Brooklyn, NY – Hikind: Employee Fired After Preying On Students At Prominent Girls’ School In BP; Administration Turned Blind Eye


    Bais Sarah school on 16th ave in Borough Park April 29, 2018Brooklyn, NY – A Brooklyn girls’ school has found itself in a difficult position after numerous reports have surfaced alleging that an employee had been interacting with girls inappropriately for several years and that the school’s administration was reportedly aware of the behavior but did nothing to protect students.

    Assemblyman Dov Hikind said that he had been contacted by multiple parents whose daughters attend the Bais Sarah school in Borough Park reporting the alleged behavior.

    According to Hikind, parents told the school’s owner and principal, Rabbi Nuchem Klein, about the alleged abuse perpetrated by a non-Jewish employee who goes by the nickname Spikey, but no action was taken.

    Hikind took to Twitter on Friday morning, asking parents who had knowledge of any abuse taking place at Bais Sarah to contact his office and reached out to Rabbi Klein to discuss the matter.

    Hikind said that Rabbi Klein returned his phone call on Friday afternoon, telling him that he had received over 100 phone calls from parents over the past several hours and that the employee in question had been terminated.

    According to Hikind, in addition to hearing from several parents on Friday, he also got a phone call just before Shabbos from the NYPD’s Special Victims unit in regard to a report filed by the parents of a Bais Sarah student.

    “There is no question that this happened,” Hikind told VIN News. “The fact that they let this guy go speaks for itself.”

    Hikind said that Bais Sarah, which has several hundred students in grades kindergarten through twelve and also runs camp Chayei Sura, has a reputation as an excellent school that places a strong emphasis on tznius.

    According to Hikind, he has received reports so far of girls being kissed and touched, with the incidents taking place in the elementary school, the high school and the summer camp, located in the Catskills.

    “I have been in touch with police and based on actual emails that I have in my possession from people who shared their names and their phone numbers, there were many complaints to Rabbi Klein about the inappropriate behavior and he didn’t do anything about it for years, until Friday,” said Hikind.

    People have been surprisingly forthcoming, noted the assemblyman, who said that he found significant resentment directed at Rabbi Klein.

    “I am told that he doesn’t answer to anyone,” said Hikind. “The fact that this school is considered to be one of the finest, where tznius is at the highest standard, is a little laughable as far as I’m concerned.”

    Spikey’s firing comes as good news, but is nowhere near enough, said Hikind who voiced his outrage that Rabbi Klein reportedly knew that innocent children were being subjected to abusive behavior.

    “This has been going on for a while and we do nothing?” asked Hikind. “If this wasn’t dealt with until now, that is horrible but let’s get to the bottom of this and deal with it. I want to protect children and make sure that this Spikey doesn’t end up at some other school and, to the best of my ability, I will make sure that there is justice about what happened until now.”

    Rabbi Klein did not return multiple calls for comment from VIN News.

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    1. The fact that they let this guy go speaks for itself what the heck does that mean this was ongoing for many years now that is coming to surface of course they let them go.someone has to take responsibility for this.I hope the parents get together and do what has to be done

    2. That’s why you never complain to the principal about important matters. You go to the board and executive director. Once they know it could affect donations, etc., they’ll do something about. The principal doesn’t necessarily think along those lines.

    3. This is the same Nuchem Klein, who forces mothers to come down to his office in person and threatens to expel their children because of the length of their sheitlech!

      • Pitiful liar!!! U have nothing to back up ur statement. U may have taanos in this alleged incidents but dont bring up lies. I guess ur daughter wasnt accepted so ur lashing out as many others are. This is a terrible happening but dont confuse a story with lies

        • How do you know he’s lying? Do you what goes on between all of the schools parents and principal? Why are you so upset? Let things work themselves out. Don’t jump in to defend something you want to defend, for whatever reason. ..without knowing the truth. Who says you know the truth.? This is much bigger and deeper than your scream!!!!

