Brooklyn, NY – Video: Civilian Chases Down Off Duty Cop Driving Intoxicated On Ocean Parkway


    Brooklyn, NY – An off duty NYPD officer is under arrest after reportedly crashing into a car on Ocean Parkway while under the influence of alcohol and hitting a witness who confronted him just moments later.

    Police said that 28 year old Tanvir Ahmed was arrested on Monday at 9:26 PM within the confines of the 62 Precinct which encompasses Bensonhurst, Mapleton and Bath Beach for the incident which had taken place earlier on Ocean Parkway near the intersection of Avenue P.

    Video footage taken by an unidentified motorist shows a Nissan Altima, later determined to be driven by Ahmed, driving erratically for several blocks while heading southbound on Ocean Parkway and crashing into a parked car in front of the Bnai Yosef Synagogue after making the right turn onto the service road at Avenue P.

    The footage shows a white shirted Jewish man racing over to the Altima within ten seconds of the crash and opening the car’s driver side door, but Ahmed raced away from the scene, followed by the unidentified motorist whose continued filming the Altima as it sped down the service road.

    When Ahmed stopped at the Quentin Road intersection, the unidentified motorist pulled in front of the Altima and blocking its path before getting out of his car. The motorist approached Ahmed, opening the driver’s side door and ordering him out of his vehicle.

    As the driver noticed an NYPD placard on the Altima’s dashboard he can be heard saying in astonishment, “You’re a (obscenity) cop? Wow, you’re a (obscenity) cop? Holy (obscenity) he’s a 67 cop. Wow he’s a cop from the 67. Oh my G-d.”

    According to the NYPD, Ahmed punched the unidentified motorist on the right side of his face before fleeing the scene. Police were called to the intersection and arrested Ahmed a short time later, charging him with assault, driving while intoxicated, leaving the scene of the accident and refusing to take a breathalyzer test.

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    1. especially nowadays, it’s way too dangerous to approach anyone, especially an erratic driver. in this bizarre case, a cop who is also a muslim drunk?!!

      kudos for the frum boy, a hero, who likely apprehended this man thinking it was a frum man experiencing a medical condition. i will excuse his nivul peh- shocked the _+& out of me as well

    2. Cops have a high rate of alcoholism; everyone was fortunate that this drunk cop did not kill anyone with his vehicle, as has been the case in the past.

    3. Yes,this is the face of the new NY police dept.liberalism and affirmitive action has destroyed what was once the worlds finest police force.
      This will be getting worse and worse,in a few years from now we will not recognize it,this great city of ours will resemble Mexico city,Caracas Venezuela,and the rest of the corupt hell holes of South America.
      The handwriting is on the wall,you must be blind and dumb not to see it,this city is finished,in 10-15 years from now all Jews and decent people will have to flee this hell hole called nyc,.
      get out now while you can.

      • have you a problem reading and comprehending the English language? it said he was arrested for being under the influence and plus he ran away,
        oh” never mind i just noticed your name “authenticSatmar” over there they didn’t teach YOU how to read and write English LOL


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