Ashdod, Israel – Thousands Of Secular Jews Protest Shabbos Supermarket Law


    People protest against closing of business on Shabbat in the Southern Israeli city of Ashdod, January 20, 2018. Photo by Flash90Ashdod, Israel – An estimated 3,000 people demonstrated in Ashdod for the second consecutive Saturday evening against the southern city’s plan to prohibit businesses from opening on Shabbat.

    Protesters who gathered outside city hall carried signs proclaiming “The city is putting my home up for sale,” “No to religious coercion” and “Each to his own faith.” They also called on Mayor Yehiel Lasri to resign.

    Yesh Atid Chairman Yair Lapid who attended the protest said “We’re here because the deplorable Supermarket Law has to go,” Lapid told protesters. “And if we win the next elections, we’ll cancel it because Haredi coercion cannot prevail. They set the tone for Israel’s majority.

    “We don’t need Shabbat for everyone and don’t need a divided Shabbat. We’re here to back up the people of Ashdod. Anyone who denigrates the country, its army or the chief of staff, cannot preach morality to IDF soldiers.”

    Ashdod residents protested closures of businesses on Shabbat and levying of fines on stores in the Big Fashion shopping complex. Protesters further maintained that the municipality was also discriminating against the secular public in areas of construction and education.

    During the protest, signs were displayed saying, “This is not the Middle Ages”, “We’re here to return Ashdod to the Ashdodites” and “A free Ashdod against religious coercion.”

    The protest was also attended by likeminded residents of other cities. “No one is going to dictate to us how to mark Shabbat,” said one such resident. “You cannot force a religious way of life on us.”
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    1. HEY , WHAT right do you have to israel, you stole it from the arabs. ahh you say because g-d gave it to the yidden, but he said only if yiu keep my torah…’vayiten lohem naclas giyim bavir yismery chukosay ve sorosay’ tillem 104l also mentioned thruout torah bechikosay,. ki savo. so you dont keep torah you have no claim to holy land!!

      • Zionism is sadly not bankrupt but the Kahana movement is hopefully bankrupt.
        But to see this type of demonstration in the so called Yiddishe Medina is beyond dispicable. A Jew is not a Jew without keeping the Torah and its mitzvahs. These “jews” are protesting against the Torah? Well, modern Israel of today is totally detached of anything holy but these protests are taking it to the next level. Eretz Yisrael is the land to Keep the Torah and not to protest against it. What the heck cant these apikorsim go to China or anywhere else and desecrate the Torah there? It is beyond anything imaginable.

        • They aren’t against the Torah. They are against goverment intrusion in their lives. This isn’t a goverment issue and everybody should be able to legally do as they please. Hopefully people will keep Shabbos on their own volition.

          I fail to see the point in keeping stores closed when these people don’t keep Shabbos regardless. Will the state ban turning on the TV in their homes?

            • For arguments sake let’s say you’re right, then why not criminalize chilul Shabbos at Home? Granted that you would want that too, but from a current secular governmental perspective why pick a fight over stores being open Shabbos when they aren’t enforcing anything else?

    2. What am I missing here ? 1000 of “JEWS” are protesting against keeping Shabos.. r”l.. all in the name of the ״Jewish state… ??!!
      truth is this kids don’t know any batter, their parents gave up the whole Tora in order to have a “JEWISH STATE” what a joke !!..maybe the satmer rabbi Zl . Did understand and saw this coming .

    3. I’m sorry, but people should have freedom of religion; if they do not wish to be observant, that is their business. We have no right judging them; the holier than thou hypocrites on this site, would be well to look into areas in the USA, where there is no observance of Shabbos. This is an internal Israeli matter which they should address. We wouldn’t want Israelis sticking their noses into our business.

      • Thats only if u believe that its a secuar state with no affiliation with anything holy. They cant say theyre jews without any connection to judaism or rather total disconnection of anything remotely connected to anything religious. I agree the state of Israel is a secular state and these people fit in Beautifully plus but still remains a despicable society of lawless people.

        • Just because they don’t have it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t grant it to them. Some rights work that way. For example, due process in court is by nature granted to criminals. Would criminals give their victims a fair trial? Nah.

    4. To #8-Favish- Look, Favish, I’m a Yid, not a goy!! I stand by my comments. If secular Israelis wish to act in a non-observant manner, that is their right. Unless every Jew in the USA observes Shabbos, we have no right lecturing to them! Incidentally, goyim have a right to comment on this site, if they wish to. In most cases, their remarks are more respectful, than despicable remarks such as yours!

    5. Nasty comments will not draw a person closer to Torah Judaism. A condescending attitude and name calling will not draw a person closer to Judaism. Let no one be smug about who is righteous. There is only one judge and we will all meet him in 120 years. We need more אהבת חינם to hasten the redemption.
      Oswald Chambers wrote: “Every wrong thing that I see in you, God finds in me…. Stop having a measuring stick for other people. There is always at least one more fact, which we know nothing about, in every person’s situation.”


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