West Palm Beach FL – Pre-Shabbos Rubashkin Thank You Rally Greets Trump Motorcade In West Palm


    Jewish Supporters rally as Trump's motorcade passsby in West Palm Beach on Friday, Dec. 22, 2017. (Michele Sandberg/VINnews.com)West Palm Beach, FL – There was joyous singing and dancing along the perimeter of Dreher Park in West Palm Beach on Friday afternoon, as approximately 100 Jewish Floridians lined the shoulder of Southern Boulevard to express their gratitude to President Donald Trump for commuting the sentence of Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin who had already served more than eight years in a federal penitentiary.

    The last minute rally was organized by the Aleph Institute which provides assistance to those in crisis including inmates in federal prisons throughout the country and their family.

    Organizers had hoped to have members of many shuls and schools throughout South Florida greeting the presidential motorcade as it drove from Palm Beach International Airport to his nearby Mar-a-Lago home, but delays in Trump’s arrival had the rally pushed back from 11 AM to 2 PM, forcing many who had planned to attend to back out because of the extremely close pre-Shabbos timing.

    Supporters held pro-Trump signs bearing slogans including “Thank you Mr. President for the Rubashkin Chanukah miracle!” and “Courage to secure justice!! President Trump.” As they waited for the motorcade to approach, Chabad shluchim took advantage of the opportunity to put tefillin on their less-observant brethren who also gathered along the busy roadway.

    Mrs. Rishe Deitsh was one of those who was on Southern Boulevard as the presidential motorcade passed by, slowing down for Trump to acknowledge his supporters.

    “He was waving, blowing kisses and mouthing the words ‘thank you,’” Mrs. Dietsh told VIN News. “Everyone felt like he was thanking us for thanking him for what he did. What he did was hard and he earned the gratitude of Americans.”

    Mrs. Deitsh said that numerous cars slowed down to speak to the group as they waited for the president to pass by.

    “So many people, Jews and non-Jews, agreed that this was right thing,” said Mrs. Dietsh. “This was for the United States of America and brings back the belief that we really are ‘one nation, under G-d, with liberty and justice for all’ like we say in the Pledge of Allegiance. The Rubashkin sentence had taken that away from us, but President Trump gave it back.”

    Mrs. Deitsh said she never considered not going out to Southern Boulevard to thank the president, even though he passed by the group just two hours before the start of Shabbos.

    “I would have done anything to thank the president,” said Mrs. Dietsh.

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    1. The judge[female] at that trial gave a harsh sentence. However if the heilige sheluchim and other marginal lubavitcher would have avoided the trial maybe the sentence would have not been so severe. Lubavitch has mentality of his own akin to the mormon

    2. Most Jews are happy that Rubashkin has been released. Many, though not all, don’t understand why his original sentence was so severe. The original investigation in Agriprocessors was due to immigration and labor law violations. When the plant shut down due to the inability of people to report for work, the financial fraud issue came to the surface because there was no ongoing cash flow to meet the debt service requirements on the inflated numbers provided for the asset-based lending facility with the bank. As there were insufficient grounds to personally prosecute Rubashkin on the immigration/labor law issues, the government and judge “threw the book at him” on the bank fraud charges. He is a convicted felon whose nefarious acts caused a tremendous chilul ha-Shem and a loss of millions of dollars to a bank, and whose charitable contributions, when made with monies not his to give, constituted a mitzvah ha’boh b’aveiroh. While it is wonderful that he is re-united with his family, let’s not forget the shame and embarrassment he caused us all – most of all to himself!

      • The issue with the “bank fraud” is no different then someone driving 5-10 miles over the speed limit. A cop won’t usually stop you, but if G-D forbid you have an accident they will throw the book at you if you go one mile over. Mr Rubaskin did what many people do to get a credit card, a mortgage or a bank loan. it may be wrong but as long as you pay back the bank doesn’t care. If they catch you for something else.it becomes a problem. Mr. Rubashkin was caught, but the penalty was seen by jew and non jew as overkill and excessive. In addition many jews took this very personal because the only reason the feds were even looking at Mr. Rubashkin was because of PETA activists.

