Brooklyn, NY – Woman Found Dead On Midwood Street


    File Photo/ ReutersBrooklyn, NY – NYC Police say they’re investigating the death of a woman whose body was found in Brooklyn Thursday morning.

    Officers were responded to a 911 call of an assault in Midwood at about 6:30 a.m. on Olean Street near East 24th Street.

    Police found the woman lying on the sidewalk unconscious and unresponsive. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

    Her name has not been released pending family notification, police said. The medical examiner will determine the cause of death.

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    1. that picture is from the summer. I know that street has a shul on it, crime is going up despite the LIES of the NYPD and the corrupt askan lover mayor. Bring back STOP AND FRISK the only thing that made all suspects and suspicious looking individuals afraid.

      • Care to enlighten us how to identify “suspicious looking people”?
        Perhaps post a photo of yourself so we’ll all know what “suspicious looking people” do NOT look like.

        • Sure the Kenyan’s imagery if I had a son, Trayvon martin . I guess you also believe that a guy named Mohamed with a long beard is not anymore prone to terrorism that an 80 year old Irish nun named Mary McGuilicuddy. Suspects are those that are constantly in the news and wanted for killing, shooting, raping, robbing even people in their own neighborhoods.

            • ?, of course if a Jew commits a crime he should be locked up, I believe in law and order, if someone does Medicaid or section 8 fraud they should be locked up welfare queen, yungerman or Hasid. Unlike liberals I don’t have 2 sets of laws 1 for Hillary and her collusion with DNC, Iran, Libyans, private server or the Kenyan in his cover up on Benghazi, fast and furious, solyndra, Iran money for terror, Hezbollah narco trafficking etc. which liberals give a mess and the fake Trump Russian collusion obsession. I have 1 set of laws and this is why all illegals are criminals since they broke the law by coming here ILLEGALLY.

            • Can you ever carry on a conversation? I asked you about stop & frisk, and you answer me with verbal diarrhea?

              Let’s try this again. If a Jew commits a crime in your neighborhood and the cops are after him, but they don’t know exactly where he’s at, are you ok with the cops going around stopping and frisking anybody that looks Jewish?

            • It’s easy to throw out all kinds of allegations. If you’d have a third grade level of reading comprehension you’d see that it’s trumpinwhitehouse that carries that disdain and not I. I am pointing out that he would be advocating for a policy that would allow for racial profiling of Jews. I am the one advocating for safer policies for the Jew. Who’s the hater now ****ch?

      • snowflakes #s 2,3 and 4 disagree with you only because you are a trump supporter, but you are right- not only does the stop and frisk need to be reinstituted in ny, the picture is from the summer! at that hour today, temps were barely 30 degrees, the crooked de blasio cops would’ve been bundled up then.

        to the above numbered snowflakes- suspicious looking individuals are typically disheveled, primarily colored or hispanic and are usually lurking around neighborhoods that they do not call home. but, you knew that already. stop the hate

        trump is MakingAGA, so grow up

      • DUH !!
        you figured it out genius, the photo is indeed a picture from spring summer or early autumn. look at the trees. However if you look beneath the photo Sherlock, it says “file photo”!!


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