Brooklyn, NY – Fear And Outrage After Borough Park Man Beaten On 13th Avenue


    Brooklyn, NY – An unidentified man is under arrest and the NYPD’s Hate Crimes Task Force has been called in after a Chasidic man was viciously beaten this morning in broad daylight in what appears to be an unprovoked attack on 13th Avenue.

    Sources who spoke to VIN News on condition of anonymity said that Lipa Schwartz was walking to the synagogue just after 7:15 this morning when the sounds of a car screeching down the avenue between 45th and 46th streets had him stopping in his tracks.

    Surveillance video shows the car service driver running out of a black four door sedan directly at Schwartz, hitting him in the head multiple times.

    Attempting to flee his attacker, Schwartz ran into 46th Street intersection where the car service driver continued to beat him, punching him in the head numerous times, throwing him onto the pavement and striking him repeatedly.

    A second Chasidic man who attempted to intervene was chased through the street by the car service driver before he was tackled by passersby and held by Shomrim until police arrived at the scene.

    Schwartz was treated and released by Maimonides Medical Center for his injuries. He was unavailable for comment this morning but told one visitor “if he had a knife I would be dead by now.”

    The attacker was arrested by the NYPD and is an employee of Church Avenue Car Service.

    A manager at Church Avenue Car Service said that the company was cooperating with the NYPD and that no further information was available at this time.

    The incident has sent shock waves of fear rippling through Borough Park.

    Community Board 12 chairman Yidel Perlstein said that the NYPD is taking the incident very seriously, sending several high level officials to the hospital and canvassing the area for additional surveillance footage in order to aid in their investigation.

    “We haven’t seen anything like this in a very long time,” said Perlstein. “Everybody in the community is traumatized. We don’t want anyone to ever go through anything like this and want to make sure that this is an isolated incident.”

    Local elected officials expressed their outrage on the matter.

    “It is unbelievable that someone walking in the early morning should have to worry about almost being beaten to death,” Senator Simcha Felder told VIN News. “I am asking the police department and calling on District Attorney Eric Gonzalez to investigate this matter very seriously.”

    Assemblyman Dov Hikind described the attack as inexcusable. Hikind said that he has been in close contact with Deputy Inspector David Wall, commanding officer of the 66th Precinct regarding the brutal beating.

    “To see this animal physically attacking someone is just horrible,” said Hikind told VIN News. “Thank G-d this guy is off the streets after this malicious and vicious attack. This isn’t the wild west; this is Borough Park. We can’t have things like this taking place on our streets.”

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    1. Would bet my last dollar,this animal was a Muslim jew hating terrorist swine,we can thank Hussein Obummer for flooding our country with these animals.
      If you want a few hundred thousand more of these jew haters flooding our country,vote for the DemonRats (democrats) in the coming elections.

        • “Immigration was at a ten year low during Obama’s presidency. No, really, look it up.”

          But what was the distribution of the immigrants (what percentage were from what ethnic/religious/national backgrounds)? But the real point is the expectations that Obama instilled by doing such things as having called America a “Muslim” country. Raising such (ridiculous) expectations which are then demolished by reality sends those prone to these fantasies into uncontrollable rage.

    2. Unfreekn unbelivable!!!! Aftwr hearing hea doing ok I Hope he can make tonz of money after such tramau. Hes a good guy this Mr Schwartz. Know him well. Hes sure lucky to b alive!

    3. To #4
      The drekiseh newspapers have no room for news as such, it’s only Trump bashing news they print. Boro Park and all Jewish communities wake up and stop voting for the Democrats they are out to ruin this beautiful country in every way. REMEMBER

    4. From my experience, Church Ave Car servce only employs mexican drivers. The CB radio is all in Spanish. So unless you know for sure that this guy was arab, dont go running your mouth

    5. In addition to attacking the first victim, he chased a second victim, who came to the aid of the original victim. This is why the Borough Park community needs the support of the local 66th Precinct.They should not have behaved in a very nasty manner last week, when they had the Torah procession, and shoved the cops, who asked them to walk on the sidewalk.

    6. maybe satmar who are really good at protesting Jews can make a protest in front of the car service that employed this criminal? oh right they ONLY hate Zionists but love Iran and other Muslims my bad. Satmar is the same as Neturei Karta.


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