Nassau County, NY – Photos: No Screens And Heavy Security As Thousands Attend Satmar Anti-Zionist Convention


    Satmar Rebbe Rabbi Aron Teitelbaum giving a speech to his thousands of followers built as an anti-Zionism convention in Nassau Coliseum in Nassau County NY on June 3, 2018 (Eli Wohl/VIN news)Nassau County, NY – Busloads of Satmar Chasidim made their way to Long Island this afternoon for an hours-long convention discussing the dangers of Zionism.

    Men and boys of all ages traveled to the Nassau Coliseum from Borough Park, Williamsburg, Kiryas Joel, Lakewood, Montreal and beyond going through metal detectors to ensure security at the event which was also patrolled by members of the Nassau County Police Department who circled the venue on horseback.

    Visitors were greeted with bags containing light refreshments and a small pair of binoculars, with a decision made not to utilize the jumbo screens in the coliseum because of videos are frowned upon, explained Yitz Farkas, one of the event’s organizers.

    Many brought their own high powered binoculars with them in order to get a better view of the convention’s proceedings, which lasted longer than the expected three hours.

    Among those who spoke at the event were Rabbi Moshe Sternbuch, head of the Eidah Charedis in Jerusalem, Rabbi Getzel Berkowitz of the Kiryas Joel Beis Din, Rabbi Shmaye Lev of the Satmar Beis Din in London and Rabbi Yaakov Koppel Schwartz of Israel. The Satmar Grand Rebbe, Rabbi Aron Teitelbaum, spoke for well over an hour about the dangers of Zionism and announced the creation of a new foundation called Shekel Hakodesh which would provide financial relief to Israeli schools that do not accept government funding.

    Extra seating was arranged on the floor of the arena to accommodate the crowd.

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      • I grew up in a community similar to Szatmar. In fact, some of my family comes from the Szatmar region in Hungary, The family that was murdered in Auschwitz because they could not defend themselves. When the Nazis murdered those Jews, they made no distinction between Haredi, or non-religious. Only the Szatmar does this today. I proudly served in the Israel Defence Forces and would do so again in a flash. These people are a disgrace to Judaism.

    1. Please, no hateful comments. These people, and they’re not only of the Satmar sect, believe with their heart and soul that only the Ribono Shel Olam can redeem us, not some secular government body. Let’s not get into the nitty-gritty on this site of the myriad of details of the decades long debate between those who feel that the geulah is already under way and those who genuinely believe the geulah can only come about with the coming of Moshiach. How’s about agreeing to disagree respectfully, especially in light of the fact that we all are direct or indirect recipients of the generosity of Satmar organizations. They not only care about every Yiddishe neshoma but put their money where their mouth is. Are there misguided youth among them? Most certainly. As there are everywhere else. Keeping the peace and avoiding ugly rhetoric and name calling will serve us well and hasten the Geulah Shleimah.

      • #2 I love this “tzedeikis” .She says “no hateful comments” “Keeping the peace and avoiding ugly rhetoric and name calling etc”
        The Satmars brought this to a public arena ,,,, hellllllllow!
        This is not a private opinion that we should not respond to ….. this was a message from Jews to the goyim, that they are the authentic Jews and the rest of us are not..
        The “geulah” cannot come as long as there are Jews who publicly denounce more than half of the world’s Jewish population that live in the State of Israel.
        We cannot remain silent or as you put it “agreeing to disagree respectfully” because thats not what Satmar is doing ….. we have to use every single forum just like them to put goyim on notice that Satmar and their cronies are a minority of a minority and that they represent only their own self interests and that they do not speak for any other Jew!

      • And they benefit from welfare, speak for yourself satmar is an EXCLUSIVE group no outsiders meaning jews not confirming 100% may live in a PUBLIC city in ny state.

      • No hateful comments? Are you serious? Get yourself over here & see how these “people” you respect so much treat other Jews – even Chareidim – who don’t agree with them. They spit on us, call us Nazis, PUBLICLY threaten our families, because we have Hakores HaTov for the right to live as Jews in our own country.

