Washington – Steve Bannon Cuts Off Politician Who Tweeted Anti-Semitic Rhetoric


    FILE - Paul NehlenWashington – Steve Bannon, has cut off Paul Nehlen, a congressional candidate that his news site, Breitbart, once championed, because Nehlen embraced anti-Semitic sentiments.

    “Bannon cut all ties with him and tossed him to the curb,” tweeted Arthur Schwartz, an adviser to Bannon, the former adviser to President Donald Trump who has become a leading influence on the Republican right.

    “He’s disqualified himself,” Joel Pollak, a top Breitbart staffer, said on Twitter, referring to Nehlen’s “recent anti-Semitic statements.”

    Nehlen is running in 2018 to unseat Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., the speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. Breitbart and Bannon enthusiastically endorsed and supported Nehlen’s 2016 bid to unseat Ryan. In 2106, Nehlen embraced many of Bannon’s positions, including a revulsion with the Republican establishment, a call for a crackdown on illegal immigration and limits on legal immigration.

    The effort was a monumental failure: Ryan won the 2016 primary in Wisconsin’s First District with 84 percent while Nehlen, a businessman, won 15 percent of the vote.

    Nehlen has since positioned himself as pro-Israel but also has embraced anti-Jewish themes in social media. “Hey, American Jews, I’m not putting Israel first or compromising pro-White interests for yours, but I will make sure the Islamists who want to murder you (and annihilate Israel off the map) are deported back to their homelands,” he said Tuesday on Twitter. “That’s something, right?”

    He also retweets Jewish hostile commentary by his defenders. “Oh look, another Jew that is so angry that Israel didn’t appear on @pnehlen’s list of priorities, he suggests this is WWan Germany all over again,” said one follower, referring to an attack on Nehlen by conservative writer Jonah Goldberg. “‘Oy vey, it’s anuddah shoah!’ he cries out as he calls you Hitler for not putting Jewish interests first.”

    Nehlen has also embraced a white supremacist slogan, “It’s okay to be white.”

    Bannon has said that Breitbart is a platform for the “alt-right,” a loose grouping of anti-establishment Republicans that includes racists and anti-Semites. But he has also said he hopes to drive bigots away from its ranks.

    When he was an advisor to Trump, he counseled the president on policies and positions that are believed to have encouraged white supremacists to identify with Trump. Bannon advised Tump, for instance, not to forcefully condemn the white supremacists who marched in Charlottesville, Virginia in August, an event that included a deadly attack by a white supremacist on a crowd of counterprotesters.

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        • There is no anti jewish culture. That’s fake news. He may have comments here and there and can’t control all commentors just like VIN has people who break rules when they comment (I.e. smash chasidim user names or insulting others)

          His chief editor is Joel pollack a frum jew.

          He does have anti secular PC judiasm rethroic. But that’s not authentic Judaism. He is never against jews rather he is against those that falsely turn their religion into PC nonsense .

          Us Frum jews also speak out against secular PC cultures that are against our beliefs Open orthodoxy. Are we also not ohev yisroel

          The notion that he allows that culture is fake news and its a lie.

      • Linda Sarsour never said a single antisemmitic world. Disagree with Israels Policy is not Antisemitic. 65% of Israelis disagree with their govt just like many of us did it to Obama and now to Trump. Not every single person who did not approve Obama is a Racist (Many are)

        • I guess saying the “jewish media” is not anti-Semitic ok, liberals have alternative facts. what does the Kenyan have to do with what I said? let the Kenyan continue to milk Wall Street whom he worked for and be irrelevant. Trump is my president.

    1. Good for Bannon to kick this guy out.
      But the Bannon culture remains a very big problem for the Republican party,because it attracts too many bigots to the Republican party,which is not a good thing at all.

    2. Breitbart regularly broadcasts antisemitic anti-Israel hate and white supremacy conspiracy garbage. Sepp Bannon has pushed that drek for years. Look at his pro- nazi posts from the Charlottesville VA nazi torchlight parade. If you think he he a friend of the Jews, so was eichmann.

      • Once you write anti Israel hate you loose credibility. I think everyone agrees that breitbart is extremely pro israel. Hos naysayers only argue that the pro Israel stand is due due to some right wing evangelical nonsense and not out of love of jews. But noone disputes that he is pro Israel.

    3. Bannon’s ex-wife has stated that when they were married, he refused to send his daughters to a certain private school in the L.A. area. He stated that there were too many Jewish girls who were students there, and hence, he didn’t want his own daughters attending that school, with them. I have no reason to doubt Bannon’s ex-wife’s allegations.


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