Jerusalem – Israeli Chief Rabbi Likens Black Child Born To White Parents To A Monkey


    FILE - Chief Sephardi Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef in Jerusalem on October 22, 2017. FLash90Jerusalem – Israel’s Sephardic chief rabbi, Yitzhak Yosef, likened a black child born to white parents to a “monkey” in explaining a point of ritual.

    Rabbi Yosef, speaking Saturday evening, was speaking of the traditional blessing of the trees that takes place during Nissan, the current month on the Hebrew calendar. He was addressing whether Jewish law requires saying the blessing upon seeing one tree or two.

    Comparing the blessing of the trees to other blessings, he cited the blessing required when one sees an unusual or “differentiated” creature and noted that one does not need to seek two such creatures to bless them.

    In a video obtained by Ynet, the online version of Yediot Acharonot, Rabbi Yosef goes into an extensive discourse on recounting the blessing when one sees a black person. He repeatedly uses the term “Kushi,” which derives from the biblical term for Ethiopia. The term was commonplace in Israel’s early decades but has been seen since at least the 1980s as a mild pejorative.

    Rabbi Yosef said the blessing does not apply to every black person.

    “You don’t bless every Kushi, you walk in American streets, every five minutes you see a Kushi, are you going to deliver the blessing of the differentiated? It has to be a Kushi whose mother and father are white … if you know, however you know, that a monkey son came forth from them, that it came from them this way, then you say on him, the blessing of the differentiated creature. So, you’re going to say, do you need two Kushis (to say the blessing)? No!” he said.

    Ynet obtained a response from Rabbi Yosef’s office which noted that the Talmud uses the example of a black person to explain appropriate uses of the blessing of the differentiated, and also mentions monkeys. However, the passage cited does not compare black children to monkeys. Instead it appears to list differentiated creatures that would require blessing, including black people, elephants and monkeys. Additionally, the use of the term Kushi is normative in the Talmud, but no longer so in everyday Israeli speech.

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    1. Frum Jews are, along with white supremacist neo-Nazis, the last bastion of all-out prejudice and bigotry toward all other goups, particularly toward blacks. Perhaps that’s why Trump finds his strongest base of supporters among white redneck bigots and frumme yidden. Mi K’Amcha Yisroel — oy vey.

      • lefty liberals everywhere are along with muslims the last bastion of all out hatred and prejudice towards Jews perhaps that is why democrats find their strongest base of supporters among lefty liberal Jews who hate frum Jews more than anyone else

        • Gee…when a Russian sneers the word Zhid it’s an anti-Semitic slur, not merely a technically accurate Russian word. BUT, oh my word, l’havdil ben eluf havdalus a thousand times over, when a Yid slurs Schvartze or Kushi…no, no, no…that’s, B”H, proper, good and al pi Torah.

          People like you spew prejudice and hate, and have the gal to accuse humanists of being hateful…you scream “anti-Semitism” when others don’t defend us…then twiddle your Gemora thumbs explaining why we don’t have to defend others. I’ve listened to this kind of claptrap for well over half a century. Individuals like you are fundamentally Trumpist populist trash with yarmulkas…If you weren’t Jewish, you’d be vanilla white supremacists.

          Ethno-centric bigots are all part of “the problem,” be they Muslim, Christian, White, Black…or Yidden.

            • It’s humanists who made it possible for you hateful bastards to spew your distorted views without any fear of retaliation…and who make it possible in a Christian country to freely practice Yiddishkeit…and it’s Humanist Jews who founded the State of Israel and die for Israel, while “pure” Yidden dodge the draft, and shirk all responsibilities of citizenship. Crawl back into your hole.

            • Only a few, my friend…and those have no respect for religion in general….but the tolerant and liberal U.S. Constitution ensures the failure of such efforts.

      • Not the last bastion Michoel, as you left out the vast majority of hateful groups…

        Importantly, not all of us who are frum, who cherish Shabbos and learning, who have sent our kids to “good” yeshivas and beis Yaakovs, who have ainichloc in good Yeshivas, who attend shul daily…are like this. Some of us see many of the attitudes often expressed here as a stira on Torah values.

        This site happens to be a haven for less educated Trumpist populists in yarmulkas, but don’t let that lead you to tarring the entire frume velt.

    2. This is not even as important as teaching our children that we Do have to return an Aveido to a Goy, even if nobody will ever know, and we do have to return To’os Akum, and we do have to pay a Goy if we (or our ox) are Mazik his Nechosim, and we do have to consider a danger to a Goy’s child’s life as Pekuach Nefesh (Yes, they’re Humans just as we are), and we should never exclude Goyim who are not well from our Tefillos. And, yes, we should stop using the word Shegetz.
      Then HKB”H will stop instigating anti-Semitism against us.

    3. If you do an Internet search on “rabbi hershel schachter women monkeys”, you’ll find that Rabbi Schachter (of YU) seems to have made a similar halachic statement in 2004.

      • The only quote I could find is: “even if a parrot or a monkey would read the ketubah, the marriage would be 100 percent valid”

        That also means that when a MAN (male) reads the ketubah it is a valid marriage because “even if a parrot or a monkey would read the ketubah, the marriage would be 100 percent valid”.

        There is no differentiation being made between male or female by the statement.

      • The quotation inserts the infamous three dots (…) in the middle. Further, I really doubt the lecture was given in English, so this would in all probability be a translation which is another problematic layer.

      • You are probably one of those people who scream ANTISEMITISM! if a goy as much as sneezes in your direction. But if is a ‘halacha discussion’ then bigotry and racism are not a big deal. Only a leftist sheygets would care about something like that, unless it is directed against yidden. Then it is something else entirely, right?

        • I’m not sure what kind of perfume you’re wearing but it definitely stinks!

          No I don’t cry anti-Semitism every chance I get. Some things just happened to be what they are and some things are not and we don’t have to go looking to make a mountain out of a molehill.

          Like I said, this was a discussion in halocha. Wusses and עמי הארץ need not apply.

          • If a prominent priest or the pope compared a Jewish child to a monkey as part of a “theological discussion”,citing ancient church sources would that be OK in your eyes? If other Catholics came out defending that statement would you think they were doing the right thing, because there is no need to be apologetic about ancient traditions and sources?
            Whatever the answer – you are either a hypocrite or a bigot. Which is it?

    4. If a prominent priest likened a Jewish child to a monkey as part of some Catholic theological discussion, I am sure all of you would be similarly understanding and concerned about ‘the context’ and proper transation. I am SURE nobody would say it was antisemitic, if based on a quote from some ancient church text, right?

    5. I want to ask the Geonim here about the saying in Gemara Kiddushin: “10 measures of drunkenness descended to the world; 9 took the Kushim, 1 the rest of the world.” How does one explain this today?


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