        As a frum woman I object to them pushing me out of the way so they can walk on the sidewalk in Meah Shearim – I should walk with my eineklach in the street?!

        They deserve every epithet thrown at them, and more. Believe me, they hate frum people who disagree with them more than they hate the chilonim.

        Satmar IS A CULT. I taught in their schools, I know.

      • Thanks for your comment.

        I would just take issue with your premise that there are people who believe that Zionism had brought on the Geulah. There isn’t really 2 sides to this. Any reasonable person knows that this is a false notion. The only country where Jews are still routinely slaughtered en mass, and nobody in the world give a damn, is Israel. People who believe that this is some kind of geulah should just be ignored.

        • You are disputing r kook. Nobody claims it’s the geula . They claim it’s an “haschalta degula”

          Don’t forget after the war let alone during and before the holocaust many countries including the USA had quotas . Israel was the only place for Jews to freely go after the holocaust . Speak to survivors . There is a reason lots of erhlich Jews like punivitcha rav put up a flag on yom hatzmot, and said hallel. R shraga fevial ztl made a bracha when the medina was founded

          • That’s a meaning less phrase. Everything is “hischlate d’geulah” WWII.. the discovery and development of electricity.. everything is a build up. That itself is nothing special and doesn’t stand out among any other event in history. As the Chazon ish said.. if this is what we were crying for the last 2000 years it was a waste of tears.

          • R shraga fevial zt came every day to learn Rambam with the Holly Satmar Rebbe Zt’l, the rebbe with his busy schedule made time before mincha to learn with him. R shraga fevial ztl was asked why he goes to such great effort to learn Rambam with the Rebbe he answered only somebody who learns torah lishmah can understand only understand the true meaning of the Rambam since the chofetz Chaim there has not been such an ish emes like Satmar Rebbe who learns torah lishmah.

            Rabbi Elya Meir Bloch once intervened in an argument between Reb Aron kotler Zt”l and the Rebbe, the Rebbe left the. Reb Aron Zt’L Told Reb Elya Meir to beg Satmar Rav for Michala since he is A Gon Hgoinem in Torah, Avoda And Gimalas Chasdim. when the Rebbe was on the way to Miami with Amtrak and it developed mechanical problems near Cleveland, Reb Elya Meir invited the rebbe to give a shier in Telse when the Rebbe arrived Reb Elya Meir ran down the stairs jumped over the hood and led him in after the shier which was extraordinary even though he was unprepared Reb Elya Meir announced i jumped to do what Reb Aron told me had i known how big of a Goen. i would not have waited so long, i beg the rebbe to forgive me there

        • Jews Are routinely slaughtered en masse?!?!?
          My first thought was “poor guy is not playing with a full deck”, but upon further thought I’ve come to the realization that you’re simply an evil liar

      • Well said

        And I’d add it seems like they were respectful in not flaunting nor in denouncing any goyim nor in supporting Muslims ( unlike nk)

        So totally agree

      • Shtusim! They are the beneficiaries of our Chesed, Stop opening your doors to their Shnorrers,stop eating their Hasgochas, stop funding their Kimpatorin aid, stop funding their Bikur Cholim, etc , etc, and we”ll quickly see who benefits from whom. Your comments about hateful comments and disagreeing respectfully should be directed to the Chayos (yes Ahron and Shterbuch as well) who put on this hate orgy as amusement for the readers of the NY Times, etc., not to the normal K’lal Yisrael. This is just a bad event by bad people.

      • “Please, no hateful comments. These people, and they’re not only of the Satmar sect, believe with their heart and soul that only the Ribono Shel Olam can redeem us, not some secular government body.”

        But why would such principled and earnest people waste all this time and money as well as seek the hideous arrogance of publicity?

        It is not what they believe is the problem. It is what they DO that is the problem.

