New York – Jewish Councilman Wants Separate Swimming Beach Days In Brooklyn


    Brooklyn, NY – It will be two days of fun in the sun, with a Brooklyn councilman making the arrangements for men’s and women’s-only hours at a Kings County beach.

    City Councilman Chaim Deutsch put the plan into play with Kingsborough Community College which will open its secluded beach to men and boys on Friday, June 29th and to women and girls on Friday, July 27th.

    Beachgoers will be able to enjoy the sun and sand at no cost from 9 AM to 3 PM on both days, with free parking available on site, which is also convenient to public transportation.

    Kingsborough’s beach season runs from June 23rd to September 3rd, but the beach and the campus are closed to the general public on Fridays throughout the summer season. College policy forbids cooking, loud music and alcoholic beverages on the beach.

    The cost of the beach rental and complimentary parking on the two chosen days will be covered by private donations, said Deutsch. An unannounced rain date has also been scheduled with the college.

    Deutsch said he was pleased to make the arrangements on behalf of Brooklyn’s Muslim and Orthodox Jewish residents, many of whom have never been to the beach before.

    “It is a pilot program to give people who don’t go mixed swimming an opportunity to experience a day at the beach and enjoy the waterfront communities,” Deutsch told VIN News.

    The idea for the beach days came to Deutsch last summer and he consulted with Muslim and Jewish leaders about the plan, although the beach would be open to members of all faiths on the designated days.

    “All were very gung ho and since it was too late to do it last year, I prepared to do it this year instead,” said Deutsch, noting that he reserved the beach approximately three months ago.

    Asked if he thought the plan might encounter the same type of opposition that a public pool in Williamsburg that offered separate swimming hours faced, Deutsch said that the comments on his Facebook announcement of the arrangement have been extremely positive.

    Deutsch declined to share the price of the beach rental but according to The New York Post, Kingsborough spokesman Anthony Andrews put the cost at $400 per day, which includes lifeguards and other support staff. Andrews said that he did not know if the beach had ever been rented before for a public or private event.

    The plan is all about inclusivity, observed Deutsch.

    “Nobody should be disenfranchised because of their religious observance,” said Deutsch. “Offering these individuals the chance to have the same experience as everyone else is simply us practicing what we preach – equity and acceptance.”

    Not surprisingly, the New York Civil Liberties Union, was not in favor of the plan, with executive director Donna Lieberman blasting it as “chutzpah.”

    “People don’t have the right to impose gender discrimination on a city beach simply because it’s mandated by their religion,” said Lieberman. “It is one thing for the city to provide reasonable accommodation for religious practice, and quite another to limit the public access of everybody else.”

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      • You forgot 3rd reaction : Typical left …cannot give up 1 beach for 2 days !!! How many other beaches are there in the city where people who don’t care about mixed swimming can use !!!

    1. waiting for all those soine torah..pauline,yasmar, lakewood guy etc to make thier sorry excuses why not, like are in gaulus, separate religion and satae etc

    2. To the liberal This is not a city beach that is now closed to half the population (for only 1 day in the whole summer), it is actually a private college beach, where you need to pay for a beach pass – which the beach is already closed to everyone on all Fridays.
      While it is a great idea, like #1 said – since it is only for 1 day, it will most likely be packed out. hopefully it is a great success and more days will open up and possibly a permanent separate public beach will be opened.

      • It says it’s a stretch of beach owned by Kingsborough college which presumably has the right to rent it out for events. A public institution can own something privately.

    3. what a deceiving and nasty headline ( i hate to say it but sandy always does it ) you know good and well the headline is just bait headline should read ” councilmen secures beach for 16 hours with private funds for sep genders. chaim tried to do a nice thing and you twist it.

    4. New York civil liberties union representative shows her blindness due to hatre. She didn’t even read: we are not taking away a public beach Ms Lieberman ! We are renting a beach that is CLOSED anyway Fridays. She is a fool!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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