      • He is a convicted felon

        That sounds very harsh but in reality all he did was what the rest of the USA did including the banks themsleves. pre 2007 the name if the game was to pump loans and flip em whether it was mortgages packaged and flipped as derivatives are business loans. the banks and all parties were happy and content to play with one’s income.

        You admit there were insufficient evdinece to convict him on labor fraud and they threw the books at him. To call him a convicted felon?

        And no sir he made a huge kiddush hashem rather than a chillul hashem. The main aspect of kiddush and chillul hashem is for yidden not so much goyim. So what will a yid say about you? Rubshakin held his head high up despite his trials and trivals . Despite getting 27 years unfairly he stuck to his emuna and bitchon.
        The fact that he committed a very small sin does not make him unsaintly. (at most taos akum which is muter. Its hardly stealing since he was paying back his loans and the bank wanted the loan too). None of us are perfect. His outstanding emuna was abnormal.

        No shame and embarssment rather its a pride.

      • Yashar koach for voicing an unpopular truth.

        He committed serious crimes and was foolish to go to trial against federal prosecutors. His supporters antagonized the judge and he showed no remorse. He played with fire and the fire won.

        I’m glad he is free and home with his family. He may not have deserved the 27 year sentence (which followed the Federal guidelines) but the chofetz chaim he isn’t.

        • Many people have forgotten that Mr. Rubashkin’s problems really started about two years before the raid, when PETA activists started causing problems for him. This is why Mr Lipschtz of the Yated took up his cause and the frum community took it very personal.. If this would be a simple case of bank fraud Mr. Rubashkin wouldn’t have had the support he has. It was the PETA gangsters that brought about the support he has received.

          • Then don’t be mekabel.

            His insistence on portraying himself as an innocent victim of anti-Semitism brings the truth down upon his own head.

            You did your crime, you did your time and you were let out of a very tough sentence for political expediency.

            Now go home and try to make up for the time your children lost with their father and stop bringing more shame to klal yisroel and HKB”H with the public celebrations of you beating the system.

            • You did your crime, you did your time

              Thats a very mean unjust unjewish outlook. No mercy? And small crimes can be blown up and exaggerated in our system too.

              Sorry I disagree with the stupdtiy that “if you do the crime you do the time”. very wrong.

            • Thats correct . if there is a nation that acts subhuman and encourges, preaches and cheers on violence and death upon my brothers i am a fan of them getting cancer and ALS. There are times to have mercy and that includes low level criminals and there are terrorist murderers. They are very distinct.

            • People like you bring shame to klal yisroel with your vile lashon hara and rechilus. Fix yourself before you dare point out another Jew’s faults! HYPOCRITE!

      • Do you ALWAYS give you true income on credit card applications?
        Do you pay EVERY SINGLE PENNY IN TAXES that you lawfully, even if [in your mind, not rightfully] should?
        Ever try to buy something without paying sales tax?
        Factually, did the bank lose all the money you claim it did, or was he paying it back anyway?
        Is 8 years served enough? Wanna try 8 hours?
        Is 27 years way too much?
        Besides yourself, are you ever dan anyone else l’kaf zechus?
        Please answer the above questions truthfully. Then repost your comment.

      • So had it been Obama that would have his sentence commuted would you still be against it? Remember Alan Gross violated the laws of a sovereign nation, however corrupt. Yet when Obama got him home you didn’t protest.
        Strange how every good thing can be so bad only because Trump did it.
        Remember, obsession is treatable. But only if you seek treatment.

    3. Next time he comes to NY askanim should orgnize a huge thank you March he enjoys these events and he might take this in consideration when he has to give his next signature

    4. Comments #20 and #21 do not address the comments at which they are aimed.

      Insults do not change reality. He committed bank fraud. Because the integrity of the banking system is vital to the economic stability of the country, bank fraud, has historically been vigorously prosecuted and has been punishable by severe measures, as have been currency counterfeiting and stock market manipulation.

      Anyone with even the most basic understanding of asset based lending appreciates that obtaining and keeping active an asset based commercial line of credit understands that it requires an ongoing commitment to file fraudulent documents on an ongoing basis, essentially inventing, and cerifying under penalty of purjury, sales and accounts receivable records out of thin air on a monthly basis.