    2. Zionism does not exist today as it existed a hundred years ago. Today’s state of Israel is not the zionist entity that zionism was. Today the state of Israel is getting more and more religious and more and more people are observing mitzvos and sitting and learning Torah even in formerly Shomer haTzair kibbutzim….

      Why Satmar does not get up dated, I do not know but I hope that they enjoyed their show and keep doing good things….

      • unfortunately youre living in fantasy land. The youth of today are the biggest Zionists. Satmat doesnt need to be updated. They see it up close. Zionism has unfortunatly infiltrated the best of Satmar too. We have to be vigilant and give our kids the truth that ZIONISM AND JUDAISM DO NOT COEXIST.

        • What are you hocking achink about ?

          Youth biggest Zionist ? You think the Israeli youth care about the medina or ideology ? Do they want to kidnap charedim and chop off their peyos ?

          You are just engaging in fear mongoring and fake news

    3. pictures,pictures,and more pictures of what?
      the people who are there support anti zionisim whatever that means. supposedly the speakers support anti zionisim.why do we tell the world the jews lack achdus. forget the cost of this extravaganza an audio broadcast with simultainious translation would have been much more effective unless of course they dont really want to convince anyone of their position

    4. So now that the gentiles know that Jews also hate each other there’s certainly no reason for them not to hate us either.

      Great kiddush hashem, Aron P. Teitelbaum. The P stands for pathetic !!!

    5. what a waste of money. pictures that say nothing .an audience that agrees with the speakers . speakers that agree with the audiance .using an audiocast with simultaneous translation may
      gain supporters .what this shows is that we lack achdus.we dont need to support our haters we have enough of them!

    6. The reason the Satmar Rebbe survived the Holocaust is because the Zionists saved him by getting him out of Hungary on the Kastner train in June 1944 just as they were taking him to Auschwitz The Zionists brought him to Israel where he lived in Haifa for a year before moving to America. When people asked him why he does not show his hakoras hatov, appreciation, to the Zionists for saving his life, he said that God saved his life, not the Zionists. The Navi Yeshaya taught us already 2,000 years ago: Meharsayich Umachrivayich Mimeich Yeitzeiu: your greatest destroyers will come from your own people.

      • “the Zionists saved him”

        The problem with your statement is that the same “logic” would dictate that the Nazis saved him, seeing as it was the Nazis that authorized and supplied the train and travel. The Nazis did what they did for their own reasons (basically as a technique to placate the people through control of their council through the “carrot” of the train). Kastner did what he did for his own reasons (he needed the money from Satmar), and with no help from the “Zionist” leadership who refused to supply any resources.(which is why Kastner needed Satamr’s money).

        And it all comes out as to G-d’s plan.

        • Te Satmerer REbbe escaped Birkenau gas chamber because he was included in teh Kaastner transport organized by the sochnuth so did many mechle shabbes. The are worst than goyim who saved Jewish children Buchenwald. Kastner was shot to death on the streets of Tel-Aviv

      • The zionists stole highjackd the nagotiations with the natzis from the the Frum activists and No they did not want satmer rabbe on that train but they needd big money so they took huge sums from the orthodux and some other rabonim were also included. Im sure you dont know that when the train left the nazis changd their mind and it was the efforts of satmer rebbe and his ppl who saved the transport so he saved them not otherway around.

    7. I really don’t get why they’re so obsessed with hating Zionists. Is there really nothing more important to convene regarding? Maybe it’s just their only outlet for pent up frustration and anger.

    8. Nebech. The know-nothing commentors still comment.
      A) “Israel is getting more religious, so get with the program Satmar”
      That’s like saying “Now 50% of that restaurant’s ingredients are kosher, so start eating, Satmar”
      B) “Some Zionists purportedly saved R’ Yoel’s life, so it’s a chutzpah he didn’t show hakoras hatov to the Zionists”
      Is that the bar for hakoras hatov? Because, technically speaking, do you know who collectively saved the most Jews? Nazis, ym”sh. So I guess we shouldn’t speak ill of Nazis, because, you know, “hakoras hatov”.

