue or a Miranda violation.

              Also, Rubashkin was never tried on the immigration charges. Nothing you raise addresses substantive issues of guilt or innocence on the Federal fraud charges…or the political visibility of Rubashkin, and the unusual amount of financial, and PR support that visibility enabled.

            • It’s amazing that you’re always on the wrong side of every single issue…you defend anti semites, smear frum Jews non stop, side with Jew hating Democrats against Israel. What’s wrong with you?! Were you molested as a child or something? Wake up before it’s too late for you!

            • Copy and paste part 2,

              When U.S. District Judge Linda R. Reade sentenced him to 27 years, many observers noted that it was nearly three years longer than the term former Enron chief executive Jeffrey Skilling received for his role in the collapse of the energy giant.

              Why Reade imposed such a severe sentence has been the subject of dispute. But a group of 107 former Justice Department officials said in a letter to the Obama administration in 2016 that prosecutors improperly interfered with the sale of Agriprocessors, which filed for bankruptcy shortly after the immigration raid, and inflated his sentence as a result.

              According to the officials, prosecutors drove away several prospective buyers, including one who offered to $40 million for the company. The apparent goal was to make sure that none of Rubashkin’s family members could take over.

              When Agriprocessors was eventually sold for $8.5 million, the company’s lenders were left with huge losses, making Rubashkin’s crimes seem far more severe than they actually were, the officials said. The U.S. attorney’s office in northern Iowa has rejected the allegations.

            • Copy and paste part 3,

              Experienced former prosecutors and career Justice Department officials view this case as a stain on an institution created to uphold the law,” Philip B. Heymann, a deputy attorney general under President Bill Clinton, wrote in a Washington Post op-ed late last year. “If the department’s leadership refuses to act, I hope President Obama pardons Rubashkin and ends this tragedy. The alternative is a display of either blind self-righteousness or frightened defensiveness that is inconsistent with the Justice Department we all have served and respected.”

              I suggest you quite while you are ahead Yonasonw.

            • Wow! You’re a genius! You’re educated! You’re the best! You’re smarter than everyone here! After all, you caught someone in a typo! (What a fool).

            • All that you have posted refer to the 27 years as being too harsh, not a word about him being innocent. He still is a crook, and a criminal, and should not be treated as a hero.

            • I never suggested he is innocent. He committed a small minor misdemanor. And its something all of us would be tempted to commit.

              May main points are,

              His crime was no huge chilul hashem as we are all just mortal humans who commit sins at times.

              A large sentence was too harsh. When I say large I mean anything more than 1-2 years was too harsh.

            • Please take one minute of your time and read about this case.

              Stop spouting non-sense over and over again.

              An unlawful raid of $50 million wasted tax payers dollars to prove nothing, so they had to find something: HE EXAGGERATED HIS ASSETS ON A BANK LOAN. Govt shut his business down, blocked buyers so he was BLOCKED from paying the loan. Pumped it up to 80 counts to make it sound worse.

              Thats it, folks. He was sentenced with murderers and terrorists and left to rot.

              Essentially, it was a cover up for a raid gone bad, bad, bad.

              As they say, if the FBI wants, they can indict a ham sandwich.

              There is a difference in making a mistake and being a criminal. Anyone who doesnt know the difference is a fool, and anyone who doesnt care to know the difference is evil. To which group do you belong

    2. He’s a hero, because he suffered for Klal Yisroel. Because he’s a Jew. OK? The dangerous ‘crime’ he committed would have gone unnoticed, he would have been able to pay every last cent, had not the Fed sought his blood – all in the name of ‘Justice’. OK? They (SHE) was after his BLOOD, cause he’s a Jew. Plain and simple. OK? Educate yourself with the facts of the case….

      And now I hope he can sue that ‘judge’ off her pants… she the feds, prosecutors and the state – FOR WILLINGLY AND KNOWINGLY COMMITTING THEIR CRIMES, which are only coming to light now, slowly…. And so much more now will be revealed of those who could have helped…. now that his case is no more in jeopardy. YOUR HAIR WILL STAND AS THESE FACTS COME PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE!!!!

    3. A great hero. Found guity on 86 counts of fraud, money laundering, mail fraud, child labor, hiring illegal immigrants, cited for animal cruelty, environmental pollution, etc. A real mensch. Maybe a tickertape parade on 13th Avenue?