      • Don’t get fooled. Here is the real fact. Before entering 1st grade. He calls down every mother. Right. Together with the father. LOL. To discus the progress of their daughter and to plan the success of the coming years. Wow not a bad idea after all. Yes he will also discus the nature of the school how and what they teach the kids. Explaining that if the mother dresses different of what the kids are taught it can put the education of the kid in a difficult position. Don’t you worry, if he has something to tell the father he will do it as well. Above all, having all said, with warmth love and care with respect and dignity. Such a nice guy.

    4. Rabbi Klien chose to run instead of confronting this matter when its went viral last week; now it will run after him but, faster than him.
      I guess he’ll need to learn the hard way. 🙁

      • Where did he run? I heard from people who didn’t even know his name until last Friday, that he didn’t come in to school yet since the controversy was out. But my daughter confirmed seeing him Sunday in school. By the way I’m not worried at all for him. Do not celebrate. He is and will be OK.

      • Despicable lies! Unfortunately the tights in camp is a lot to be desired for. Camp is far not strict as school. She didnt do her job well so she didnt get paid. Period!

        • And you know that….how?
          Trust me…the tights are the least of our problems 60 denier or 70 denier. Seams or no seems. You think yiddishkeit is wrapped around the Palm tights and if that’s o.k were all o.k. That’s the sad part…There’s no neshama, only tights! You see all the OTD kids? I guess their neshama didnt matter. Only their tights did!

          • Dont b so judgmental. I wasnt at all implying that. A yidishe neshuma comes before anything but people are judging here unfairly without having any more knowledge other than what “our savior” Dov Hikind released. While Im not making excuses for Rabbi Klein, people are jumping on this just to see nekumah in him. Reserve ur opinions its the facts that count.

        • I’ve heard way stupider excuses that he’s used not to pay his employees. And sometimes no excuse at all. And if a person works for you, you pay them!! If you don’t like their work, send them home, don’t keep them all summer and then give a lousy excuse why not to pay!

        • An employer is not halachically allowed to withhold pay from employees for substandard performance. He can fire them or keep them on and pay them in full. Those are his only choices.

    5. I can not figure out who it was: a janitor? a woman teacher? and rabbi?

      Also the fact the Klein knew about it for years, means the fact that the person was fired only served to protect Klein and not to prove the innocence/guilt of the person….

      what was the ‘crime’??

      nothing is clear in this report!

    6. Can’t wrap my head around this one. It’s just so unbelievable. Unbelievable that this lowlife was allowed to prey on these girls for so long; unbelievable that the principal knew yet took no action; unbelievable that parents were aware and didn’t yank their kids out of the school. Something just doesn’t add up. One has to wonder what hold this guy had on the so-called principal…..

      • Most likely he has some schmutz, financial or otherwise, that he can use against the administration. Something along those lines. In today’s world, nothing surprises me anymore.

          • No…but no one here accuses the orincipal of abuse. And you dont exactly know all the details is all Im saying. And you dont, neither have I. All Im saying is. It will play out when the facts and evidence are gathered . You nor I, have them if you want to condemn anyone based on a vus is neios report, or any report for that matter, thats wrong. And no, I know alot about abuse, mind you and no, I’m all for the victim. .. but Im a spectator here as you are. So you have no RIGHT TO JUDGE AS OF YET.

      • Rabbi Klein did not abuse anyone…may be guilty of not throwing him out but that does not warrant mesira…and unless all commentors here have all the pieces of the puzzle, just let it play out and hope for things to fall into place. No defending from me here, but no accusations either. We are onlookers , spectators and no right to judge .

