New York – NYPD Cracks Down On Dangerous Operations By Private Carting Trucks


    New York – Last night, a citywide crackdown began on private trash trucks after the NYPD conducted spot inspections in the 19th and 62nd precinct during the past month. During those inspections, the NYPD found that every private trash truck stopped had multiple violations, including infractions such as faulty brakes, leaking fuel lines, or no lights. In addition, vehicles were observed passing steady red lights and driving in the wrong direction.

    As part of this enhanced citywide enforcement effort, the NYPD and the Business Integrity Commission are deploying at least one vehicle in every precinct during the overnight hours on the first and third platoons during the week of October 28. Additionally, NYPD highway units, the Strategic Response Group, and the specialized Motor Carrier Unit, all that specialize in truck inspections, and that will be deployed citywide throughout the week to conduct inspections of private trash trucks. Police officers assigned to patrol received detailed internal guidance explaining the effort to curb dangerous driving by trash trucks and to write and issue summonses for traffic and equipment violations that are common with private trash trucks.

    “In the middle of the night, trash trucks seemingly roll around with impunity. They often run red lights, cut off drivers, operate in bike lanes, and travel on the incorrect side of the road or go the wrong direction down one-way streets. When we do stop those trucks — they routinely have numerous equipment violations,” said Police Commissioner James P. O’Neill. “Drivers can now expect to see the NYPD out in full force, ensuring that these companies and their truck operators adhere to the letter of the law.”

    “The New York City Business Integrity Commission thanks the NYPD for organizing this joint roadside traffic safety operation. Unfortunately, these operations–which BIC and the NYPD have conducted jointly before–yield high numbers of summonses too easily,” said Business Integrity Commission Commissioner Daniel D. Brownell. “Trade waste companies routinely violate traffic safety rules – running red lights, speeding and otherwise operating unsafely. And the trucks frequently have significant mechanical issues, such as faulty brakes, unsafe tires and broken safety equipment. This industry is in dire need of improvements, in terms of both safety and efficiency. City government is poised to step in to restructure the industry to address these concerns.”

    “Under Vision Zero, we at DOT closely review the circumstances of every traffic crash — and we find that especially in late evening or early morning hours, private trash hauling trucks drive recklessly, with tragic consequences” said DOT Commissioner Polly Trottenberg. “We welcome this week’s sweep by NYPD, our Vision Zero partners, to crack down on dangerous behavior that puts lives at risk. The results from just one night’s enforcement activity, which found an alarmingly low rate of legal compliance among these trucks, are a sobering reminder of how much work we still have to bring down traffic fatalities — and truly make our streets safer for all users.”

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