      • Your true colors come out.

        86 counts? Oh my sounds like alot? Huh. Its nonsense. Its one small misdemeanor crime that they twisted into 86 laws. Its a perverted justice system.

        Frankly if it was Obama who commuted him, you’d be OK. But because its Trump…
        And if it were Afrcan americans charged for minor drug offenses on 120 counts you’d be OK too.

        Hashomer= Fake news

      • Oh and here is another fun fact for you Fake liberals.

        Chucky was asked if he would sign off on Rubashkin’s commuted sentence. His response, the orthodox jews are not my constituents so why should I? So the divisive chucky only supports his voters? What happened to representing all new yorkers? Offically that’s the dem’s party line.

        • Archy – you are just proving the problem highlighted by #1 and others who have posted here. Stop excusing away financial crimes. A crime is a crime.

          Also do us all a favor and stop spreading silly nonsense about Schumer and “Dems” . Nancy Pelosi wrote a letter in support of commuting Rubashkin’s sentence and Trump said that he based his desicion on bipartisan support.

          • Wrong about a crime is a crime.

            Even Obama disagrees with that. People are humans. And low level crimes should not result in mass incarcerations. And I agree with that whether its african americans or low level white collar crimes.

            Your notion is fake and is not one of mercy.

          • Your vile hateful crap is not appreciated here, whether you post as Crazykanoi, yonasonw, hashomer, or nay of your other names. Try Al Jazeera, you’ll be appreciated there.

      • You must be lying intentionally.

        He was not found guilty of child labor or hiring illegal immigrants. Everyone of the charges was not just dismissed, but eradicated. (and the whole thig is a sham, because your heroes, the corrupt Rahm Emanuel and Bill Deblasio, have done fare worse by creeaying sanctuary cities.

        And like your previous comments, there was no animal cruelty, those were false claims by PETA at the instigation of Morris Allen whose fake hasgocha was sent packing.

        Rightfully, you are the one who should rot.

        • I don’t doubt that Rubashkin served enough time and was given a harsh sentence. But to say he was innocent, or onlr did ‘minor’crimes is crazy. The crimes he committed impacted on his failure to pay taxes, on the immigrants he abused by underpaying them and exploiting them, in the unsafe conditions of his food factory, and on Jews everywhere- due to his underhanded practices. He is not loved in the town he nearly brought to its knees when the plant closed. But all that is OK because he is ‘frum’? That’s a pretty nasty and wide definition of ‘frum’ . You’re quick to point out everyone else’s sins, oy, but in this csse…

          • Failure to pay taxes? That’s a misdemeanor sorry

            Immigrants he abused? The immigrants wanted that kind of job. Noone beat them to a stick. The immigrants want to work like a dog to send home money.

            Unsafe conditions? says who? List one hazard that occurred.

            Notice he was never prosecuted for immigration laws because they had nothing on him. They got him on a technicality. You keep spreading fake news and lies.

            • You say ” Failure to pay taxes? That’s a misdemeanor sorry”

              Oh Uneducated Archy, you are ignorantly and militantly incorrect yet again…sad, but predictable.

              Let me quote you just two sections of Federal law, among many:

              26 U.S.C. Section 7201 states:

              “Any person who willfully attempts to evade or defeat any tax imposed by this title or the payment thereof shall, in addition to other penalties provided by law, be guilty of a felony and, upon conviction thereof:

              •Shall be imprisoned not more than 5 years
              •Or fined not more than $250,000 for individuals ($500,000 for corporations)
              •Or both, together with the costs of prosecution”
              26 U.S.C. Section 7202 states:

              “Any person required under this title to collect, account for, and pay over any tax imposed by this title who willfully fails to collect or truthfully account for and pay over such tax shall, in addition to penalties provide by the law, be guilty of a felony

              •Shall be imprisoned not more than 5 years
              •Or fined not more than $250,000 for individuals ($500,000 for corporations)
              •Or both , together with the costs of prosecution”

          • Your true colors have emerged, you’re just a plain old fashioned soineh yisroel. For the record, as someone who spent much time in postville, he was much loved and respected by the entire community, Jew and gentile alike. The opposition stemmed primarily from a local priest, and from two outside organizations trying to push a conservative “hashgocho” (that he, rightfully, fought), and trying to fight against shechita in general. Yes, it was the classic war against Yidden and Yiddishkeit, and you’ve shown with which side you’re aligned.