      • Thank you Mr. Gezinterheit for your question. By the way it is an excellent question. You asked why aren’t we looking for Rabbi Kleins resignation or arrest. I see you understand a thing or two so I will try to answer and explain it as much as I can. But you should be prepared that some people wont comprehend it at first. So please follow up and ask again until you thoroughly understand it entirely. Ok so lets get to the answer.
        — Because to request his resignation or arrest requires a reasonable reason. Thanks

    7. Rabbi Klein is just as guilty as the person who was fired maybe more. He knew about it and did nothing! He did not protect the girls in his care which is unforgiveable! I would not let him near my daughter! Good rabbi or bad!

    8. Something is wierd . Granted our schools are too slow to fire or apprehend our own . But why would a school not fire a “goy”? To the contrary it makes them look good and serious without the normal downside of ruining one of our owns life and family for just an accusation . ( Not saying we shouldn’t fire rabbeim either , but with a rebbe one needs to ensure that the rumor has substance before you destroy him . But a goy????)

      • I was told that the reason rabbi Klein gave a parent as to why he cannot fire ‘spikey’ is because this guy ‘knows too much and can get me in trouble…….’
        I’m guessing -as this parent understood it to be-that rabbi Klein was referring to spikeys knowledge of various ‘shtik’ He may have done regarding government lunch programs, etc. but feel free to draw your own conclusions as to what he meant.

        • Is “I was told” enough of a reliable source in order to “I’m guessing…..’shtik’ …..draw your own conclusions”?
          It’s amazing how anyone with fingers, a keyboard and internet access can publicly speak Loshon Hara? Did anyone ask for your two cents? Is this place a public Laundromat?
          I’m sure you attend the Chofetz Chaim Heritage foundation program on Tisha B’av, no?

    9. Kudos to our “hero” DOV HIKIND …It’s sad that you’re leaving us. Who’s going to have the guts to do what’s right even when they have to go against the Mosdos. All other politicians are dead scared of them because they are the ones who have the power & votes, but DOV you never cared, you did what’s right….You will be sorely missed!! Hatzlacha Raba in your future endevours.

    10. The root of the problem is that our schools are run as private businesses instead of public institutions which would require transparency and accountability in all metrics of performance not just the issue of molestation. This allows an environment where parents are at the mercy of the dictators running the schools and they have no recourse and must submit to the whims of those in power. It is long overdue for this system to be completely overhauled.

      • Well said thats why torah vodaath is successful nowadays because the board stepped in and forced them to revamp. Contrast that with Torah temmia what was a one man show

        • While Torah Vodaath is in a better position than the private “family business” schools, it still falls very short of the kind of accountability and transparency that would make it a true success. This is not just about one school or which school is better then the other. This is about the entire system. It needs to be completely overhauled with the best interests of parents,children, and employees taken care of. Unfortunately our unelected leaders are off lobbying politicians for government homeland security grants instead of putting their heads and their dollars together to fix our broken system.

          • Please keep the names of other institutions out of here unless you have an idea what you are talking about.
            The staff of Torah Vodaath, from the most distinguished rabbi to the assistant to the assistant morah to the part time secretary, take care of their children with dedication love and professionalism. If only all our children received their education in similar surroundings we’d have a lot less problems to deal with.
            Don’t drag them into this festering quagmire. They don’t belong here.

            • I did not bring up the name first and was only responding. However I will repeat that Neither Torah Vodaath or any other Yeshiva are managed with appropriate transparency,accountability, and checks and balances. There is an inherently unfair disparity between the power held by the yeshivas Vis a Vis the parents. The end result is that all too often parents and children are bullied by the institutions that should be there to serve the community. Instead the institutions put the institutional interests ahead of the people they are here to serve. This is why the entire system must be completely overhauled. The molestation coverups are only a symptom of much bigger management problems.

      • You are so right! So many families are suffering because the schools are run by private individuals as their own fiefdoms. It is not the internet, but the school situation that is destroying Klal Yisrael. If we do nothing, the fallout in 10 – 20 years will be unbearable. And, no family will escape harm!

