Brooklyn, NY – Hikind Investigating Abuse Allegations Against Noted BP Doctor, Asks Victims To Come Forward


    Brooklyn, NY – Allegations of possible improprieties have surfaced against a Borough Park doctor, according to an elected official from Brooklyn.

    Assemblyman Dov Hikind took to Twitter this morning to announce that his office is looking into possible instances of abuse perpetuated by “a prominent Boro Park doctor.”

    Hikind said that he first began researching the matter after being contacted by two separate people and has spoken with a number of potential victims in alleged instances that took place as far back as approximately ten years ago. All of the reported incidents involve the same physician who Hikind declined to identify at this time.

    Since his tweet was posted this morning, several other people have reached out to his office, said Hikind, who hopes others who have been abused will follow suit.

    “We need to get the message out there,” Hikind told VIN News. “People need to know that if something inappropriate happened to them they can’t and they shouldn’t run away. You can’t just turn your back on what happened to you because it is going to happen to someone else. This has been going on for so many years and we cannot let this go on any more.”

    Hikind said he plans to continue looking into this matter, and any others, even if it extends past the end of his final term in office.

    “I am committed to this for years ahead,” said Hikind. “If anyone thinks that after January 1st I will not be around, they are very sadly mistaken. I will be around even more than ever and, as always, I continue protecting the privacy of anyone who reaches out to me.”

    The assemblyman is asking anyone with firsthand information of any improprieties to contact his office at or at 718-853-9616. All names and information will be kept strictly confidential.

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    1. HOW on earth can anyone ‘come forward’ when said perpetrator’s name is being withheld?? the abuser is being protected. as usual. by the frimeh

      • we don’t know that its true yet. These are only allegations. You can’t drag someone thru the mud till you have proof. It has nothing to do with being frum Its comon decency.

        Re how you come foward? very simple. if you use a BP dr ask your kids. Doesn’t matter which one

      • He wont be protected for long. It was on facebook with his name. And if you were a victim of any Dr. You should report it…and those who are aware of who Dov Hikind is talking about…are aware…as I am.

      • For those of us who unfortunately have been exploited by this doctor don’t need to see the name in print. It’s been nearly 10 years since I’ve been this doctor’s patient, but the moment I saw this news item, I was positive I knew who this was referring to.
        My taaneh is against the rabbi who I spoke to about it, who happens to be a friend of his. The rabbi’s response to me was that I wouldn’t be able to prove in court that it wasn’t consensual, or that I didn’t instigate it. This pained me more than all the shame and stalking I was subjected to.

    2. Whoever needs to know who it is knows who it is. Its a regular adult doctor.

      Whoever is on imamother has a thread there about it and facebook as well.

      • Not funny. Abuse is NOT a joke. Imagine if it was YOUR spouse/child/grandchild/SELF who was a victim – would you be laughing then? VIN, why did you allow this comment to go through?

        As for naming this doctor – is he still seeing patients? If so, the public has a right to know who he is, because not everyone is on these groups. His name should be everywhere.

        • You need to lighten up, the point he/she is making is that it is nuts to bring up 10/20 year old rumors. If the fact is that he was a pig for the past 20 years and WE knew about it and continued to use him then WE share the blame.

          PS I did think comment 12 was funny, everyone use rectal temps 30/40 years ago

          • YOU might…. I have no clue who this quack is. And no, being abused is NOT funny. Anyone who can make these statements is as sick & perverted as the doctor.

    3. This story is well known for many years now .
      I know there was a stipulation at one point that he cannot treat patients without the presence of a nurse .
      The problem is that no one is interested in coming forward , it is just easier to move on . It seems the frum community is the least dangerous place to be a molester .

    4. Yup, just checked on FB and that’s exactly who I suspected it would be. A female relative who was once a patient of his, has told me what he tried to do to her. So, first hand knowledge, unfortunately.

        • Told her already but got the impression she may not do anything about it since it happened long ago. Also, the stigma and shanda in BP is just too much of a deterrent as well, unfortunately.

    5. Its definitely true. He touched me inappropriately while giving me a checkup. I was 18 or 19 at the time and now I am 36. So it seems like he’s been touching women inappropriately for at least 17-18 years.


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