Brooklyn, NY – VIN News Video: BP Beating Victim Speaks Out, Says Attacker Screamed And Cursed In Arabic


    Lipa Schwartz at his home in Boroug Park  Oct. 14, 2018 (Shimon Gifter-, NY – The victim of this morning’s brutal beating in an interview with VIN news, said that he feared for his life and that his attacker was screaming in Arabic as he pummeled him mercilessly in the middle of a Borough Park street.

    As previously reported on VIN News (, 37 year old Farrukh Afzal was arrested this morning by the NYPD and charged with assault as a hate crime, criminal mischief and harassment in the attack on Lipa Schwartz.

    Schwartz said that he heard a loud noise as a livery car made a short stop behind him on 13th Avenue. Seeing the driver of the car heading towards him with a murderous look on his face, Schwartz said that he assumed that the driver was upset about a missed fare and never dreamed that he was about to be victimized.

    Contrary to media reports alleging that the two men had had words prior to the incident, Schwartz said that he had never had any prior interactions with Afzal who cursed at him continuously in Arabic during the beating that left the 62 year old Chasidic man with lacerations to his ear and tongue and shattered eyeglasses.

    Schwartz recalled how he begged a passerby to help him and considers himself lucky to be alive, noting that if his attacker had had a knife “definitely he would have stabbed me. No question.”

    Click below to watch the full VIN news interview.

    Mr Schwartz shows the scars from the beating (Shimon

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      • Unfortunately he didnt care if its a Satmar person that’s unaffiliated with the State of Israel. They’re thirst for blood is on all of us and theyd kill us all BECAUSE of the Zionists. Satmar people dont get special treatment even if we’re against the State of Israel. If only our msg can come out in full clarity WE DO NOT SUPPORT THE ZIONIST REGIME AND DONT CONDONE ANY KILLINGS provoked or unprovoked.
        May G d help and theses murderers shldnt see the light of day but As they say “u anger the bull and he bites”. T

    1. We are not afraid of such incidents where I live. Any antisemite who dares to act out on his rage at Jews does so at his own peril . . . of meeting our friends, Smith and Wesson.

    2. I thought Islam is a religion of peace? this must be Trump’s fault like Cuomo said when Antifa protesters attack Republicans in NYC its Trumps fault, just like hurricanes and earthquakes. liberals like yamsar have really lost it.

    3. To #6- Your remark remind me of what Clint Eastwood stated, when he acted as “Dirty Harry” in a series of detective movies in the early 1970’s. When Dirty Harry confronted some armed thugs holding up a retail establishment, he told the thugs that there were three individuals covering them. When one of the thugs wanted clarification, Dirty Harry stated “Smith, Wesson, and me”, and proceeded to engage in a gun battle with those robbers, killing all of them.

      Incidentally, I blame the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Division (formerly the Dept. of Immigration and Naturalization), as well as the State Dept., for granting a visa to that piece of garbage taxi driver, and permitting him to enter the USA. We have enough domestic anti-semites running around, without adding fuel to the fire.

    4. # 4,Some snide remark.
      Jews are hated no matter what. We dont need to anger anti-semites.

      Just a general comment since # 4 said what he said:
      Anyone who thinks for a second that since the creation of the state of Israel Jews are not hated because of it is plain and simple insane.

    5. Do Satmarim defend themselves in Israel or do they hide behind the IDF and ‘zionist’ police forces for protection? After 2000 years in exile they hate the Jewish State.


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