            • “…he was much loved and respected by the entire community…”

              That’s precisely what residents of Howard Beach said, when Ronald “Ronnie G” Giallanzo and several of his Mafia lieutenants were arrested in 2015. And I can attest personally that many inmates are “loveable” when you get to know them.

              The point is that such sentiments say nothing one way or the other about the nature or seriousness of criminal conduct. Such sentiments are irrelevant.

            • Of course sentiments don’t determine anything. However, my post was a reply to a post that stated “He is not loved in the town he nearly brought to its knees when the plant closed”. Your response to me was therefore completely misplaced. But both you and he are so blinded by hate that attempts to reason are futile.

        • Both you and hashomer are less than fully accurate.

          Rubashkin was convicted in Federal Court on 86 counts of financial fraud, including bank and wire fraud, money laundering and bank fraud. The immigration and other charges were brought in state Court, but were dismissed, without prejudice, and never went to trial.

      • That is actually (one) correct reason why he is a hero. Keeps his cool and dignity and class when the “prosecution” (which may more realistically be characterized as “persecution”) was so self-confident under Obama that it could openly present anti-Semitic canards in court. Laws that did not exist, and the prosecution knew did not exist, were presented as fact. I started to notice when the prosecution succeeded (initially) in convincing the judge to deny bail on the anti-Semitic and false premise that Rubashkin would be granted assylum in Israel.

    4. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. I guess, #1, you are perfect. the rest of the entire world is not. I feel sad for you that you cannot partake with a whole heart, the overwhelming joy and gratitude to Hashem that the rest of us are feeling.
      the unity desplayed last night should have brought Moshiach, but sadly, he still hasnt come. We wont let you ruin our moment. Chasdei Hashem

      • The reason he hasn’t come yet is because of guilty Jews like #1 (yonasonw) and the rest of his hateful crew, filled with nothing but contempt for frum Jews. I doubt he’s a real Jew, probably somewhere down the line in his family he shtams from goyim. Jews are rachmonim and have ahavas yisroel, but not yonason and his ilk. Feh,

    5. To “hashomer” at the gates of sitra achra I suppose.. – stop spreading vicious lies!! think of your neshama if another Yid and hist family is not a concern for you. The “86” counts of fraud were a complete set-up by the corrupt judge, DA and the feds – colluding and scheming from beginning to the bitter end. His whole giant “crime” amounted to overstating income on some loan applications which the bank new about and was more than happy to oblige. All these other trumped up charges you listed either never happened or he was acquitted and exonerated of them completely. “Found guilty” of … “child labor”?! – a bold-faced lie.

    6. hashomer is a just a liberal Soros funded troll still wishing the corrupt Hillary won. Rubashkin is not a saint and yes he DID commit some crimes and yes he should’ve serve SOME time but over a quarter century was given to him ONLY bec. he was a Jew. the Kenyan freed a terrorist who killed a police officer, hundreds of gangsters and drug dealers and a spy that did worse than Snowden all bec. he/she became transgender. Trump is better than any Jew in the Senate like Schumer.

    7. So many details of injustice, banks didn’t care. Judge was part of the raid and persecution, please, so many lies, underage kids were his own kids found helping out,,the prosecutors were inhumane to these mexicans shipping them of in cattle cars
      Well who needs to give proof tnt there was a great injustice done here when u c the simcha of thousands and thousands of yidden, bh bh great achdus

    8. For all you naysayers and those that think that Rubashkin was a criminal, get your facts straight:
      1. He UNKNOWINGLY hired illegal workers. They all presented him with ss numbers etc, if he would have asked to prove they were legal he would have been accused of DISCRIMINATION.
      2. Hence, his plant was raided by ICE and all those illegals who worked for him lying on their applications about their legal status and age, were arrested.
      3. Now he was left scrambling to keep his meat plant afloat and needed to take out more money from the bank than usual. The bank knew what was going on and they didn’t care that he inflated the amounts. They were interested in giving him the loan.
      4. Now the government sees their opportunity and pounces in and accuses him of bank fraud.
      5. Also since some others in the plant ran, fearing arrest, when they did arrest him they kept him in jail and would not release him even though no trial took place as of yet.
      6. Besides all this, the judge who took on his case, was also the judge who arranged the raid on the immigrants and also pre-planned options for all the illegal immigrants on how to plead. Her husband by the way had stock in companies that owned

    9. continues:
      ..her husband owned stock in the companies that owned the prisons that these immigrants were being held.
      there is a lot more, but this is a short timeline to understand what really happened and why he did not deserve to be in jail and definitely not for the rest of his life!!!

