New York – Satmar Anti-Zionism Event Expected To Draw Thousands On Long Island


    FILE - Grand Rabbi Aaron Teitelbaum speaks at a mass gathering of Satmar Hasidic Jews in the Brooklyn borough of New York December 2, 2015. ReutersNew York – Thousands of Satmar chasidim are expected to turn out on Sunday for a massive unity event in protest of Zionism.

    Starting at 3 PM at the Nassau Coliseum, the convention is timed to coincide with the 20th day of Sivan commemoration of the murder of thousands of Jews and the burning of many sifrei Torah in Eastern Europe several hundred years ago.

    The fact that the event is being held on the same day as the 70th annual Celebrate Israel parade was purely unintentional, said Yitz Farkas, one of the convention’s organizers.

    More than 10,000 people are expected to turn out amid heavy security at the coliseum for the three hour event, which will feature words of inspiration from the Satmar Grand Rabbi, Rabbi Aaron Teitelbaum, and the head of the Eidah Charedis in Jerusalem, Rabbi Moshe Sternbuch, and several other unspecified speakers.

    According to Farkas, the last similar event took place in 1978 at the New York State Armory and was led by the Satmar Grand Rabbi, Rabbi Yoel Teitelbaum.

    Farkas said that the event is being highly anticipated in the Satmar community.

    “This is going be really huge, something really special,” said Farkas.

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        • Thanks Yamsar for straightening that yutz poster #1 out. But I’m not a violent ideologue Zionist. I’m only an intelligent, engaged Zionist who cannot stomach self-hating satmar alt-yidden who join our enemies, even after the Churban. -HaShomer

        • A chilul hashem is when, at a time that rockets are being fired on Jews, this demonstration is taking place. R’Yoelish, zt”l is turning over in his grave. He was careful to make sure that demonstrations against Israel would not take place when it could be taken advantage of by enemies of the Jews. And he made sure that there would not be a demonstration when Jews were being attacked by Arabs. In
          other words, he would not have agreed to a demonstration at this time. In fact, he canceled rallies or demonstrations that had been scheduled when, at the time they came up, Jews were being attacked. Those who are involved in this rally have no idea what the REAL Satmar Rebbe, R’ Yoelish, was all about. They are a bunch of fools who are doing something that the REAL Rebbe would have considered a chilul hashem.

    1. Purely coincidental that it falls on the same day as the Salute to Israel parade.
      If you really believe that line, I have a bridge for sale. It’s a good way to keep some of the yunger Satmar chevra (who might go to Manhattan to learn about what other Jews do as a kiddush HaShem) busy with other activities.

    2. Satmar and its followers have become museum relics. Today, most Jewish children are born in EY/Israel, and almost half of all Jews live there. What may or may not have been true 100 or 80 years ago is totally irrelevant today. Herzel has been dead for 114 years and Ben Gurion has been dead for 45 years. The fact that Satmar is still fighting these battles, while the rest of the religious Jewish world has moved on, makes Satmar look stupid, at best, or, at worst, merely pathetic.

      • As long as our holy Torah “is around” then we have to keep on fighting the Zionist regime. We are a small voice in a large Zionistic Propaganda but nevertheless thousands of Anti Zionist Jews are here to say “Judaism is not Zionism”. Bless them all!

      • Thems a whole lot of museum relics, dontcha think?
        There are more Satmar chasidim today than ever before. One of the reasons for that is their refusal to capitulate. They are, on a whole, steadfast in their beliefs. Whether you agree with those beliefs or not is not their concern. Their beliefs are real, not chosen for posterity. They are not fickle, like some of their brethren.
        If you think they’re “stupid” or “pathetic”, well that’s more of a commentary on you than of them.

        • Not surprisingly, since I wrote my comment in plain English, you as a Satmar or fellow traveler did not understand it. After all, to you English is a foreign language Specificallly, I did nor say that there are only a few Satmar Chasidim, nor did I speak about any growth in Satmar. I did say that most religious Jews do not subscribe to the Satmar approach to Israel, and as a result it increasingly belongs in a museum. There may be 10s of thousand at the rally, but the number of religious Jews who support and live in Israel is numbered in ( at least) the high hundreds of thousands.

