London – Day Of Prayer For London’s Charedi Schools Draws 7,000 In Stamford Hill


    (David Braun/ – An estimated 7,000 people turned out in Stamford Hill this afternoon to demonstrate their opposition to potential government interference in the Charedi education system.

    Multiple calls have been issued for London’s Ofsted, the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Schools, to crack down on Charedi schools because of their failure to include liberal British values in their curriculum as previously reported on VIN News.

    One of the gathering’s organizers, Avrohom Yankel Landau, said that this was the third such prayer rally held in recent weeks in the United Kingdom, following on the heels two similar events in Gateshead and in Manchester. Bringing the community together in prayer, was actually the second step in a lengthy process of trying to stave off government intervention which could potentially shutter countless Charedi institutions, said Landau.

    “We tried very much until now to follow in the footsteps of Yaakov Avinu,” Landau told VIN News. “When Yaakov was preparing to meet with Eisav, his first step was to prepare a gift and use diplomatic methods to smooth the way.

    We have tried to plead our case in Parliament. We have gone right, left and center to the Minister of Education and it doesn’t sound like they really understand. Like Yaakov Avinu, we have taken the next step – engaging in a day of prayer.”

    Organizers had hoped to hold the event in an area park, but the lengthy permit process had them opting instead for K’hal Toras Eitz Chaim on Lordship Road, where bleachers, benches and chairs were put out to accommodate the overflowing crowd.
    (David Braun/
    Landau estimated that approximately 120 prominent rabbonim, roshei yeshiva and dayanim were joined by members of the Charedi community, yeshiva bochurim and more than 2,300 children from 18 local Talmud Torah schools for the nearly hour long gathering which included the recitation of Tehillim, Selichos and other prayers.

    Police marveled at the orderliness of the gathering said Landau, who noted that the Charedi community has no intention of changing its stance on governmental regulation.

    “They want to introduce things into the curriculum that we cannot abide,” said Landau. “This is not tolerated and we will never agree to this.”

    According to the BBC, the investigation into unregistered religious schools began after 34 students and two teachers from a London yeshiva found themselves stranded by rising tide while on an outing on the Kent coast in July 2016 and had to be saved by rescuers.

    Ofsted has estimated that there as many as 300 unregistered schools serving students of different religions, but supporters have said that because they do not teach secular studies, these institutions should not be classified as schools and should be exempted from government regulation.
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    1. Sorry to say but London has NO future for Orthodox Jewish generations, with houses costing 1.5 million British pounds and rents 600 pounds a week the majority will have to leave London and only the millionaires will be able to stay.
      They better start leaving now to other countries who wouldn’t interfere with the Torah teaching of our generations.
      UK is a Malchis shel chesed as the US but with those new gezyrus we need rachmy shumayim to be able to teach the torah hashkufes not chas veshulem the way the goyim want us to learn.

    2. This is a serious issue, and Please G-D their Tefilos will be accepted. I’m just wondering why the crowd looks mainly Chassidic, and doesn’t include other streams of Orthodox Yidden in London, as this impacts ALL Orthodox schools. Additionally, women should be included in the future too….

      • 1. This was Stamford Hill only and this area is majority chasidish, the yeshivisher area is Golders Green and the MO area is Barnet/ Hendon, the prior two were in Manchester and in Gatehead and those were mainly yeshivish.
        2. The owmen could not be included because of space limitations
        2. I don’t see this being a serious issue just say we respect everyone and u don’t need to go into details

    3. I wish that this law doesn’t pass., but lets pause for a second and think WHY? The Gemara states “מי שיסורין באין עליו יפשפש במעשיו ….. maybe because many parents cries fell on deaf ears when their child was rejected. enough said, from experience


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