      Equating his offenses with speeding five over the legal limit is on par with equating the bubonic plague with hay fever.

      Wake up, frum velt. While we are all glad he didn’t end up serving his sentencing guidelines directed 27 year sentence, he is not an innocent yid caught up in a czarist antisemitic plot or sixteenth century blood libel.

      If he was a victim of anything, he was a victim of bad advice, self delusion and Conservative sponsored and private prison industry lobbied draconian federal sentencing guidelines.

      • There are different kinds of bank fraud . This one is analogous to speeding 5 miles over the limit .

        Banks at the time were very happy to provide those loans . And they were flipping those loans. They did this for home mortgages too where everyone lied .

        Please provide one source or point to another case in this country where this kind of low level fraud was prosecuted vigorously. I’d like you to find one instance . Enron execs who ran a flat out Ponzi scheme got less . I’d like you to point me to a similar case and IRS sentence . I bet you can’t . You are just hocking from thin air .

        Re soviet Russia that I agree with you . There was a very very small crime commited. It was not completely out of thin air . But pretty much

        By the way I googled the news to see what the secular papers have to say . The failing nyt had nothing bad , the trashy ny post nothing negative , des moneis papers no bad. Only the forward was negative .

        If it were an African American convicted of drugs and or obama who commuted their sentence you’d be all cheers . But now that it’s trump and a yid…. so very sad

    5. To #21- I agree with you 100% that # 10 (Hashomer) is an IDIOT! He brought up the employing of illegal aliens at Agriprocessors. However, he conveniently didn’t mention that Rubashkin was not sent to jail for employing illegals, and was never convicted of that offense. Also, he conveniently didn’t mention that Tyson chicken, and other trefe meat packing plants employ (even to this date), far more illegal aliens that Rubashkin ever employed. There are former employees of his plant, who came from Mexico and Guatemala, who still live in Postville, Iowa, who to this day, nearly 10 years, after the largest ICE raid on the Agriprocessors plant, are resentful of the heavy handed tactics of ICE in closing that plant, and causing the loss of their jobs. They stated that Rubashkin gave them jobs, health insurance, etc., and that they were (prior to the raid) able to send money home to their relatives. The PETA crowd and their supporters were the ones who instigated the raid by the feds, against Rubashkin. Then, the government decided to make an example out of Rubashkin, and hence, threw the book at him. Obama and Eric Holder were also complicit, along with Judge Reade, and the prosecutors.

        • Ok but its all a matter of how you phrase it. You like to make it sound like he committed huge crimes by stating he committed bank fraud over several years. But in reality these “bank frauds” were petty.

          Yes we agree he sinned but come on it was such a minor sin. And thats why we rejoice because he was wrongfuly prosecuted. Yes its not the USSR so they had to find a monor sin. But he was not really caught because of the minor sin rather he was caught because of PETA, Unions, and liberal immigrant right’s groups. This was the minor infraction they got him on. And if they searched hard enough they’d find something on you too. Noone is perfect.

          The point is there is alot to rejoice even if one had a small minor crime.

      • I don’t know hashome but one thing is certain, Rubashkin has to make monetray restitution, he has a felony record and there amnay frum Yidden who have bigger buinesses and a are richer without going to jail. Calling somebody an idiot , fool and other nasty names will not change these facts, Rubashkin is a FELON

        • You fall for the common fake news tactics. You state the truth but use terminology the implies and tricks readers into believing that something is more severe than it appears to be. Its kind of like the word “collusion”. Experts are not even sure what the crime of “collusion” is. (maybe its breaking some federal elctions law that bars receiving anything of value from a foreign entity but who knows) Yet “collusion” sounds really bad. The same can be said for your fake word ” FELON”. Sounds very bad and its true he is a felon. But in reality all he did was a minor crime.

          Re Frum yidden have bigger businesses yet are not locked up. Well thats because they didn’t have peta, union, and immigration activists on their back. But if the govt wanted to I guarantee you they’d find shmutz or a small impropriety on most businesses .

