Jerusalem – Brooklyn Yeshiva Student Sustains Critical Head Injury After Being Hit By Falling Object


    Jerusalem – A Chasidic yeshiva student from Williamsburg is in critical condition tonight in Jerusalem after being struck in the head by an object falling from several stories overhead.

    The incident took place at approximately 11:30 PM Sunday night at Kikar Shabbos, according to United Hatzalah president and founder Eli Beer who responded to the call.

    Beer was doing a shift in a sophisticated United Hatzalah ambulance nearby and was on scene in less than three minutes.

    According to Beer, the accident took place when a crane-like apparatus with a moving elevator was being used to bring items up from the street to a fourth floor apartment.

    Beer said that under normal circumstances, the machine’s operators would rope off the area under the equipment to keep pedestrians away, but that those safety precautions were not taken in this instance.

    “This young man was walking by and they were loading things up to the top level and as he walked underneath or nearby, a piece of metal fell and hit him in the head,” Beer told VIN News.

    Beer said that the victim was unconscious and bleeding profusely when he arrived at the scene.

    Emergency responders attempted to stabilize the young man who was transported to Hadassah Medical Center’s Ein Kerem facility in serious condition.

    The incident was the result of pure carelessness said Beer, who noted that he has seen similar situations where companies fail to take adequate safety measures to protect passers-by.

    “It was terrible to see a young boy with such a bad injury that happened for no good reason,” said Beer. “He didn’t do anything wrong. This wasn’t terrorism. This wasn’t a car accident.

    This was just terrible negligence from a company that didn’t secure the area. People shouldn’t use these companies.”

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