Montreal – Video Of Hatzolah Member Saving His Son With Heimlich Maneuver Emphasizes Importance Of Safety Training


    Montreal – A Montreal Hatzolah member who used the Heimlich maneuver to save his own son’s life is urging people to learn lifesaving rescue techniques in order to avoid future tragedies.

    Berry Weiss said that he was working in the kitchen of Yeshiva Yam Hatalmud in Montreal yesterday when his 14 year old son paid him a quick visit. Tasting a peach half, Weiss’s son began to choke, as captured by the yeshiva’s security cameras.

    Weiss’s initial attempts to dislodge the peach were unsuccessful and telling his son to try to cough up the blockage also proved fruitless.

    “When he showed me he couldn’t cough, I did the Heimlich maneuver and it came right out,” Weiss told VIN News.

    Weiss said that he was calm throughout the ordeal and that his son was fine once the peach had been removed. He posted footage of the incident on a Hatzolah Whats App group where members urged him to circulate the video to show the importance of CPR training, which includes learning how to do the Heimlich maneuver, especially when people are away from home.

    “People are in the country in the summer and there are long ETAs until Hatzolah can get there sometimes,” said Weiss. “It is extremely important for every colony to have someone who knows CPR or to set up training because CPR saves lives.”

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