      • > That’s like saying “Now 50% of that restaurant’s ingredients are kosher, so start eating, Satmar”

        So you are implying the “diaspora” is 100% super-frum? Let’s try a real analogy. I have seen ice cream parlours “under supervision” where certain flavours are kosher and certain flavours are not kosher. So does it matter, and is it progress, as more and more flavours are added that are kosher?

    9. The Satmer Rebbe Joel Titelbaum told the Jews in Europe to stay put – assuring and promising them they are safe. The Zionist read it right and encouraged Jews to leave. At the end, when he nebach realized his deadly selfish mistake, with the death of over a million Yidden laid at his feet ( people that could of left in time )
      After the war he killed 2 birds at the same time – claiming it was the Zionist that brought Hitler upon us and he is not is not guilty, for if not for the Zioynim he would be right, Hitler was a sweet compassionate man after all,
      He took a page from Goebbels play book….say a lie, then say it many times over nad over and in the end 50,000 ignoramus will believe you. The same ones that showed up in Nassau County. R’L

      • Actually the zionists (specifically kastner) told the Jews in Hungary to stay put when they could have easily fled over the border to rummainia

    10. The pure righteous do not complain of the dark, but increase the light; they do not complain of evil, but increase justice; they do not complain of heresy, but increase faith; they do not complain of ignorance, but increase wisdom.
      (Arpelei Tohar) Maybe Rav Kook’s advice can save the Jewish people from massive institutionalized sinas chinam.

    11. Do we know what the speakers stated (i.e. a recorded transcript of the meeting)? Did the Mossad have any spies who monitored the gathering? Why are no women shown in the photos? Shouldn’t they have been allowed to attend to listen, and sit in a special section?

    12. 1) ALL Of the passengers on the so called Kastner Train privately to be on board.
      2) Because the Satmerer Rebbe was on the train his admirers worked sucsees fully to overide the Zionist plans to sabotage the trains directions, Kastner was shot by the Zionists for colaborating with the Satmers on this issue
      3)HaShoched Yeager had the been any help from the Zionists in the rescue of this train the Satmer Rebbes opposition to zionism would have vanished as Belz & Lubavitch

    13. I would like very much to see the script in English of the speeches. I am very much pro-Israel, but I have to acknowledge that these people are talmidei chachamim and if they say something, we should hear. Even if you don’t agree, if may help to balance or sharpen our views better.

    14. I just want to know who is worst:
      A Ziony, or a Zoly?
      A Zoly or a Bnei Yoel?
      Belzer Rav or Rav Kook?
      This Jew or that Jew?
      It’s a shame to see so many white beards bringing so many children to the largest Jewish hate-fest ever. The brainwashed are brainwashing, it’s a cycle that ensures that the genuine truth should never penetrate their brains.

    15. curious to know if yamsar, assad or abbas guest spoke at this ‘convention’, which is nothing but a despicable, reprehensible act of pure ignorance and evil. on the day of israel’s pride parade, they had to schedule this ??

      since i question yamsar’s jewishness, i prefer not to elaborate, so as not to further fuel his anti semitism, but satmar must hate israel for the simple reason that the israeli government would NEVER let them get away with what they get away with as an entire sect, here in the states.

      it doesn’t take a book to prove to me that those who walk away from their folds all share the same horror filled stories.

      satmar- the deadliest disease amongst us. menuvalim at their arrogant finest

    16. Rav Moshe Sternbuch Shlita is a great man who lives in Yerushalayim and suffers under the zionist yoke daily. If he attended this rally we should all pause and ask Why? He knows the truth of what goes on in Eretz Yisroel first hand, up close.

      • If R. Moshe Sternbuch is living with such dire suffering…..Why does he not come live here in America. He can live beautifly in the POOREST town in the USA, take all kinds of free goodies from the gov’t and can grow fat in the land of plenty.

