Brooklyn, NY – Noted 90-year-old Old Holocaust Survivor Heading To Say Kaddish Struck And Killed By Car


    FILE - Nissan Krakinowski waves as he arrives to recount his survival of the Holocaust in June in Spokane Washington. (Photo courtesy: The Spokesman-Review)Brooklyn, NY – A 90 year old Holocaust survivor making his nightly trip to the synagogue to say Kaddish for his daughter died tonight after being struck by a car.

    Nissen Krakinowski was crossing Ralph Avenue near Avenue L just before 7:30 across from Congregation Beit Hillel of Flatlands when he was struck by a southbound blue Jaguar.

    Krakinowski, who suffered severe head trauma, was pronounced dead on arrival at Brookdale Hospital. The driver of the Jaguar remained on scene and no arrests were made.

    Police said that Krakinowski was not crossing at a crosswalk and are continuing their investigation into the accident.

    Sources said that Krakinowski was a widower who lived alone, having lost one adult daughter approximately two years ago and another within the past year.
    Scene of the accident
    He traveled to Washington last June to share his life story with an audience of 900 at the Spokane Convention Center, according to The Spokesman-Review (

    Krakinowski, who together with his brother were the only surviving members of a family of more than 100, told the audience that heeding his mother’s final words urging him to stay with his brother saved his life.

    The two survived on moldy bread and had to carry sacks of concrete through a Lithuanian ghetto before they were sent to the Dachau concentration camp.

    “Time was very hard to describe,” Krakinowski told his audience. “Every day was like a year.”

    Krakinowski also shared his story in other venues, speaking with the Canarsie Courier and recording his personal history in the USC Shoah Foundation Institute’s archives.

    In addition to enduring the horrors of the Nazi regime and the Dachau concentration camp, Krakinowski survived cancer.

    The Flatlands resident, who was also predeceased by his brother, left behind no surviving relatives.

    Below video an interview with Nissen in 2016.

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    1. How inspirational and yet so sad how he left this world. He emanated such simcha, such zeeskeit.
      Btw, it was heartwarming for a change to see a holocaust survivor being Jewish and looking Jewish and acting Jewish and observing the Torah. Whata special man he was! May his neshoma be blessed!

    2. How very sad !!! Everything he went through , lost his family , Nazis Y’MS ,his wife ,both his daughters ,& to go like that !!!! He was from Kovno ,originally .B”DE. May he have a Lichteg Gan E’Aden .

    3. Boroch Dayan Haemet!

      To #1- I agree with No. 6; however, I must take exception with your remark that “he looked like a Jew”. Were you implying that someone who does not dress in a frum manner, is less of a Jew? When the Nazis came for the Jews, they didn’t care, or could have cared less,which Jews were frum, and which were not frum. We should respect all survivors of the Holocaust, both the frum and the non-frum!


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