    11. I do not know if this story is true or not. However I do know that Nochum Klein (note I don’t call him Rabbi) is a very tough man who does not care what anybody says or thinks of him. He has a mind of his own and he does what he wants. He has thrown out families on the street literally the day before school started because the parents had disagreemants with him or could not afford his draconian tuition hikes. He also has fought with many vendors and is not avery lovely man.

      • Without defending Rabbi Klein on “this” alleged incident cuz I dont know but what I do know is; that he does NOT throw kids on the gutter. There r quite a few families that other schools wld wash their hands clean from, and for the right cause and he does not. While he makes it harder for them to get accepted every yr for common knowledge, he defntly works with some troubled girls and does NOT throw them out. He should be commended on this one.

        • No child should ever be thrown out of ANY school. Get them help if they need but throwing out kids only assures you future trouble for that child.
          P.s. why was a kid thrown out over this incident last week? If mothers complained and it went on deaf ears. The goy should not be there in first place if this was old news. Why is a child thrown out?

      • Big fat lie! U have nothing to back urself up! There’s enough on the plate but dont suck out garbage. I know where he even gave a hanucha for parents. There r many girls who cld b thrown otta there and he enables them woth the right help to continue school with proper people. If a person made a mistake and its a bad one, dont come with things that dont hold any merit. Stick to the argument.

      • It’s amazing how anyone with fingers, a keyboard and internet access can publicly speak Loshon Hara? Did anyone ask for your two cents? Is this place a public Laundromat?
        I’m sure you attend the Chofetz Chaim Heritage foundation program on Tisha B’av, no?

      • As a parent in the school for 8 years now I can attest that your comment about throwing out families due to financial considerations is utterly false. There have been no “draconian tuition hikes” and I know of a few families who receive discounts on their tuition bills. It is widely known that Bais Surah charges monthly tuition on the lower end of the spectrum as compared to other schools in Boro Park.

        With regards to the current matter at hand, I am relieved that the individual is no longer employed at the school though I will be disappointed if it true that indeed there were complaints brought to the school’s attention alleging improper contact and yet they failed to act on it in a timely manner.

    12. Isn’t Hikind the one who a few years ago said he had hundreds of files about Rabbis and Yeshiva employees who have allegedly sexually abused children and he wouldn’t turn the information over to law enforcement?

    13. I say “where there is smoke, there is fire”….ONE complaint is ONE too many. This person should have been fired after the first legitimate complaint. By now, after so many years of misconduct reports, he should have been charged! Now the perpetrator is continuing his agenda on others. Rabbi Klein should also face charges for being negligent in taking care of the girls attending his school….our most prized possessions, our children, are in his care all day, every day!!!!!!!

    14. me as a father of 2 in school and in camp knows rabbi klein well in trust him all the way with of the best chinich and caring of each individual. would say this is coming from the bad people that would not be accepted in his school so making up stores on the school

      • Thats not true. Its coming from parents who do have the kids there. CHILDREN reporting things. No dismissel needed, but nothing can be a one man band. Everyone needs to give accounting to someone..a board, hanhala comprised of more than one person.The system need revamping, and a secure system to replace it…firing is not the answer..

    15. I am fluent in six languages, including English, Yiddish and Hebrew, and able to converse passably in two more. I am not saying this to brag but because I’d like to point something out. Many of the comments on this story have not been written in any language that I can identify. I wonder if others have taken note of this, and what would be their opinion on why this story in particular has attracted so many unlettered commenters.

        • Your knowledge of English is quite lacking. “Passably” is correct and it doesn’t mean the same thing as “possibly”. Go back to a school and learn some English.

      • Nished Geferlich. We do not plan to take the throne in Mitzrayim, oh sorry, Egept, in the near future. Yiddish Hebrew and Aramic, RIshonim Achronim and Poskim language are enough for now. Broken English is not necessarily holding back the Geula.

        • The disrespect that the talmidim of Rabi Akiva showed each other is in the form of broken English. Putting in effort to make your words understandable is just a basic part of respect.

