Monroe, NY – Former Town Supervisor And Strong KJ Supporter Doles Dies Unexpectedly


    In this June 11 2015 photo, then Monroe Town Supervisor Harley Doles is seen with Kiryas Joel Mayor Abe WeiderMonroe, NY – Harley Doles, the former supervisor of the Town of Monroe, and an outspoken advocate on behalf of the Village of Kiryas Joel, died suddenly on Friday.

    News 12 reported that the 63 year old Doles, the father of triplet teenage daughters and husband of Supreme Court Justice Maria Vasquez-Doles, was outside his home when he suffered an apparent heart attack. Efforts to resuscitate Doles proved unsuccessful.

    Doles ran unsuccessfully for State Senate in 2010, losing to Senator Bill Larkin and was elected supervisor of the Town of Monroe in 2013, a position he held for a single term.

    His staunch support of Kiryas Joel’s proposed expansion had Doles incurring the wrath of many locals.

    In a VIN News interview at a 2015 annexation meeting, Doles said that he would do everything in his power to help the children of the Satmar Grand Rabbi, Rabbi Yoel Teitelbaum.

    “I am happy that Rabbi Joel was guided by G-d’s hand to come here, because this is where the Lord wanted His children to come and survive and thrive,” said Doles. “That is what I understand and whatever I have to do to be able to provide this service to Hashem, that is what I am going to do.”

    Two and a half years later, Doles told VIN News via Twitter message that he had been subjected to personal attacks because of his comments at that meeting, which had many Monroe residents strongly opposing any further growth in Kiryas Joel.

    “Hate a front row seat that night,” wrote Doles. “For years United Monroe used that interview to destroy me.”

    Doles noted that despite the opposition, that meeting ultimately gave way to the creation of the Town of Palm Tree, which will take place on January 1, 2019 and stressed the importance of religious freedoms.

    “Jewish survival has always been adapting to their surroundings,” wrote Doles. “God is with all of you and I feel that much of the grief all of you have endured will turn into greater opportunities to live and raise your families the way God and the United States Constitution provides.

    Always stand up for hate and intolerance – there will always be people like me, my wife and my three girls who will be by your side.”

    Doles also noted that the suffering of Jews during the Holocaust had left an indelible impression on his soul.

    “I was raised to ‘never forget’ what was done at the hands of these animals,” wrote Doles. “I defended KJ with great pride, knowing that as a servant of the lord, and as a Christian, I am here to defend their rights … What the Jews have endured for nearly 6,000 years inspires ordinary people like myself to defend the rights of those who have lost so much but have always kept their faith regardless of their sacrifice.”

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    1. Rest in peace, Mr. Doles. There is a special place in the next world for people such as yourself. May your family be consoled by your character.

    2. Harley Doles was a very polarizing figure in the Town of Monroe. In the VIN interview you noted, he voted down the 500 acre annexation yet told the VIN reporter that he will do whatever he could do to make sure the Village of Kiryas Joel got the land they needed. You can not be on both sides of an issue like that. Maybe that is why that interview haunted him? After suffering a heart attack and then being voted out of office he could have chosen to relax and take care of his health and enjoy his family. Instead, he chose to turn to Twitter to constantly attack his enemies. The stress he created no doubt played a role in his passing.
      I feel bad for his children because it is hard to lose a parent at a young age.

      • You write so much non sense. Put it this way: instead of sitting back, he chose to not be silent and speak up for what he saw first hand and knew was blatant discrimination and racism. I feel your pain you would rather he not done so and died quietly. He will always be remembered for what he DID do, not for what he could have ignored.

        • #10
          He created so much hatred between the two factions of Kiryas Joel as well as throughout Monroe and neighboring towns. He would side with whoever he could benefit from. He will not be missed

          • Isaac and Rebeccas son Jacob, upon sfealing the blessing from Esau had to flee because Esau wanted to kill him. Only did his mother miss him. Our sages explain because only righteous people miss a righteous persons absence. So of course you cannot miss Harley., No one exoects an unrighteous person to be capable of what only a righteous person is capable of.

    3. this gentleman will definitely receive his reward on the next world for the human kindness and going out on a limb on behalf of religion though it wasnt popular and he suffred for it his family should be proud of him and the wonderful human being he was may his soul rip

      • Neturei karta IS indeed a different religion one that support a HAMAS, Iran and protests Jews defending themselves. They get their money from BH


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