          • Youd be surprised how many tens of thousands of Jews “living in israel” are totally unaffiliated with the State of Israel. They live there for hubdreds of years but despise its medinah and its cohorts.

    3. It’s important to distinguish between anti Zionism and pro Muslims . That’s a key difference between satmar and netura karta. The Reba zya believed we need to denounce the medina while not supporting Muslims either . Internally we denounce the evils of Zionism among us . Externally , for the goyim we only denounce zionsits when they cheper frum values and only re frum values . For example digging up graves that are sacred to us or army drafts . In those instances we protest at the embassy . But we never out right show any support for Hamas or Abbas . When it comes to security outwardly we still support the tzionim vs Abbas . And we support politicians who support zionists vs arabs . ( That doesn’t mean that ” on the inside ” we don’t criticize israels actions as he did in the six day war calling the victory “masa satan”)

      Kepoint it’s sticky and nuisanced . When kanoim distort the Reba zya shita to mean support Hamas they are wrong and distorting the truth aka fake news

      • Your post is disingenuous. The article itself states that the last time a protest of this magnitude was organized in 1978 by satmar under R’ Yoel.

        • And your point . yes the reba zy’a made a protest in 78. But what was it for and what context? Lets not start saying its for the innocent 60 muslim yimach shimo’s lives.

          You comment has no intllect. Just abi to dispute anything i say almost to the point of annyoance

          • The protest today isn’t about innocent Muslims. Don’t distort their states intent. I do t support them, but I also don’t twist their ideology, so that I can continue to believe that I can align myself with them. I am diametrically opposed to their “shita” and approach. Be intellectually honest and admit they R’ Yoel’s ideology and your’s are incomoatiable.

            • Sorry not incompatbale at all

              Tzionim= bad
              Safety = good
              Settlements and tough on mulsims = saftey.

              I never accused the asifa today of being about supporting Hamas. i am simply stating that many kanoim on this site need to be careful to distinguish between the two.

              Not convinced the reba would be against my ideology. Sorry.

              Meanwhile lets all agree that we need to pray that the palestinains get yena machla

            • The shita is NOT NOT pro palestine but anti zionist. You need to understand theres a major difference. Satmar Rebbe loved every jew…cried for every fallen soldier…do you even know how big is heart was…you have to learn his sefer. Most of you here havent a clue what he writes about.

      • No it’s not if your going to the Goyim to complain: as in Nassau Coliseum. Ha- Moser ain lo chelek le-olam ha-ba. Ther’s a Chelkas Harrabonim in Gehinom as well.

    4. As if there aren’t hatred towards Jews these clowns are going to take it one step further, in a public display of Jew upon Jew hatred.

      He calls himself a grand rabbi, for SHAME !!!

        • The Israel Day Parade is a positive event helping support all residents of Eretz Yisroel.
          The other event is a negative event, hurting Klal Yisroel.
          I understand being anti Zionist, but keep it out of the public eye. It causes a chillul Hashem, and potentially jeopardizes Yiddishe lives.
          Instead of knocking Zionism, help bring back the Yidden that need to be brought back. This can only be done with Ahavah!

    5. #5 that is the propaganda satmar spreads. There is no draft! All you need to do is apply for an exeption and walla, your exempt. Fail to apply because you don’t recognize the median will get you drafted!
      They did not dig up old Jewish graves. Those were graves from the plilishtims

    6. Is this what we need today WHEN THE WHOLE WORLD IS AGAINST ISRAEL?some misguided souls want to give ammunition to the haters of jews Let them all move back to hungary and romania where the will be loved .The holy reb yolish
      ( who was saved by kastner on that train to switzerland )said israel wouldn’t last 50 years , see how he was right

      • Reb Yoilish was NOT saved by Kastner. Read history. Its totally inaccurate and what does t hafta do with this event? Satmar people need to pay homeage to zionism cause they claim tHat kastner saved the holy Rebbe. THEY DIDNT AND IF THEY DID THIS WLDVE BEEN ONE GOOD DEED THEY EVER DID but again, THEY DID NOT but and we still hafta declare to the world that ZIONISM IS NOT JUDAISM!