    16. We all see the world in terms of good or evil but in reality people are more complicated. An askan can help many people and donate huge sums of the money but that doesn’t mean he is honest in business and/or treats his wife with respect. Same here with Mr. Klein, I have no doubt that he helped many girls and their families and I am sure many admire and respect him for that but if these alleged accusations are true and he allowed this abuse to go on because he was afraid that this individual would report financial improprieties is very troubling. We all have good and evil in us but hopefully our sins do not ruin the lives of our fellow brethren.

    17. Hikind told VIN News. “The fact that they let this guy go speaks for itself.”

      Friday the Whatsapp mob demanded that he be fired and questions be asked later, now that he was fired “it speaks for itself” of some alleged wrongdoing not only by the guy but by the school as well!

      Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

    18. OK. 100 parents called Hikind to complain. What is wrong with them?? Their children are being sexually abused and not one goes to the police?? Please no crap answers about the Chassidish community and shame. These parents do not give a damn about their children and might of screwed up their lives.

      • Dont worry. We the parents are not crazy yet. Rabbi Klein isnt retarted yet. While I dont condone keeping him for an extra second after the first complaint u guys out there get a life and dont worry for our kids. Proper action has been taken and everything was overdramatized and nobody got hurt. There was no abuse. All the kids r fine. Go back to ur own business while the school is taking it extremely serious and our kids are all safe. Thanku all.

      • thats not true, no parent compaint that their kid was sexuly abused. stop with this nonsence.
        (i probobly also heard that 1 voice note, from where everyone is taking their information)

          • Absolutely not!
            But no one reported to the school. And if they would the school would take care of the problem.
            It is just intrerasting that for rumors of a touch on a hand, they want to turn over the world. This means that this has nothing to do with if the story happened or not, it is only people who are upset at him for personal resons, and they are trying to distroy him with rumors..
            It shouldn’t be to hard to understand what i am saying….

            • What in the world- y does it have to be repeated so many times for it to register- parents DID confront him about their allegations & he did NOTHING about it!!! These allegation didnt suddenly come out of thin air. They are NOT RUMORS. And i am not one of the disgruntled parents that werent accepted to this school. As a matter of fact-my daughters in a school where she feels safe! Wanna know why? Cuz when she was patted on the arm by a goy working there; saying “ur a nice girl” – she had no qualms or question or fear, that the right thing to do is to tell someone-the day after telling the principal- the goy wasnt there anymore. Period. Thats a school that enforces the NO CONTACT RULE. Putting their students safety FIRST!! One would think that every school that has yiddish kids would do the same. Sadly this was not the case here. U can deny till ur blue in the face but nuchem klien himself admitted that he was aware and did nothing cuz the goy “knew too much”. U can draw ur own conclusion as to what that means exactly….

            • parents DID confront him about their allegations & he did NOTHING about it!!!
              -Says who?
              These allegation didnt suddenly come out of thin air. They are NOT RUMORS.
              -Any proof on that?
              As a matter of fact-my daughters in a school where she feels safe!
              -Mine too. In BAIS SURA…
              Wanna know why? Cuz when she was patted on the arm by a goy working there; saying “ur a nice girl”
              -Sorry, seems not as safe as BAIS SURA. My daghter wasnt touched at all. BH
              Sadly this was not the case here.
              -You know that for a fact. Again how?
              U can deny till ur blue in the face
              -Right aligations are much easyer than denying it. Regardless to the truth.
              Nuchem klien himself admitted that he was aware and did nothing cuz the goy “knew too much”
              –You know that for a fact. Again how?
              U can draw ur own conclusion as to what that means exactly…. ”
              -Right right, thanks. In fact I get it. I get it. Lets start a rumer about this. Oh its not a rumer anymore I saw it online I cant remember where. I do remember some extra dots 4 or 5. So we can add, I think, whatever we want. Its not a rumer. Its a fact. Go blue denying it

