New York – Following Symbolic Vote To Oust Him, Felder Says: I Represent The People, Not The Party


    FILE - Sen. Simcha Felder, D-Brooklyn asks New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio if he knows the cost of a loaf of bread and  a dozen eggs during a joint legislative budget hearing on local government on Monday, Jan. 30, 2017, in Albany, N.Y. (AP Photo/Hans Pennink)New York – A day after a resolution was passed by the Democratic convention symbolically removing him from the party, Senator Simcha Felder has vowed to continue doing what he was elected to do: representing the interests of the residents of the 17th Senate District.

    In a telephone interview with VIN News this afternoon, Felder admitted to being upset by the resolution and said that he was disappointed that partisanship appeared to be a higher priority than coming to the aid of New Yorkers who are struggling with massive financial burdens and other important issues.

    “It is disheartening to see so many Democratic party operatives focused on throwing me out,” Felder told VIN News. “What is more important to me is serving my constituents.”

    Still, Felder said it is will be business as usual for him, despite the censure by Democrats.

    “I was elected to represent my constituents, not a particular party,” said Felder.

    A second resolution passed last night at the convention had Democrats agreeing to throw their full support behind whoever opposes Felder in the September 13th primary, but any hopes the party may have had of completely removing Felder from their ranks were quickly dashed by Brooklyn Democratic party chairman Frank Seddio who voiced his support for Felder. By law, Felder could only be ousted from the party at the county level, something that could not happen without Seddio’s approval.

    “The Brooklyn democratic chair is opposed to the resolution,” said Seddio spokesperson George Arzt. “Frank Seddio will take no action against Simcha Felder.”

    There was no actual count of votes on the resolution to evict Felder, explained Arzt. Instead, delegates called out their “nay” and “yea” votes on a group of resolutions, including the two to expel Felder and another to legalize the use of marijuana.

    Just seconds after announcing the final resolution in the group, the one to remove Felder from the Democratic party, executive party director Geoff Berman slammed his gavel down and proclaimed the “yea” votes as the majority, passing the resolutions. Brooklyn delegate David Schwartz disagreed with Berman’s decision to pass the measures, calling it a “sham.”

    As previously reported on VIN News (, Governor Andrew Cuomo made clear his intention to rid the Democratic party of Felder who continues to caucus with Republicans, preventing the democrats from gaining a highly sought after majority in the Senate.

    Blake Morris, Felder’s likely contender in the September primary, took to social media to gleefully announce the passage of yesterday’s resolution, but warning that Felder could still be a tough opponent to beat.

    Referring to a Daily News article, Morris tweeted, “Here is good coverage of what the NY State Democratic Party ‘kicking Felder out’ actually means: not much. This is why I still need your support as the only way to ‘kick Felder out’ is to beat him at the polls.”

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    1. no Frum Jew should be a member of the democrat party the party of toevah marriage, abortion on demand, anti religious freedom and anti Israel

      • Well, wldnt compliment the democrats thattheyre anti Israel. It takes a person with a spine and a Jewish Torah mind and adhere to the principles to be anti israel.
        U can also argue that many republicans are pro Israel, and thats cuz they believe israel will ultimately b theirs not of any love for any Jew. Dont confuse Judaism with Zionism.

        • The anti Israel crowd support the destruction of Israel and the murder of its Jews NK scum who support hamas and iran in their bid to do that aren’t Jews they’re evil scum who should be put in cherem and no one should marry in to their families
          There’s no problem if evangelicals support Israel for their reason because their god ain’t coming back

        • Wrong . That’s an internal discussion for frum Jews . In terms of goyim all true Torah yidden including the Reba zya held that a goy needs to support Israel . Don’t mix up the two .

          Among true Torah Jews within us there is a shita to be anti Zionism. But it’s has nothing to do with goyim . They need to support Israel .

          As far as why right wing Christian’s like Israel . Firstly I don’t believe that many are so religious that they think like that . Either way who cares why they like Israel ? We know they will really never get it bec we will get it . So let’s them think that when thier messiah comes it’s theirs . Their messiah ain’t coming . Plus Jews believe something very similar where the goyim will be subservient to us when moshiach comes .

          May we merit to see moshiach soon

          • “They need to support Israel”??? Israels existence condtradicts EVERYTHING our holy Torah stands for. We need to stand up against Israel! But how? Thyre a mighty force. But by spreading the truth thru social media were doing Hashems Will.
            U would enjoy a healthy doze of common sense by @torahjews. U sound like ur aplit in the middle of a halfa anto Zioni but a lover for Israel.
            Reb Yakov Spiras new book which is totally sold out can help u too. U need a good reqd some educated stuff based on Torah so ul stop spewing Zionist garbage.

            • You are a fake satmar fake torah jew
              yes you got it.

              We need to spread a message via social media how bad Israel is and that it doesn’t represent the torah. But your goy and our leaders need to support Israel.
              Not a stira at all.

              Let me reword it like this, jews are still our brothers even if they sin. We still want them to do good and return. We may have to at times speak out agsint them but hashem doesn’t want even a rasha to die. That’s not from my pulpit. I say that by neila every year. So we speak out against their evils but wheh it comes to arabs threatening their will being we surely want them to stay safe.

              Basicailly anti Israel does not and should not mean pro Palestinain terror and murder. it just means anti zionist ideals. We still need to support polticans who are tough on terror and don’t consider any jewish blood cheap.

              I studied the reba zy’a seferim and al hgeula val temura. You are a fake satmar and distort the reba shita. Your torah is typical naive stupidty all fluff and not emes.

              Anti Israel is NOT pro Palestine.

          • No affiliation with NK but y is hatred to NK called by u FEH and hatred to Zionsm is acceptable? Hu?? Don’t agree with them at all but at least theyre not secular Zionist dogs that threw our holy Torah under the rug. Theyre definitely misguided but strong believers in Hashem while Zionists despise everything Hashem demands of us.
            A mental calculation is all u need. Ur hatred must be even to be able to make a half capable judgement.

          • Judaism and Zionism are the diametrically opposite. Wont help u a thing. Its our hoky Torah u vhoose to ignore as u condone the “so called Jewish State”. Go get urself some basic solid Jewish education and ul freak out on ur own words.

    2. Simcha is the man who really represents his constituents. I hope the Jewish community will come out in droves to support him. He is a real champ

    3. The democratic party has become the KGB dictatorship. Either you vote like us or you are out. And if you are part of the other party lets besmirch him. Simcha, beware if you as much as take a tissue to wipe your nose from a constituent, the fake news mobsters will blow it up. They are now out to get you KGB style

    4. This is why Demorats are snakes, they will do whatever it takes, even destroy their own people. It all stems from the top in Soros, a man who sold his own brethren to the Nazis.

    5. Simcha like our current President shows true leadership and fights for his people. He is a breath of fresh air. May Hashem give him the strength to fight against the anti semetic people in his party and do the work of the Klal.

    6. More proof that DemocRATS/ liberals care only about their own power and NOT the good of America and the constituents they are to serve…Gd bless Simcha Felder, a true and honest Jew, who cares only about doing the right thing, by Gd, and by the people, with no care to who gets offended or angry in the process!


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