Washington – Report: Trump Told French President He Can Get Tough With Netanyahu


    FILE - French President Emmanuel Macron (L) looks at US President Donald J. Trump (R) as they attend the G7 and Gender Equality Advisory Council Breakfast at the G7 summit in Charlevoix in Canada 09 June 2018. The G7 Summit runs from 08 to 09 June in Charlevoix, Canada.  EPA-EFE/LUDOVIC MARINWashington – US President Donald Trump told French President Emmanuel Macron that he would be willing to put pressure on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to accept the US peace plan, which is expected to be presented in the coming months.

    Israel Ch. 10 news is reporting that Trump made the statement during a conversation with French President Emmanuel Macron on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York on Sept 24.

    According to the report, Trump said, “We are giving Israel $ 5 billion a year. I can be tough with Netanyahu about the peace plan, just as I was tough with the Palestinians.”

    This is the first time that Trump’s statement to Netanyahu has been published.

    According to the four Western diplomats, it was Macron who raised the Israeli-Palestinian issue during the meeting. “My impression is that Netanyahu does not really want to advance in the peace process, because he likes the status quo,” Makaron told Netanyahu. The American president replied that he was inclined to agree with this analysis. “You know, Emmanuel, I’m very close to reaching the same conclusion,” Trump said.

    The French president asked why Trump had so far been tough only with Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, who did announce his severing ties with the US administration’s negotiating team because of the treatment they received. Trump explained: “I was tough with the Palestinians because they did not want to talk to us and it’s unacceptable.” The American president made it clear: “I gave a lot to Netanyahu, I transferred the embassy to Jerusalem and every year we give them $ 5 billion.”

    Three days after that meeting with Macron, Trump met in New York with Prime Minister Netanyahu. At the press conference held during the meeting, Trump announced for the first time that he supports the two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and noted that Israel would have to do something “good” for the Palestinians.

    The White House did not deny it. A senior White House official said in response: “The president believes that Prime Minister Netanyahu is committed to trying to reach a comprehensive and lasting peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

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      • “Ohev Yisroel” ? How ? By imposing taxes on States where Jews live? I am going to ask you again. Yesterday you failed to answer/explain. 95% of Frumme Jews live in NY,NJ,California and a few other States. We pay a Lot of State Taxes. The States Give it to Many Important Jewish Charities from HASC, Chai Lifeline, Hamaspik and many many others. We can Not Deduct this from our federal Taxes under Trump. It was OK under Obama,Clinton,Bush ,Reagan etc.Republican and Democrat Presidents. The States Trump won like No Dakota, Iowa etc the Charities you give can continue to Deduct. I am not sure where you live, you mentioned money for Cheders in Mikausci (I asked around no one ever met a Yid in such town, never mind a Cheder) maybe get in touch with some Yiden in the NY eraa where most of us live to understand this. Yes 78% of Jews voted for Hillary and most No Dakota, Wyoming etcvoted for Trump. He is simple taking away money from the Yiden and giving it to his followers. (Many of them are Neo-Nazis)

    1. to all you Trump haters we will see what happens before we judge we know what the obamanation did he effectively voted in the un that the Kosel was occupied palestinian territory he gave iran 1.4 billion dollars in cash and unfroze over 100 billion more they can use to build up their military and to fund the murder of Jews in Israel he never lost an opportunity to condemn Israel for protecting themselves and for announcing the building of some houses he conflaited the Jews after the holocaust to the modern day palestinians he claimed they were occupied for over 60 years in 2009 which would include the entire Israel he tried to force Israel into a ceasefire agreement with hamas based on hamas sponsor qatars terms

      • Bla,bla.. President Obama did not vote once (Not even one time) against Israel in the UN. Get it. If he can give Iran the billions than why cant Trump build his BIG Wall as he promissed? FYI Presidents, Legitimate like Obama,Bush Etc. or Illegitimate like Trump cant give anyone a DIME. A DIME = 5 cents. look it up. Its up to Congress. Everyhing has to be voted. This is the reason that Trump did not build one inch of his wall and Obama did not give a Penny to Iran. The Republican Congres is investigating Trump, not Obama. Just how dumb you think we are? Anyone can look it up with one click.

        • Moron he sent them 1.7 billion dollars in cash on pallets not congress he ordered the state department or treasury to sent it moron Congress did not authorize any of it if you think they did show me what law they passed authorizing it

          • gaylem, he sent a billion in cash and the republican presudent congress fbi dont even investigate it , gets some help fast. this is not russia. you break the law republican or democrat nixon or clinton you get impeached

      • Sorry buddy, IRAN is not as bad as Your buddys Saudi Arabia. The saudis did 9/11 not Iran. Iran has many Shuls even today Saudi Arabia has none. Not a single Jew is allowed to live in Saudi Arabia where your POTUS made his first official Trip. The Saudis are giving much more money to the PLO than Iran. Look it up.

      • Why are you busy with Obamanation? We have a President today who thinks Eretz Yisroel is a Real Estate deal in Manhattan. “I just gave them 5 billion so they have to do as I say” He did not give Israel a Penney. It was done under PRESIDENT OBAMA. A 10 year Deal. The most money ever given to Israel in History. Just one click away. He will be long gone before the 10 year is over. Am Yisroel? Defending a German who proposes Deportations? Separating Families?

      • You can’t believe what he says.” Is this your new spiel? What happened to “We voted for him because he says whats on his mind not what politically correct. What happened he keeps ALL and Everything he says, The truth is every other politician knows that we pay Israel billions and help them many other ways but only Trump has the guts to say as it is and do as he pleases. Not politically correct. Every knew about China but only Tump does simethyng. B”H the good news is he will not be able to do it because his 60 million Evangelists base, but you never know it with him. The Ban All Muslims turned 1 year later to his first state visit to Saudi Arabia the CAPITAL of Islam. If No Korea is becoming our friend and Canada is the enemy ? Lets all pray for Eretz Yisroel

    2. Maybe this will finally put a dent in the obscene support for this egotistical man by so many in our community. Maybe the “frum” press will think twice about being nonstop cheerleaders for this menuval.

      • “maybe this will put a dent” More likely not. Lets see. Most frumme are Chassidim and against the State of Israel. Some less frumme live in their Fancy homes in Flatbush, Monsey etc than sending their Sons to Israeli Yeshivas founded by the Israeli Taxpayers, they obviously don’t care either. The only ones who might are the Modern Orthodox who sends their kids to Israel to Hesder Yeshivot, some go to the Army, some go to Yeshivot and pay 26.000 tuition etc. They put their money where their mouth.


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