Brooklyn, NY – NYPD Investigating Facebook User Vowing To Continue Targeting Chasidic Children


    Bryan Jackson is seen targeting a Chasidic teenager in Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, NY Brooklyn, NY – Detectives in the NYPD’s 90 Precinct are investigating a pair of videos posted to social media in recent days showing a black teenager gleefully harassing two Chasidic boys and pledging to continue his anti-Semitic escapades on camera.

    The first video, posted by user Bryan Jackson on June 2nd, bears the words “Always botherin these jews bad” and shows Jackson making noises and confronting a teen in traditional Chasidic attire, before erupting in bouts of laughter as the teen runs away.

    The video was shot next to a parked school bus bearing the name of Williamsburg’s Tiferes B’nos girls’ school and currently has 70,000 views. A significant number of comments on the post were filled with smiling or laughing emojis and other expressions of mirth, with Facebook user Jessica Right noting “all they do is run.”

    Responding to one comment saying “ too funny,” Jackson responded, “We def gon keep doin more, we givin these Jews hell.” Jackson punctuated his words with a laughing emoji, with tears streaming down its face.

    A second video posted on June 6th bears the words “Ran son off the scooter, Jew Gang K!!” accompanied by a crying emoji. In that clip, Jackson shouts at and chases down a small Chasidic boy on a scooter, laughing loudly on camera as the boy abandons his scooter and runs down the block. By 7 PM Thursday night, that video had received 77,000 views, a number that had risen to 91,000 views by 11 AM Friday morning.

    Numerous hate filled comments applauded Jackson’s actions with user Lorenzo Tyrome Moye saying “How can any black person feel bad for this? These same people that kidnap blacks and harvest their organ, the same people that financed African slave ships, and the same people that continually own aspects of the media that put out negative images of black people. them.”

    Jackson justified his actions to the few who criticized his post in several similar posts including one that said “They racist so don’t feel bad for them lil .” Multiple comments on the post also made reference to Jewish people owning large amounts of real estate and raising rents on their black tenants.

    Assemblyman Dov Hikind said that he had spoken with detectives at the 90th Precinct who assured him that they were looking into the incidents and have been in contact with Chasidic institutions throughout the area..Hikind lamented the increase of anti-Semitic hate that has been flourishing on social media.

    “There is a growing trend of young people who indulge in hate and glorifying hate and it is almost as if having a video like this going viral is like hitting the jackpot for them,” Hikind told VIN News. “Something has been going terribly, terribly wrong lately. Where are the parents? Where are the schools? Where are the churches? Where are they learning this kind of hatred?”

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    1. Where are the parents?
      When we figure out who they are from DNA testing, then we can locate them.

      Where are the schools?
      Too busy teaching LGBT studies to teach the basics

      Where are the churches? Where are they learning this kind of hatred?
      Duplication of question

    2. … but, back in the day, there would have been a good old-fashioned chaptzem so they could catch this piece of farshtinkina excrement debris and deal with him and his farshultina buddy in a way that always remember.

      • That’s not needed nowadays. The dudes literally incriminated themselves via Facebook. Does it get any stupider than that? Doing a chaptzem on these guys is like writing an expose against a rabid dog.

    3. Its time to do some inter racial PR!! The hoods should have to meet with Chassidishe leaders to teach them about how Jews helped end slavery for them. They are ignorant and have no idea how Jewish students marched and lost their lives to help end segregation. Either lock them up, beat them up or do something mentchlach like talk to them…..In their language….TOUGH!!!

    4. Interesting that Facebook has no problem hosting these videos. I reported them and had a few friends report them as well and yet facebook leaves them up. I guess this sort of stuff is ok according to Zuckerberg and Co. if it’s orthodox Jews that are the target.

    5. Yoni why didnt you liberals condemn or denounce these blacks ?
      Huh Just a few rotten apples ? Good and bad people?

      How many likes did this shvartza have on FB and how many neo Nazis were at chatlotsvile

    6. All we need is to catch this cholera thug once and a few yungeleit will literlly beat the krapp out of him to the point he’ll regret ever meeting a Jew. Wait and see !!!

      As for Facebook, I boycott them, a while ago, already !!!


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