          Sorry sir you fall for the FAKE news tactis. Very sad

      • Hashomer and his other screen names (yonasonw, crazykanoi, maven, etc.) is a sick individual with delusions of grandeur. He’s no doubt very small, and has zero self confidence, only gets a good feeling about himself by denigrating others.

    6. Fraud in asset based lending is taken very seriously. It is comparable to obtaining a mortgage on a building you don’t own, or if it were possible to bribe enough people involved on a building that did not exist.

      I’ve been responsible for the accuracy of monthly accounts receivable records and inventory tallies used to secure asset based funding and before the company controller signed off and submitted the records to the bank every month he made me sign off and did a complete review of my work.

      The integrity of the assets used to secure asset based line of credit is considered important enough that many banks will freeze your line of credit if your monthly signed reports are late.

      • Pre 2007 not many banks would care. As ling as the bankers got the laons they repackaged and flipped it. And if the money was coming i every month nobody cared. I don’t buy your expertise. The severity is minor.

      • the banks said rubashkin was never late on his payments for 21 years. all he did was round of the numbers instead of evaluating his assets to the dollar. the banks were happy and didnt care. when the judge closed his business he had no choice but go bankrupt,
        the judge had meetings with the prosecutors and was part of the whole plan which makes it illegal for her to be judge

        the illegals all came with working papers which the company scrutinized and it was the authorities who treated them inhumanely , shipping them of in cattle cars. they were then treated inhumanely unlike rubashkin who treated them well. they were trained to say lies for which they will be rewarded which were dismissed when there were too many discrepancies.

        the justice system got him in jail and the justice system freed him so why are you upset hes being freed? if you believe he was justly convicted you have to believe he was justly freed.

        he didnt plead guilty bec. that would mean he will be there for 15 years. a rebbe was asked for advice and he told rubashkin not to accept because he will leave earlier.

      • we celebrate his release bec even though he was sentenced to 27 years, a nes happened and he is now reunited with his family and can live as a free man. no one is announcing we can make the same mistakes he did. He didnt run away from prison, he was legally officially released , that is a miracle ,we have reason to celebrate

    7. WOW wish I was there what a Kiddush Hashem.

      What a week the president had.

      – Tax Cut Bill Passed
      – Freed Rubashkin
      – Vetoes the UN Resolution Condemning the Move to Jerusalem and Stood up to the Anti Semitic UN vote.

      We need to thank the President as we finally have a friend in the White House. Not some pretender that talks out of both sides of his mouth

      • The tax cuts last a couple of years, the tax raises last forever. First time in living memory that the general public preferred the Democrats’ tax plan over Republicans’.

            • Every jew is automatically divined with an inner holy spirit since we are children of hashem. And thats hard to explain in a rational manner. Its a spiritual thing.

              On a more simple level, most jews in this site including yonasonw whom I often debate surely has values and keeps the torah and mitzvahs. One who is upstanding and observes the torah is more holy.

        • I can’t believe you think yonasonw and hashomer are the same person. Hashomer is a bored 24 year old woman working a slow desk job, and yonasonw is an educated 42 year old man who cares too much about what idiots on the Internet think.

        • Your posting reveals more about you than anyone should know. An individual who professed to like to grab female genitalia, has filed for numerous bankruptcies, lies, married three times is a tzaddik????????? Better check the definition of a tzaddik

        • Conspiracy theories abound! The reason you can’t fsthom that there is more than person who disagrees with your worldview is because you are so small minded and so influenced by your Yeshiva upbringing that you can’t seem to get past the fact that there are plenty of people who simply don’t prescribe to your narrow and violent world view.

    8. To #42- Mark my words, Buchwalter, that President Donald Trump will eventually grant Reb Mordechai S. Rubashkin, a complete pardon; hence, his felony record will be expunged completely in its entirety. The commutation was merely the first step.

    9. Helig means we are holy. It means that we are more superior in some spiritual manner than others. (Just like meat from korbonos in the beis hamikdosh while physically the same meat as the meat we eat, are in a hollier status on a spritual level.)
      Us Jews are on a higher spritual plan vs non jews. And even more so for torah jews.



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