        • Absolutely correct – he was not on the Kastner train. In 1944, he traveled by Swissair ( first class) from the airport in Satu Mare, and flew straight to the international airport in Williamsburg

    7. Over a hundred years ago, the rabbis were very much anti Zionism and for a good reason; the zionists at that time used to encourage chillul shabbos and not to do other mitzvos.

      Today, there is really NO Zionism or zionists, we have the State of Israel and b”h the religious people here are a growing and thriving minority that have quite a say in the runnings of the state.

      So to be anti zionist today is like using gas lights and wooden stoves. Times have changed the reality on the ground…

      • So u dug ur grave and fell into it and ranting. THE ZIONISTS TODAY ARE THE SAME AS THEN. BIBI IS A CUT COPY PASTE FROM HIS MENTOR HERZL YM’SH. Are you for real? They USED to encourage chilul shabos and not to observe other mitzvahs? I hope your in good company while throwing sand in your face and saying its snowing. Theyre the same as their mentors. Apikorsim wanting to exterminate the Torah and all its mitzvahs. Its amazing to find people that are so complacent as you are.

        • Why are you focusing on the Zionist apikorsim. There are Apokorsim in your midst and many of your young people are going off the derech in alarming numbers. Why are you not having rallies to prevent this?

          • Your??? How about OUR?? Its a calamity that befell all Jews unfortunately regardless of litvish chasidish or whatever. Dont mix apples and oranges now.

    8. Iam embarrassed to be from a satmer family. Both of these pretend Rabbis of ours are really nothing but a bunch of money grabbers surrounded by greedy people who continue to ignite the fire of hate. When will us Jews learn to stand together or at least not bash one another.

      Hitler would be so proud Reb Ahron.

    9. To be a grand rabbi requires far more than arranging protests and demonstrations against the Jewish State of Israel. If Teitlebaum has problems with Israel as a state or with Zionism, bringing it out in to the gentile public is certainly NOT the way to go.

      In the Jewish world Tetlebaum, you’re pretty irrlevant, this event will certainly earn you maintaining that status of irrlevancy !!!

      • First of all, he is not afraid, nor cares about public opinion, esp.yours. They are not fickle and bend to your rhetoric. Those who believe in Torah, don’t change for the times or for people..
        Secondly, this event is in this arena not as a public event…but because there were too many ppl registered to go and needed a bigger venue. This event is being held for satmar chasidim and not for anyone else really. strengthen the youth on the principles of what Satmar Rebbe’s seforim were about and for those who are interested in Torah truth. Interesting how comments appear about a Goan a Tzaddik ztl..a giant in the world, yes the world. You are playing with fire. The least anyone can do is read his sefer and get educated, but you are all smarter than a man who was a walking sefer torah, pure as snow…you may not believe or accept anything, but at least some humility…compared to this Giant…and judgements without the facts. How amazing YOU jews, who think you are wiser.When you finish reading, you may walk away abit enlightened, but then again, I don’t expect anyone of you to challenge yourself to that.

    10. Iam embarrassed to be from a satmer family. Both of these pretend Rabbis of ours are really nothing but a bunch of money grabbers surrounded by greedy people who continue to ignite the fire of hate. When will us Jews learn to stand together or at least not bash one another.

      Hitler would be so proud Reb Ahron.

    11. This question is directed to all pro satmer.
      Why is it important to you to influence goyim.
      It is easy to see how you diminish kovod Hashem- I put to you to explain how you are expanding kovod shomayim.
      And also answer why it is important to get goyim involved in an internal jewish issue?
      Or maybe you don’t care if u make a chillul Hashem as long as it expands you’re agenda.
      I’d love to hear a response without name calling and insults.

      • Goyim have nothing to do with this. Its a kines for his chassidim. Tbey had to take a big venue because they didnt have place elsewhere. People registered to come. This not a PUBLIC event…thats your mistake. They would have held it in Kiryas Yoel if they had place, they didnt.And if they would, youd still be critical. People against the Rebbes shita will always find something to criticize.

        • Do you think that the press won’t be there and report this with great happiness. Of course they will and will be happy to report to the world that Jews stand with the Arabs against other Jews. This is the way it will be presented by the press, even if it’s not true. That’s why it is a chilul hashem.

