Miami, FL – Luggage Thieves Turn Miami Vacation Into Nightmare For Jewish Family From Montreal


    Miami, FL – A Montreal family is turning to the public for help, hoping someone saw the thief who stole their luggage from their car in broad daylight shortly after they landed in Miami.

    Shlomo and Devory Kadosh had just arrived in South Florida with five of their children and were on their way to their hotel when they made a short stop at Haulover Beach on Collins Avenue at approximately noon on Wednesday to enjoy the sunshine, reported WSVN News (

    Returning to their white Toyota, which they had parked in a public lot, they found that the SUV’s two passenger side windows had been shattered and the interior of the vehicle completely emptied out.

    “They took our clothes,” said Shlomo Kadosh. “They took our valuables. They took … cash, personal items.”

    “All they left behind is thousands of pieces of glass over the car and the floor,” added Kadosh.

    Kadosh said that they had locked the SUV’s doors when they went to enjoy the scenery and that he was under the impression that there were regular police patrols in the area. Also missing were credit cards, all of the family passports and a copy of the recent wedding of another Kadosh daughter.

    The Kadoshes spent Wednesday night in Walmart, picking up items for the children to wear.

    Mark Rosenberg, who resides in Miami, and director of Florida’s Chesed Shel Emes, said that robberies like this are common in the Miami area, with would be thieves on the lookout for visitors on their way to and from the airport.

    “They look in and they see the suitcases and they may not need your tefillin or your fur coat or your shtreimel but they don’t know what is in your bags so they just take everything,” Rosenberg told VIN News.

    Haulover Beach, which typically does not attract swimmers due to riptides and strong currents, is known to be a popular spot for Orthodox Jews who want to enjoy beautiful ocean vistas while avoiding those who are immodestly clad.

    A small booth in the parking area gives visitors the impression that the area is under watch, but Rosenberg said that it is unmanned, lulling visitors into a false sense of security.

    Once visitors pass a row of large palm trees in the area to get to the beach, they can no longer see their cars, making it easy for a prime spot for thieves who move in quickly to snatch their ill-gotten gains.

    “The message has to go out there,” said Rosenberg. “There are people who sit a lot just waiting for cars loaded with suitcases to pull in and once you leave your car, even if your car is locked and has an alarm, they will still grab what they can and run.”

    Anyone with any information on the incident is asked to call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS. Police said that callers can remain anonymous and may be eligible for a $1,000 reward.

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    1. I was returning from a grill restaurant in the early evening when I got an important phone call. I felt it would be safer to stop while on the phone. I was approached by Police and they demanded ID and that I explain why I was there and leave.

    2. So sad! They look so forlorn. What about their passports? I hope they will be helped with obtaining new ones as they probbly have no form of ID on themselves besides the drivers license. Pathetic thief!

    3. Be careful, happens every day was there on Monday and another couples car was also emptied out. I was warned by the person renting bikes that I should keep an eye on my car.

    4. Frum people need to be careful about the terminology they use.
      In the video, the mother in this story says “we just married off our daughter”. To the average secular viewer, that sounds really bad. People don’t “marry off” their kids in 21st century USA. Yes I know she didn’t mean it in that negative way but your average person doesn’t realize that. Now they think this family is a bunch of extremists

    5. While I feel badly for this misfortune, one should not leave their valuables within plain sight, in a parking lot. I’ve personally gone through the tsouris of having my car stolen, and then dealing with the police, the insurance adjuster, and the body shop. It was a very bad experience, that I never want to go through again. The idiotic cop to whom I presented my license, registration and proof of insurance to, was not nice, and implied that it was my fault. He had the chtuzpah to state “Did you leave your keys in the car”. I presented that nitwit with my keys, which were in my hand. Then, even after I filed a police report, the cops came to my house twice looking for me, because the thieves who stole my car, crashed it into a car and fled on foot. The cops didn’t even know, that I reported my car stolen. Even though that incident happened over twenty years ago, I always use the club to lock my steering wheel. It was a horrible feeling to come to my parking spot, and see smashed glass on the ground, knowing that was where my car was parked. Now, when I sometimes don’t remember where my car is parked in a lot, I always have that horrible feeling, that my car was again stolen.

        • When I wasn’t religious I used to frequent that beach…Not only is it a nude beach, but there are prostitutes prowling around, and sex acts happening all over the place. I havent been therer for three years , I am trying to fix my life. But any frum person should stay far away from there.. I actually remember in one of my visits a frum looking Jew with Payos and Tzizit came strolling in….REcently a few Chsidim drowned at this beach. I often wonder if that tragedy , and this current story is G-D’s way of warning people to stay away

          • When a tragedy or unfortunate event happens to others, our rabbis tell us never to judge them. Furthermore, Chazal tell us always to judge others favourably. Perhaps they just wanted to walk along a deserted beach, make a beracha upon seeing the ocean, and didn’t know of the beach’s bad reputation. You have besmirched this good family’s name and should apologize.


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