      He was also known for being a huge baal chessed, giving tons of tzedakah and helping people. He also brought glatt kosher meat to many far out communities in the USA for affordable prices, making it possible for Jews (not just in big city hubs) to keep kosher.
      Unfortunately between the anti-semites who live in Iowa, the PETA who will go after anyone they could and the Unions who were upset that he didn’t hire union workers, his name was falsely shmeared.

      • falsely shmeared.

        wait lets not provide fodder for the haters on this site.

        Its more like this. When running a large business such as Rubashkin one is bound to slip and commit some minor crime. Thats the way us humans are. His enemies did what the fake news and world does best. They took that crime and blew it up out of proportion.

    10. this page reveals the immensity of Hitler ymsh chorbin. Trump is a tzaddik, Rubashkin is a hero, unbelievable and teh issue is conservatives versus liberals. It is erlicher yidden versus not erliche yidden, it is shmutz on tzadikkim, it the depth of ignorance. All this posted by young frum Jews, unbelievable who deep we have fallen.

    11. and there was or is a meatpacking company just down the road who got frightened and wanted to send away their illegals, however they were calmed down and were told , no they arent after you
      there ae so many details staring in the eye, he was paying back his loan on time every single penny was being paid back as long as he was running the plant,

    12. The Chillul Hashem is that so many Jews chose to believe total lies about Rubashkin. At the end, it was very clear, that because they could find no evidence of wrong doing, they found a loan on which assets were exaggerated. They prettied it up to make it look worse. 80 counts of repeating the same 1 mistake to make it sound so bad.

      The sad part of it is that how many Jews wont give Rubashkin the benefit of the doubt that they would give themselves, and jump on any lie and exaggeration of wrongdoing with glee. Its quite sick and evil, actually.

      Once that $50 million dollar raid was made, the FBI had to justify it, so they did.

      Who was it that said: If the FBI wants, they can indict a ham sandwich.


      The fools who dont fight for justice in this case, will find themselves living in a country they can no longer justify living in.

      Anyone who knows the truth of what went down, spoke out against it. 6 attorney generals, hundreds of attorneys and prosecutors, congresspeople and senators. They werent doing it for Rubashkin. They were doing it because what happened to Rubashkin was unAmerican and a danger to the very freedom and rights of every citizen in this country.

      • The only thing the politicians supported him on was the length of the prison term, he ran his business in a fashion that was not in line with Halachah nor federal law. That has not changed and no one seems to be arguing the point.

        Why do you feel it is ok to defraud a bank? They also must comply with federal banking laws they can’t say that they are ok with a customer breaking the law, that is a very lame excuse.

        I think the president did the right thing but that does not mean that Mr. Rubashkin is suddenly an honest and glattah mentch.

        • It maybe a lame excuse but it makes the crime very very very minor. The banks were happy to turn a blind eye too. It also makes the halcha violation very minor.

          I would still call Rubashkin honest. Even honest people slip on small stuff at times.

    13. To #41- Check Wipikedia; Rusbashkin was ACQUITTED of violating child labor laws, at his first trial. Make sure you have your facts correct, before expounding your unfounded and unsubstantiated allegations.

    14. So I’m commenter # 77. To all those who keep saying that Rubashkin is a criminal for doing white collar crimes. Lets say you are right he did a crime for that you get locked up for 27 years? I’ll give you an example In NY it is well known that the police wont usually pull you over for 5- 10 miles over the speed limit. However if you have an accident and someone is hurt they’ll throw the book at you if you went one mile over. Rubashkin did what many others do and the banks turn a blind eye, but if you get caught they will throw the book at you, In this case the punishment did not fit the crime.


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