          • Do you complain when the press misrepresents the Israelis in the news every day? Do you call them out? No one called the press and no one cares what they say. I dont get my knowledge from the press. If I want to learn about issues..I study them.

        • As do the Wiiliamsburg Satmar. Even the two satmar groups can’t join in this, their Egel Ha-zahav. Are Satmar Jews or goyish decendants of the Madjar masquerading as Jews?

    12. People who are really comfortable and truly confident in their position usually have no problems with other people expressing a different position.
      If you’re having a problem with someone else’s opinion, perhaps start by examining your own.
      Let’s remember that this is taking place in the United States. Freedom of expression still exists, even with the current occupant of the White House.

    13. I don’t know why they are here. Throw them all out, they are a drain on our resources (yes, they DO take…. you think their wives PAY for giving birth? They get electricity & water & gas & if they get robbed they want the Nazi Police to get their stuff back)

      Leeches of the worst kind. All they contribute is filth, hovels & hate. Ship ’em all off to Williamsburg & KJ.

      • “Leeches of the worst kind. All they contribute is filth, hovels & hate.”
        Patently false.
        What is true: YOU contribute hate.
        Where should we ship you off to, Mr. “ISRAELI”?

      • Self hating mireable Jew. Woe! U dont hafta agree with them but Im seeing on social media a kidush Hashem all over. People are reaponding in kind that REAL religious Jews are anti Zionists and unaffiliated with the apikorsim running the Jewish State.
        Its mind boggling how one can even be a happy that a mechall l shabos and a person that doesnt observe mitzvahs, can lead a Jewish State? Even a secent gentile doesnt get it. U see Teump with a yarmulka m eting Bibi while the “leader of the Jewish State” isnt wearing one. Dont u have questions on ur beloved Bibi? Isnt it black and white that theres something so terribly wrong? The reall question is to the religious Zionists but ur all so blinded with love for the Jewih State and hate for the Anti Zionists that have the Torah as their guide. Too bad on u. U cannot refute them. Its not the Satmar shiite. Its the Torah’s shiite. Many many NOT Satmar people from around the world know the truth. Hava feeling u have doubts too but ur hatred wont let u seek the truth.

        • This is precisely the point – Satmar truly believes that they are the only “REAL Jews”, and every other Jew is a fake Jew. Therefore, any facts opposing their belief are irrelevant because they come from Jewish Goyim

        • Youre right with what you said, but in the shita, it would not matter if a frum jew were at the helm. The same would apply. Its not the frumkeit of the leader that the shita is about.

    14. What all you ignorant people dont understand is the Rebbes shita at all. He cried bigger tears than you for every soldier that fell…he loved every jew MORE than you can ever love yourself. You just rant and rave about satmar, but you dont KNOW what their fight us about. The Rebbe believed that every life was so precious that nothing was worth the loss of a SINGLE LIFE. DO YOU EVEN KNOW HOW HE CRIED ABOUT THAT? na…most of you do not understand what the shita is. You just attack, rant…the only way you can understand is if you read the sefer. Most of the things that most of you rant about are ridiculous…because it doesnt even apply to his feelings on the matter.

    15. I keep seeing comments about the Satmar Rebbe’s Sheeta. This is not the point. Every frum Jew must respect the Sheeta of the Rebbe, even if he doesn’t agree with it (other Gedolim have a different Sheeta and those must also be respected.) If you are Satmar, it is your obligation to follow your Rebbe’s sheeta. The problem is that some people want to follow that part of his Sheeta which you agree with, but ignore any other part. The Rebbe’s sheeta as far as rallies and demonstrations against the Medina or Zionism is that they may not take place when Jews are
      being attacked. Jews are being attacked from Gaza right now. The Rebbe would never have allowed this rally to take place today. This was his Sheeta and he made it clear. Why are all of you who are so concerned with his Sheeta ignoring the fact that the rally, at this time, is AGAINST the Rebbe’s sheeta.

    16. Start with comment #1 and read all the comments. And you’re worrying about ‘apikorsum Zionists’? The theocratic self-hatred of the satmar against Israel brings punishment on all Yidden. Look at the neurosis in the comments. Did satmar help nazis hunt down and kill Zionists Jews during the Churban? Why are they helping our enemies now? ASK YOURSELF.


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