    17. This has ZERO to do with Zionism and EVERYTHING to do with a family fight, this is one branch of satmar trying to show how big it is, kind of like when a grizzly bear stands up to face down another grizzly before they fight.
      PS this was a colossal failure the entire up section was EMPTY.

    18. I was personally there, it was a mega mega kiddus hashem, 20k satmar people + all talmidei satmer from the 60-70’s, I’m sure this event will bring the גואל צדק soon,
      #לקדש שם שמים

      • should you not be in chayrim owning a smartphone?? internet access?? you and the other fakers there should be ashamed of yourselves and your misplaced kiddush hashem. you are all good for nothings

    19. The Raved Shternbuch and the Satmer Rebe Shlita from Kryis Joel follow the holy derech of the Tzdaik Emes Rabini Joel Zt”l that Zionsiom is Apikorses and is preached only to those who want to hear the truth and cant be imposed on others by force, therefore disrupting traffic in Jerusalem (especially when there is no elevated threat of forcing enlistment in to the army) throwing yourself in front of bulldozers was something that he did not tolerate from his followers
      The extremist gave him a hard time for it, but he always only stood what he believed was the truth he never gave in to their pressure
      If there was a protest in the streets against one of the unbearable laws that that the Zionist Govement implemented that was against the Torah, it was debated by all the rabbis if it was absolutely necessary and only on rare occasions did he agree to a public protest
      Yesterdays kinus was in Nassau Coliseum due to the need for a large gathering space to clarify and refresh the shita due to current events, it was not a public statement of any sort
      A picture speaks a thousand words on all the pictures all the attendees wear jacket and hats have untrimmed beards and are not extremists

    20. These scoundrels come around to shul every morning, and to my house as well collecting for various Satmar mosdos and tzedakas. Personally my response to them now, is ‘If your Rebbe can spend upwards of half a million dollars EACH to rent the Barklay Center last year and the Nassau Colosseum this year,for just a few hours, go to him for a handout.” He’s clearly got a lot more expendable income than the rest of us.

      The response I get from the mishulachim is either a deer in the headlights look or a disgusting verbal tirade

      Not to mention the “bitul Torah D’Rabim that he’s responsible for, by closing down his yeshiva! But that’s between him and a higher authority

    21. Why wasn’t a separate section reserved for women? Why were they not welcome, at that event? Also, is an English translation available from those proceedings?
      Last, to the Israeli woman who claimed hostile treatment from the Satmar in EY, I don’t know of any such incidents in the USA (i.e. spitting, cursing, calling people Nazis), etc.).

    22. Here is the real deal.

      When asra kedisha in yerushalim messed with R stenrbach , R aron stuck up for him. Thus, R Sternbuch is just paying back a favor.

    23. Its not about the Kastner train or the alter Satmer rebbe who was saved. Its about Satmarim today who dwell on their hatred of everyone not like them, secular Jews, frum Jews not satmars, women, Israel. The only ones they like are themselves and the bloodthirsty arabs.

    24. Wow! Talk about hate! When it comes to the biggest reshaim I’m sure that everyone is melsmef zchus. When it comes to stay whole segment of klal yisroel whose shita is based on gedolei olam everyone is so quick to bash them! And satmar is holding back the geulah?????

    25. Agreeing to the attacks on our fellow Jews, no this is not how to bring Mashiach. Standing up for the Jews in Israel and around the world that works. Their beliefs are skewed and dangerous. They support terrorism, not sure how that brings Mashiach. G-d help us all

    26. I was personally there, it was a mega mega kiddus hashem, 20k satmar people + all talmidei satmer from the 60-70’s, I’m sure this event will bring the גואל צדק soon,
      #לקדש שם שמים

      • his has ZERO to do with Zionism and EVERYTHING to do with a family fight, this is one branch of satmar trying to show how big it is, kind of like when a grizzly bear stands up to face down another grizzly before they fight.
        PS this was a colossal failure the entire up section was EMPTY.


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