Rockland County, NY – Monsey Toddler Dies In Tragic Car Accident


    Rockland County, NY – In what appears to be a heartbreaking accident, a fifteen month old girl was killed after being struck by a vehicle that was driven by her father in front of her Monsey home.

    The accident took place this afternoon in front of 18 Phyllis Terrace, a multi-family house near the massive Vizhnitz synagogue.

    The Ramapo Police Department said that Gitty Rosenberg suffered fatal injuries in the accident involving a 2017 Toyota Sienna which took place at 3:37 PM. The toddler was rushed by Hatzolah to Good Samaritan Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

    Chasidic men wearing Chesed Shel Emes vests were busy at the scene shortly after the accident, scrubbing at the sidewalk and driveway in front of the multi-family home with cleaning fluids.

    Crowds gathered at the scene, which was roped off by yellow crime scene taped affixed to cruises from the Ramapo Police Department, a delivery truck from Rockland Kosher supermarket and a man who appeared to be the driver of the truck, both roped off inside the accident scene.

    A woman who stood near the yellow tape with red rimmed eyes said that she could not provide any details of the accident out of respect for the family, but was overheard telling another bystander that it was “just an accident.”

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    1. Dear Vosizneias,

      Subject article in a Jewish publication might be more suitable and caring to the family, and readers.

      something to that effect

      Monsey toddler tragically passes away from a serious motor vehicle accident r”l bdh’e.

      • In case you haven’t noticed VIN in general and Sandy Eller in particular go out of their way so that it shouldn’t be viewed as a “Jewish Publication”
        Read carefully the articles about Orthodox Jews or those about Israel and you’ll see what I mean!!

        • It’s called professional journalism.
          You are not reading a what’s app group.
          I’m sure the editors would rather cover other happy events.
          may the family finds comfort.

    2. Perhaps the photos, other than the first, shouldn’t have been posted. It’s a terrible nightmare for the family, why should they have to be the focus of all the nosy onlookers? Let them grieve.

    3. Chris St. Lawrence and the greedy developers are somewhat responsible. On land that once had a one family house now sits a 10 unit building. The house probably had a nice backyard for children to play not long ago and now probably has nothing for the kids. I think the accident can be partially attributed to overdevelopment.

      • My thoughts exactly. Every time I drive by this area on 306 I wonder how Hashem must be looking out for those kids playing in their small driveways with all the cars and deliveries coming in , not to mention the 306 traffic that is a yard away. Over devemoplment is cleary an terrible issue in this area.


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