    19. Hi,
      I read a lot of comment here, and it seems to me that most (if not all people here are not even parents in this school, they are just the same LOSERS that always compliant every time there is something against a mosdos. AND THEY SHOULD ALL SHUT UP!!!
      I am a parent of a child in this school, and I never had any compliant on the school or administration. I called in to the school after these rumors came out, and they told me that they are on top of this investigation, and never ignored anything concerning, (and they fired this guy just to keep parents calm)
      I connected Mr. Hikind’s office as well and asked if I should be concerned and if they verified if the people that called in are actual parents of this school. They did not know a lot of information, they basically took their information from the voice note that went around (which that woman is BTW not a parent in this school), and from anonymous people that are not parents in this school.
      I spoke to a lot of people that have children here, and nether of them were concerned, even that girl that supposedly had the fabricated story in the summer is still in school with her sister, and it doesn’t look like her parents are concer

    20. I’m writing as a parent that had a few kids in Bais Sara school, when this story broke we had extensive talks about this guy, they had many stories! With the victims names, (i wrote down 12) from locking up girls in fridge in camp, flirting, calling girls by their names to come talk to him, to inappropriate touching in many different ways, 4 kissing attempts, 3 of which they confirmed with friends that was reported to (Rabbi?) Klein at the time, these stories have been happening over the years and not just recently, (i did not confirm the latest story but did confirm few similar stories in the past).

      As head of the school and over involved in every aspect of the school, he knows every single thing that happens (even the most minor things he gets involved in).

      I cannot understand what his mindset was on this matter, i know for a fact that he knew the stories about this employee as they happened and keeping him in school is no question negligence and child, endangerment.

      Most girls have that uncomfortable feeling around him too, they call him the creep, he’s behaving like a pedophile, makes the girls very uncomfortable! This is a whole discussion in itself (i have not heard of any physical actions or stories about him that makes him one).

      If he wants to keep his name and school name (which is a great school besides some issues) he will need to hire a good principal and stay out of the school for the most part (same with camp).

      • Did you complain to Rabbi Klein? (looks like you knew these stories for years) and if you are so upset at him, why do you send your children there. It a private school…
        that proofs that you have an agenda and a lire!!!
        We have to be stupid to believe you!

        • It is BLATANLY OBVIOUS that u were never in a position where u were at the mercy of a school accepting or rejecting u. First off- if my suspicions are correct and it is who I think it is- I can vouch she’s saying the truth. Second of All- her kids are graduates from the school. Meaning they are out & married… so she’s unafraid to speak up now. But had she had kids in the school and spoken up- or taken the initiative and taken her kids out once she knows of all this – where exactly would she go?? Whom are u kidding?? Once a school finds out the reason u left (and they always do) ur labeled as a menace- a threat- a troublemaker. And ur banned. Luckily for u- you’ve never been privy to this. Only people that have been thru the saga of rejection know this to be true. So I suggest u think before posting insensitive derogatory comments. To all of u judging and decrying the (rightfully) frustrated and upset parents (of the school or not) and calling them liars- pointing ur fingers at them- remember- when pointing ur finger-3 fingers are pointing ur way. Meaning You’re probably guilty of the same… so take heed.

          • My main question is, if these parents knew all this why didn’t they complain to the school??? And they did not .
            Rabbi Klein has no benefit of keeping a guy like this if he is doing these stuff.
            And I understand that all this hate is coming from people that were rejected from the school. Think about it, the worst rumor here is that this guy supposedly touched girls while serving peanut butter…. and messages are going around that he needs to be arrested… come on!!!! As if we are talking here about an investigation for rape… you can see from where all this is coming.
            And I wish you that you should have a lot of nachas from your children and not have any problem with them.

