New York, NY – Annual Jewish Heritage Celebration Has New York’s First Couple Categorizing Trump Immigration Policy As Un-Jewish


    Stand up Jewish comedian Modi Rosenfeld honored by NYC mayor  at the Jewish Heritage Reception at Gracie Mansion on Tuesday, June 26, 2018.  (Benjamin Kanter/Mayoral Photo Office)New York – Several hundred people turned out at Gracie Mansion on Tuesday night for Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Jewish Heritage reception, an annual celebration of the Jewish community’s contributions to New York City.

    Amid a strictly kosher barbeque featuring hamburgers, vegetarian burgers, hot dogs, corn on the cob, salads, pickles, wine, beer, watermelon, brownies and blue and white cookies in tribute to the State of Israel, guests gathered on the mayoral residence’s rear lawn, enjoying a perfect summer evening with magnificent river views.

    Mayor de Blasio and his wife Chirlaine McCray continued their annual tradition of sprinkling their speeches with a smattering of Hebrew words and discussing “tikun olam,” with the mayor speaking out, as in previous years, against BDS while McCray discussed mental health issues. 

    In addition to praising Jewish New Yorkers for their many accomplishments, both the mayor and the first lady also directed a substantial portion of their remarks to voicing their objections to the Trump administration’s recent policy of separating immigrant families who attempt to enter the United States illegally.

    “We are celebrating you this evening and we need you more than ever because when children are torn away from their mothers and sent thousands of miles to far off cities, that’s a time that calls for Jewish values, don’t you think?” observed McCray.

    Acknowledging that Jewish New Yorkers came from numerous countries in previous generations, de Blasio recalled how many more were turned away from the United States with disastrous results during the Holocaust era.

    “Every single person who came here helped make us better,” said the mayor.  “It is impossible to imagine New York City without our Jewish community.  And this is what we have to remind people at this moment in our history. If you love New York City, if you love America, then you need to love all the people in it.”

    Describing Israel as New York City’s “sixth borough,” de Blasio introduced Israeli Consul General Dani Dayan, who spoke briefly, and also presented a proclamation to the evening’s honoree, actor, comedian and cantor Mordechai Rosenfeld, better known by his stage name, Modi.

    While in most years, de Blasio has lingered to take photographs with guests, the mayor who had lost his voice and kept his remarks relatively short, left immediately after the speeches had ended, heading into Gracie Mansion through a rear entrance.

    Judge Ruchie Freier, the country’s first Chasidic woman to hold public office, said that looking at the water views brought to mind thoughts of her family members who, like so many others, came through Ellis Island as they began their new lives in their adopted homeland.

    “The opportunity that we have been given here in the United States is truly precious,” Freier told VIN News.  “It is so important for each of us to recognize that we are truly blessed to be living here in New York, where each of us has the opportunity to fulfill our dreams and to have our contributions be recognized as they are here tonight.”

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    1. “Every single person who came here helped make us better,” said the mayor. “It is impossible to imagine New York City without our Jewish community. And this is what we have to remind people at this moment in our history. If you love New York City, if you love America, then you need to love all the people in it.”


      what can you expect from a Tax and Spend LIBERAL IDIOT

    2. A shame that so many frum jews allowed this to become an anti Trump rally. They should have requested that it remain apolitical.

      Trump has been extremely good to our causes. That’s indisputable even if you hate him. You may argue that the ends don’t justify the means. But to openly promote an anti trump rally is just a lack of any hakaras hatov . And its also dumb practically since it will ruin our connections.

      Very sad and dumb

      • And terribly poor taste to trump a sitting president no matter who it is. A yid is in Galus and needs to respect our chosen leaders if you hate him or not. A Yid should know better than cozing up to liberal Deblazio. What a shame rally for any Yid to have attended.

    3. it is jewisg to protect the country from illegel entryt thereby putting the security of the US in jeporedy. we like the way people who are totaly ignorant of jewish law , 4 parts… and dont believe in it ,dont practice it , preach what is jewish law Besides that dina dmamlchise

      • Did you know that after restrictive immigration laws were passed in the early 1920s many thousands of Italian and Jewish “smuggled immigrants” came to the US illegally?

    4. Naturally deBlasio and McCray would be experts on Jewish values. Sounds like a subtle shake-down to me—support me against Trump or I’ll make life difficult for yidden in nyc.

    5. Its time for frum Jews to stop supporting the evil, leftist,lying, criminals like Deblasio and their communist agenda to destroy America, and to support President Trump who is trying to save America. Deblasio has granted sanctuary to the Trinitarios gang and all similar “immigrants” which murdered that poor kid in the Bronx. Murder is Un Jewish. Protecting yourself is Jewish. Phooy on all the boot lickers who attended the seudas deblasio and did not protest.

        • Diblasio supported the Sandanistas. I thought they were Communists but you are right perhaps they were really Democrats. Actually the Democrat party and people like Deblasio and Keith Ellison, and now Cortez are a lot worse and a lot more extremist than the old Russian Commies.

          • Вы печально невежественный дурак, испорченный вашей хорошей жизни в Америке…You are a sadly ignorant fool spoiled by your good life in America.

    6. Liberals do not represent American Jewry! We support the president and his immigration policies which will put American safety first, and immigrants second!


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