Bronx, NY – Woman’s Verbal Tirade Against Orthodox Jewish Subway Passenger Goes Viral On Social Media


    Bronx, NY – A video showing an African woman unleashing an angry tirade on an Orthodox Jewish man as the two stood near each other on a Bronx-bound IRT train has gone viral after being posted to Twitter, sparking a war of words on multiple social media platforms.

    The nearly two minute long video shows an unidentified woman raging loudly at Brooklyn resident Yossi Wolfe at 8:53 AM on the 4 train.

    According to Wolfe, the woman had just boarded the Lexington Avenue Express on May 24th along with a mother accompanied by her three children, and she scolded fellow passengers for not giving up their seats to the family.

    When none of the passengers rose despite her requests, the woman continued berating them, saying that they would have gotten up if the family was Jewish.

    Wolfe said he was standing nearby when the exchange took place, noting that all of the people who were sitting on the train were African Americans.

    “After hearing that, I asked her to please not make any racist statements,” Wolfe told VIN News. “What ensued was her tirading me for what seemed like forever.”

    Wolfe kept his composure during the discussion, quietly asking the woman not to refer to Jews as “you people” while being repeatedly shouted down and told that Judaism is a race and not a religion. Attempts by Wolfe to defuse the situation by asking the woman to calm down elicited only more outrage.

    “No, I need to calm down now because I’m schooling your [obscenity],” the woman says. “You guys think you’re so [obscenity] smart, but guess what? I’m gonna teach you a lesson on this [obscenity] train today.”

    During the outburst, the woman made reference to the Holocaust and criticized Jews for being unfair to African Americans.

    “You treat us different in our community,” said the woman. “You won’t even rent to us. What the [obscenity] are you talking about?”

    Telling the woman that she was “hateful” prompted further criticism of Wolfe, who continued his attempts to explain to the woman why he felt she was guilty of racism.

    “I am not hateful,” said the woman. “Let me school you. No, did I say Jews are dirty? Did I say they stink? … And learn the difference between racism and prejudism.”

    Eventually, Wolfe gave up trying to argue with his fellow passenger and, at the advice of an elderly African American woman on the train, put on his headphones for the duration of his trip, while the torrent of criticism continued.

    “The lady continued yelling for a few more stops, but before she got off, she made sure to tell us that the reason she was in a bad mood was because her husband had just been arrested by the police,” said Wolfe.

    The video was posted to Twitter by user @chrisfrench_ where it has been viewed 117,000 times and retweeted more than 1,000 times.

    Most of the comments on the original tweet were largely in support of the woman, with Twitter user @escoszn_ tweeting “She’s right tho bro.

    A lot of Jewish people treat black people like trash in their own neighborhoods. Acting like they don’t live just a few blocks down” and @Rae_Diamond commenting, “She is saying everything a New Yorker who is a black American has felt towards the Jewish community.”

    The debate also raged on Instagram, where the video was viewed over 38,000 times on the Vos Iz Neias feed.

    Amid heated comments and insults, Instagram user davidmzucker took the women to task saying, “When this loudmouth says YOUR people don’t rent to us she is being a total antisemite…attributing the bad deeds of a few to the entire group.

    I’m sure she would not take kindly to similar assumptions about dark skinned peoples based on the negative actions of a few.”

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    1. The frum passenger made an error in trying to engage the foul mouthed, hateful and biased schwartser. He is lucky that she didn’t try to physically attack him with a knife or other weapon. The fact that most of the online audience supported her, says something. As someone told me a long time ago “One schvartser for another”. Incidentally, if anyone doesn’t like that Yiddish word, believe me that it is tame, in comparison with her obscene tirade. Incidentally, there are Black slumlords who are worse to their Black tenants, than are Yidden.

    2. Oy too complacient in golus. Why do people answer back to goyim? Why do people scream at mexicans for speaking spansih? Yidden forget we are in golus.

      Very sad

    3. Her facts were correct. Yes, he probably would’ve given his seat to a frum woman, and many frum landlords won’t rent to black families in their local neighborhood.
      However when we point out the high level of those committing crime in NY are black skinned, which is a fact, we are deemed racist.
      Also, telling someone who is irate to calm down, is not diffusing a situation. He never should’ve engaged her at should have simply ignored her.

      • he was standing the people sitting are other black people if they would give up their seats for a Jewish family and not a black family she should be screaming at them

        • Right, why didnt she get angry at her fellow blacks who didn’t get up???? Because she saw a good target,a Jew whom she obviously detests! She IS a rabid racist as unfortunately many blacks are.

      • Totally disagree with you. A frum person wouldn’t have gotten a seat faster…stop bending over backwards trying to convince yourself and everyone here how “UNracist” you are. Idiots like this are the reason the disastrous Obama, an empty suit, no experience muslim supporter, made it into the presidency twice!

    4. She’s absolutely right……would never rent an apartment to them……. Most of them don’t pay their rent, using the broken legal system to their favor……..secondly, when you finally get them evicted….they trash the place…….in spite.

    5. I .Live in Crown Heights Many years, trains are the most Difficult, Blacks are Natrually hate full of White people, Let alone Jews!
      They Became Rich off the Housing By Chasing out the Jews. forcing them to practicly abandon their homes in the 60’s & 70’s & Selling them now for Millions

    6. Why isn’t she brought up on charges like that guy on the LIRR from 2 weeks ago? Oh I forgot he was yelling at a black woman but she was yelling at a Jew.

    7. One more point I forgot to mention ….this is what happens when Jewish “bleeding hearts” take it upon themselves to fix all the wrongs in the world !!! I hope your offended !!!

    8. The rag NY Daily News headline stated “Black woman in obscene filled altercation with Jewish passenger”. It implied that the Jew was hurling obscene insults at the Black woman, when in fact, it was the other way around. Alas, this is reality in NYC, in 2018.

    9. too painful to watch the clip, but got an ear load on the radio of it. i commend this man for stepping up to this beast of burden. husband?? this piece of trash is likely never married and has kids from multiple convicted felons. what do you expect from the 4 train?? it’s a ghetto shuttle. bh this man was not attacked by the others on that car

      naturally, no outrage from us yidden. no demand to track her down and ban her from the mta as was done to the lirr racist. the only sense we have is never to rent to these animals. at least this trash bag has her cotton picking sense together in that respect

    10. Most people normally don’t get up for anyone. I have gone on buses and subways and people don’t get up. I personally, got up many times for older people, of any race. I feel the Jewish guy should have moved to a different section and not said a word to her. He made it all worse. She was already fuming, he made her worse. She is definitely a racist. We Yiden, need to keep low profiles, wherever we go.

    11. Factually, she is correct in that her animus towards Jews does not make her a racist, merely a bigot. As to who didn’t stand up for whom, she is merely venting at an obvious white man as opposed to the other passengers sitting who are black, and that makes her a racist bigot. Glad she took advantage of her education to “school” him in profanity. Top grades there!


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