            • You must not be reading or comprehending what you read. Parents have been complaining for a long while.That mother DID complain…and touching your kids is o.k by you right? You mean they should wait for rape charges? Are you kidding me? Do you even hear what your mouth/ fingers are saying? This is not a new revelation and the reason, supposedly, was that he did not fire him for personal reasons. To me, children come first. Their safety first. Nothing personal overrides something like this. Whatever is or isnt true here…it’s bad enough. Our children deserve to feel free and protected and not have creepy guys around them. And….every school needs a board of directors. People need to answer to someone. People need decision makers in a school…not just one person. It just doesn’t work. It may work through intimidation and such, but it is not appropriate. And I guess parents make choices where to send their kids so what is there to say. They knew this is a one man band…either you keep quiet and go along for the ride, or you’re out. And out means,your kids don’t have a school after that. We need changes…big changes. I hope this all resolves itself peacefully. We don’t need to make news that involves chillul Hashem. We need unity, cooperation…ahavas chinum in our world. We need Moshiach more than ever…and we need to do everything with that in mind. We need to make Hashem proud of his children and not making headline news. We need not come to this that we have to inform on one another for inappropriate behaviors…that is awful. And when we unfortunately do have to, that is a bad stain on us. We need to be a light onto the nations in our behavior and not bring shame. SHAVUOS is upon us. May we be zoicha to protect and defend that Holy Torah and gift we received with love and not c”v with hate. I hope this gets resolved and nobody gets hurt.

    21. Wow, #87 th comment for this major headline “Hikind” this and Hikind that… what a hero‽ where was Hikind when a FedEx employee stabbed a bid in Manhattan? Why didn’t he call for a FedEx boycott?
      It’s time for Hikind’s resignation.
      This community has their priorities mixed up.

      • Doomed if he does doomed if he doesnt, by you. So youre upset he didnt do anything then? Well, for one, this is his district..and 2) if he finally did answer the call of duty, thats still not good enough for you. Some people are really confused in this world..

    22. This letter was sent by Rabbi Klein – PART 1
      April 30 ’18
      To our dear Bais Sura parents,
      As the Dean of Mosdos Bais Sura and Camp Chayei Sura I feel it important and imperative that clarification be made in regard to the events that have happened this past Erev Shabbos.
      An individual, who is not a part of the parent bodo of Bais Sura, and is not associated with the school in any way, has sent out a voise message. This message made serious accusations that we have “tuned a blind eye” on some alleged terrible behavior by one of the school employees. This individual, having no first-hand knowledge or facts, still decided to irresponsibly put this out in public.

      I feel compelled to strongly let the parents know that the safety and security of each and every child is of primary concern on a daily basis. There is constant surveillance monitoring the outside of the building and within as well. Those cameras and its recordings are viewed and checked for any and all wrongdoings. Additionally, there are heimishe and dedicated employees on all floors at any given time.
      After thorough reviews of all on going, the allegations that were spread were found to be unjustified. However, in

    23. Letter from Rabbi Klein PART 2

      However, in an effort to reassure and comfort our concerned parents and students, this employee has been terminated from working at Bais Sura in any capacity.

      The unfortunate part of this situation is that some have made this their stage to spread unwarranted לשון הרע and vent frustrations; without regard to any harm this may cause our students or this מוסד. For the past 20 years the goal of Mosdos Bais Sura has always been the same. It is to be mechanech our children על פי טהרת הקודש with the strongest and purest chinuch. There are ב”ה many grateful parents and proud graduates who can attest to this standard that we have set. It is also one that we will never waver from.

      Let us keep in mind that we are and remain a partnership. It is with the combined effort to parent and school that we will אי”ה be זוכה to continue to educate our children with much סייעתא דשמייא.

      Rabbi Nuchem Klein

      • not at all in the letter he says that that employee was terminated for what reason if he didn’t do anything like he says??? and surprisingly there is evidence from parents and kids that things were happening, so how can he say that nothing happened? he wrote a letter and now everyone should be happy and quiet???


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